Crit Result: Wakefield/Yorkshire Spring Crit Series #1

Ben Pease, Ruby Oakes and Joe Barker three of three winners at round 1 of the 2023 Wakefield/Yorkshire Spring Crit Series at the BKCAT Cycle Circuit

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Crit Result: Wakefield/Yorkshire Spring Crit Series #1

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Report by Dominic McCall (thank you!)


A good sized field of 30 mixed category riders set off just after 10:30 completing a maximum of 20 laps in this 30 minute race at the BKCAT Wakefield Yorkshire Circuit ( the one with the hill). First, the  under 16s rolled out in this staggered start and it was a consistent effort all the way around but consistently strong showing from the off were the two Cystic Fibrosis Race Team members Jamie Stewart and Mackenzie Riley. Jamie Stewart recorded the best lap time of 1:20.2 and was in a good battle with Aaron Cocker of Team RTD – JS Cycle Shack clocking a hundreth of a second slower for the next fastest lap. But the tall Mackenzie Riley won the first race of the series with a time overall of 28.51.

Next off, were the next largest group, 8 under 15 boys who completed a max of 19 laps with Archie Whittemore Clifton CC lapping the fastest with a 1:23.862 which kept in him in contention throughout the race. Archie went on to win beating Cormac Denwood Harrogate Nova CC and Oliver Swinburn Velo Club Lincoln. Finally the five female athletes set off collectively with three under 16s, however it was the younger athlete Izabel Young Shibden CC who showed her strength and took the win with 1:28.144 ahead of Jasmine Townend Scarborough Paragon CC and Aoife Byrne Calder Clarion CC.

Cat 4 Mens

Thirty Cat 4 Men set off, seven of which had never raced before. It was a great atmosphere before, during and after the race, a real coming together of athletes – true comaradery. When the race began, it was a cagey affair with some slow laps and positioning taking place over the 26 laps, the fastest lap going to Joe Barker of Shibden Cycling Club. At the bell, the peloton had began to stretch and in the sprint to the line from the final corner, six riders were in contention. Joe Barker was in this bunch with Elliot Robertson (Alboroas CC), Oliver Glen (Reifen Racing), local lad Chris Venters and Leo Guiloyle (FTP-Fufil The Potential- Racing). Joe Barker held on for first followed by Elliot Robertson and Oliver Glen with Chris Venters and Leo Guilfoye wishing they could have had one cm more to the line!

Cat 3&4 Women

A small field but a perfect number for points as tweleve females rolled over the start line for 26 laps of the undulating track at Wakefield. A clear and decisive break became apparent before the half way mark was hit. Rachel Galler (Saint Piran), Evelyn Field and Ruby Oakes of JRC-INTERFLON Race Team accelerated away and the remainder of the race was a three way race to the final straight where Ruby Oakes won by hundreths of seconds on the line. Big shout to the fastest lap by Evie Steed, Sherwood Pines Cycles Forme

Elite Mens 123

26 Men shot off from the start and this was a test for those Cat 3s that had entered but chapeau to them as they knew it was going to be tough. The field included Andy Nichols returning after injury in the summer. In fact there was a big group of athletes who know each other from the Sheffield area! A 20 strong group stayed together until the final quarter when Ben Pease hit the after burners and shot off the front! The strong group of 19 had no fears of ultimately winding in this break. But and this is where big kudos goes to Ben Mewes of Moonglu Race Team (a team mate) who controlled the chasing groups so well, Ben Pease went on to win by nearly 30 seconds ahead of second place James Hartley of Cycling Sheffiled (on a Moda Finale) and Matt Webster of Trainsharp Elite.


