Q&A: Sophie Enever (Alba Road Team)

Quiz time with riders from the Scottish Alba Development Road Team, this week its Sophie Enever’s Q & A

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Q&A: Sophie Enever (Alba Road Team)


PHOTOS: Sophie on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/sophie_enever/

Q: How has been your winter’s training with the freezing weather in December
Sophie: I’ve done a mixture but the only reason I’ve really had to go on the turbo this year is the limited daylight hours. There is a well gritted 2-hour loop from my house which I stick to when there is ice about. When you have limited time to train, I find a short and intense turbo session the most productive way to train, sometimes the thought of getting ready to go out in freezing temperatures is enough to hop on the turbo as it can take a while to get ready to go out!

Q: What is the biggest challenge training in the winter for you?
Sophie: During the winter, I work a lot, so the hardest thing for me is fitting my training in around work. The limited daylight hours don’t help, so I have to go on the turbo most nights during the week. The other thing I find hard is recovery. Its pretty tiring trying to train six days a week and work. I can’t wait to get to Spain in a few weeks, where all I have to think about is riding my bike and sleeping!

Q: Do you get to train with others in the winter or is mainly solo?
Sophie: I get out with a group on most weekends but mainly I’m training alone. Safe to say im looking forward for winter to be over!

Q: What performances of yours in 2022 during the season help motivate you during the winter?
Sophie: Being able to support Kate and help her win the RAS (Ireland) was very rewarding and has given me motivation over the Winter.

Q: Also, the team had some great results in 2022, so which ones do you look back on fondly to provide that motivation to be at your best in 2023?
Sophie: Our performance in the Tour series and Ras nmban has been my main motivation.

Q: Being a Scottish team, how have you found the travel to events in 2022 – ie, are they restful or hard work?
Sophie: There are a lot of hours spent travelling, but that’s always been the case with bike racing! The team were great logistically, so we never had to worry about getting to races.

Q: What event was the most fun to do?
Sophie: The Tour Series. We had so much fun travelling around the country together for a few weeks.

Q: There was racing in Scotland in the Tour Series and British champs, was there extra motivation being in Scotland?
Sophie: It was really nice racing in Scotland for a Scottish team, to hear people cheering for Alba definitely gave me more motivation during the race.

Q: What are the key positives about being part of a team racing national events and being in the mix at the sharp end?
Sophie: I really enjoy being with the team, especially when you get to travel around the country with your friends. Its such a unique environment and you go through the emotions of bike racing together (the highs and lows).

Q: What was the toughest bike race you did in 2022?
Sophie: I think the Cicle Classic. This race just brings other stresses that you don’t have in other races so there are more opportunities for things to go wrong! I think mentally it is the toughest race of the year.

Q: When are you aiming to begin racing in 2023?
Sophie: Hopefully in March

Q: Do you find the off season without racing a good thing or a boring part of the year?
Sophie: I enjoy the off season as it gives you time to focus on other things in your life, I think its good to have balance.

Q: Finally, what are your key goals for 2023?
Sophie: To improve on last years performances and get some better results in races. Also to have fun!

Good luck Sophie in your races in 2023 and look forward to seeing you at many of them!


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