TT Result: Sotonia CC Road Bike TT

Oliver Hurdle fastest in the Sotonia CC Road Bike Time Trial (24km) on February 26; Holly Ramsey fastest woman (10th)

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TT Result: Sotonia CC Road Bike TT

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1 Oliver Hurdle Stolen Goat Race Team 00:35:10 Male Senior
2 Jamie Whitcher Bournemouth Cycleworks – Vitec Fire – Ford Civil – Trek 00:36:32 Male Espoir
3 Alexander Fortune Army Cycling 00:37:23 Male Vet
4 Matthew Buckley Velo Club St Raphael 00:38:39 Male Senior
5 Conor Williams trainSharp 00:38:43 Male Espoir
6 Jonathan Hall Sotonia CC 00:39:38 Male Vet
7 Mark Lisk 3C Cycle Club 00:40:52 Male Vet
8 Sherif Attia Southampton University Road Cycling Club (SURC) 00:40:53 Male Senior
9 Malcolm Cox Velo Club St Raphael 00:41:16 Male Vet
10 Holly Ramsey Tofauti Everyone Active 00:41:23 Female Junior
11 Andy McGhee DHC (Districts of Hamwic Cyclesport) 00:42:07 Male Vet
12 Joseph Wynne Sotonia CC 00:42:09 Male Senior
13 Alec O’Loughlin Southampton University Road Cycling Club (SURC) 00:43:05 Male Espoir
14 Aaron Barry Sotonia CC 00:43:17 Male Vet
15 Sien Van Der Plank New Forest CC 00:43:31 Female Senior
16 Jon Dudley Sotonia CC 00:43:41 Male Vet
17 Jack Fussey Southampton University Road Cycling Club (SURC) 00:43:54 Male Espoir
18 Mike Anderson Velo Club St Raphael 00:44:58 Male Vet
19 Jason Harrison Sotonia CC 00:45:05 Male Vet
20 Daniel Mahony Velo Club Venta 00:45:21 Male Vet
20 Stephen Skinner Velo Club St Raphael 00:45:21 Male Vet
20 Ian Sherin 3C Cycle Club 00:45:21 Male Vet
23 Stuart Peckham Velo Club St Raphael 00:46:19 Male Vet
24 Samuel Ridgment Sotonia CC 00:46:42 Male Juvenile
25 James Davenport Nieuw Bos 00:46:58 Male Vet
26 Martin Beale Velo Club St Raphael 00:47:01 Male Vet
27 Pete Wilson Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:47:36 Male Vet
28 Lee Shirley Sotonia CC 00:48:13 Male Vet
29 Simon Hall Crabwood Cycling Club 00:48:14 Male Vet
30 Stanley Phillips Sotonia CC 00:48:55 Male Juvenile
31 Yana Polyak DHC (Districts of Hamwic Cyclesport) 00:49:30 Female Senior
32 Vernon Schutte Farnborough & Camberley CC 00:49:43 Male Vet
33 Ian Page New Forest CC 00:51:02 Male Senior
34 Martin Nobbs Sotonia CC 00:51:28 Male Vet
35 Lucy Phillips Sotonia CC 00:51:49 Female Junior
36 Albert Buckingham Velo Club Venta 00:52:25 Male Senior
37 Nigel Aiken Sotonia CC 00:57:59 Male Vet
38 Martin Balk 3C Cycle Club 01:05:13 Male Vet


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