1. Ben Pease Moonglu Race Team
2. James Hartley Cycling Sheffield
3. Matt Webster Trainsharp Elite
4. Tobias Bartlett Doddington Cycling Club
5. Jack Cook Calder Clarion CC
6. Andy nichol Lifting Gear Products
7. Christos Tzelis Otley CC
8. Ben Mewes Moonglu Race Team
9. James Luxton Otley CC
10. Thomas Hepton Team Bikestop Tyrekey 3FS
11. Reuben Orr
12. Aydin Rezazadeh trainSharp Development Team
13. Ewan Brannan Albarosa Cycling Club
14. Rhys Edwards trainSharp Development Team
15. Casper Raynard University of Leeds Cycling Club
16. Jack Unsworth Harry Middleton Cycling Club
17. Tom Martin Drighlington BC
18. Evan Schofield D2D SHEFFIELD RT
19. Tobias Edwards Team Lifting Gear Products
20. Finlay Graham Para-T
21. Matthew Leach University of Leeds Cycling Club
22. Thomas Archer Contiki Velo Bavarian RT
23. Charlie Thorpe RTD – JsCycleShack
24. Anthony Sedgwick Calder Clarion CC
25. Paul Noton Drighlington BC
26. Tom Bos

Women 3/4
1 Ruby Oakes JRC-INTERFLON Race Team
2 Rachel Galler Saint Piran
3 Evelyn Field JRC-INTERFLON Race Team
4 Melissa Denman Contiki Velo Bavarian RT
5 Evie Steed Sherwood Pines Cycles Forme
6 Amy Bos Buckaroos
7 Amelia Walton Shibden Cycling Club
8 Ekkie Horrocks East Bradford CC
9 Daniella Florence Cullum Lindsey Roads Cycling Club
10 Imogen Edwards Liverpool University Cycling Club
11 Francesca Counsell Klatsch.
12 Sarah Weir Klatsch

Category 4
1 Joe Barker Shibden Cycling Club
2 Elliott Robertson Albarosa Cycling Club
3 Oliver Glen Reifen Racing
4 Chris Venters
5 Leo Guilfoyle FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing
6 Jack Roper
7 Elliot Buchanan Albarosa Cycling Club
8 Robert Philipson Liverpool University Cycling Club
9 Dale Witham 8311
10 Callum Escritt
11 Ethan Haughton ESV Manchester
12 Louie Trezise Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
13 Joshua Vaslilev
14 James Harris
15 John Buchan Albarosa CXC
16 Robert Curtis
17 Thomas Clayton
18 Alastair Murray Horwich CC
19 Colm Kuan
20 Ian Zuniga
21 Dan Johnson
22 Nathan Prentice
23 Saad Golandaz
24 Andrew Baker Harworth & District CC
25 Harrison Kemp
26 Luke Senechal Liverpool University Cycling Club
27 Adam Oughtibridge
28 Sam Waterfield North Cheshire Clarion


1 Jasmine Townend Scarborough Paragon CC
2 Aoife Byrne Calder Clarion CC
3 Isabelle LAND Calder Clarion CC
4 Lola Stevenson Huddersfield Star Whs

1 Mackenzie Riley Cystic Fibrosis Race
2 Jamie Stewart Cystic Fibrosis Race
3 Aaron Cocker RTD – JsCycleShack
4 Benjamin Arey
5 James Beagley Harrogate Nova CC
6 Alex Hodgkins Otley CC
7 Tom Davey Harrogate Nova CC
8 Harley Widdowson Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
9 Oliver Thorpe RTD – JsCycleShack
10 Ben Baker NEL Lindsey Go-Ride
11 Zack Miles Otley CC
12 Harry Hudson Matlock CC
13 Beau Jamieson Wannell
14 Calum Buchan Albarosa Cycling Club
15 Mason Bulfin Racing Metro 15
16 Harper Johnson North Cheshire Clarion
17 James Richardson Calder Clarion CC

1 Archie Whittemore Clifton CC
2 Cormac Denwood Harrogate Nova CC
3 Oliver Swinburn Velo Club Lincoln
4 Luke Trafford Shibden CC
5 James Calvert Origin Race Team
6 Zachary Hutchinson Clifton CC
7 Finley Hudson Matlock CC
8 Matthew Mather Derwentside CC

1 Izabel Young Shibden Cycling Club



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