HC Result: Deri Dash “Sprint” Hill Climb

Iwan Clark and Joseph Beckingsale two of the winners at the Deri Dash “Sprint” Hill Climb at Abergavenny on September 15

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HC Result: Deri Dash “Sprint” Hill Climb


1st Iwan Clark Maindy Flyers 1.29.36
2nd Anwen Nesham Maindy Flyers 1.39.71
3rd Ioan Johnson Abergavenny RC 1.48.71
4th Reuben Cox Abergavenny RC 1.58.30
5th Nate Corken Abergavenny RC 2.01.46
6th Cameron Reeves Abergavenny RC 2.04.00
7th Osian Rowe Maindy Flyers 2.08.74
8th Hedd Griffiths Maindy Flyers 2.11.43
9th Dylan Bowen Abergavenny RC 2.18.02
10th Evangeline Cox Abergavenny RC 2.26.49
11th Owen Birch Gateway Racing 2.26.74
12th Zak Lewis Abergavenny RC 2.29.93
13th Josh James Abergavenny RC 2.38.61
14th Olly Bowen Gateway Racing 3.06.02
15th Macsen Harris Abergavenny RC 3.17.55
16th Daisy Bowen Gateway Racing 3.21.61
17th Billy Like 3.21.86
18th Artie Like 3.56.46
19th Rohan Jansz Abergavenny RC 6.08.86

1st Joseph Beckingsale Wales Racing Academy 1.20.59
2nd Tom Nicholas 1.21.83
3rd Andy Dryburgh Gateway Racing 1.23.37
4th Euan Campbell Royal Air Force CA 1.25.18
5th Will Roberts Rwanda 1.26.00
6th Thomas Crapper Abergavenny RC 1.26.77
7th Steven James Hope Factory Racing 1.27.46
8th Michael Wright Gateway Racing 1.31.86
9th Josh Bond 1.32.27
10th Alex Benfield 1.40.48
11th Nathan Lewis Abergavenny RC 1.41.49
12th Harvey Mcnaughton Wales Racing Academy 1.47.39
13th Ruby James Hope Factory Racing 1.49.06
14th Tom Mollekin Abergavenny RC 1.51.20
15th Richie Johnson Abergavenny RC 1.51.46
16th Daniel Alford Bristol South CC 1.52.21
17th Lowri Woodier Abergavenny RC 1.57.42
18th Simon Hawker 1.57.73
19th Darrel Cox Abergavenny RC 2.03.46
20th Anthony Hunt Pontypool RCC 2.05.84
21st Ned Potter Gannet CC 2.06.58
22nd Ieuan Best 2.08.48
23rd Guy/Liam Blowfield/Morris 2.11.23
24th Steve Williams 2.13.42
25th Owen Davies Abergavenny RC 2.14.36
26th Tomas Billington Gateway Racing 2.16.52
27th Stephen Priestnall 2.22.13
28th Menno Jansz Abergavenny RC 2.26.21
29th David Milsum 2.29.55
30th Madeleine Osborn TEKKERZ CC 2.32.23
31st Leon Reeves Abergavenny RC 2.33.33
32st James Williams 2.35.17
33rd Gareth Smith Gateway Racing 2.38.39
34th Laurence Snowdon 2.43.98
35th Darren Harris Abergavenny RC 2.51.77
36th Rhys Bailey? 2.54.23
37th Gareth Hughes 3.31.00
38th Terry Osborn Abergavenny RC 4.25.30


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