Startlist: 39th Jock Wadley Memorial RR

Strong line up with star names for the early season classic 39th Jock Wadley Memorial road race at Colchester on March 12

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Startlist: 39th Jock Wadley Memorial RR

PLEASE HELP VELOUK SERVE THE SPORT OF CYCLING – THANK YOU – and just in case anyone thinks everything is looking rosy with donations, so far, not one. So  the budget for going to events very tight so travel will be very restricted. ;-( 

A RACE THAT is part of the fabric of modern day cyclesport in Britain, the Jock Wadley Memorial Road Race on Sunday, 12th March, has a strong line up lead by 2023 Perfs Pedal winner Jack Rootkin-Gray along with second and third in that race, Harry Birchill and Zeb Kyffin (all Saint Piran). Add to that Lincoln GP winner Alex Richardson who was second in the Wadley last year. Line up also includes former winners Thomas Heal (2020) and Yanto Barker (2022) plus former Sky pro and Ryedale GP winner Alex Peters.

Starting time is 11am and the race is 134 kilometres on the usual Abberton Reservoir circuit with the finish at Layer de la Haye.

COMPETITORS (#provisional)
1 James Bentley A.Fawcett Racing
2 Marcus Burnett Brunei Continental Cycling Team
3 John Pallot Casp Racing
4 Alexander Bosley CC Plancoet
5 Max Avery Colchester Rovers CC
6 Morris Bacon Dap Cycling Club
7 Mark Richards Dap Cycling Club
8 Matthew Brown Elitecycling Development Team
9 Benjamin Flatau Elitecycling Development Team
10 Jude Chamberlain Embark Spirit BSS
11 Iwan Evans Embark Spirit BSS
12 Matthew Houlberg Embark Spirit BSS
13 George Kimber Embark Spirit BSS
14 Samuel Painter Embark Spirit BSS
15 Irfan Zamen Embark Spirit BSS
16 Ryan Savage Finchley Racing Team
17 Mark Kendernay GFTL
18 George Nemilostivijs GFTL
19 Edmund Slater GFTL
20 Benjamin May Hutchinson-Brother UK
21 Jody Paxman Hutchinson-Brother UK
23 Daniel Shoobridge Kalas Motip Race Team
24 Matt Witts Kalas Motip Race Team
25 Yanto Barker Le Col
26 Monte Guerrini Le Col
27 Rowan Baker London Dynamo
28 Ben Chapman London Dynamo
29 Archie Hilder London Dynamo
30 Jack Jee LVC Racing
31 Harold Evans Onyx Racing Team
32 Ross Fawcett Orwell Velo
33 Gary Freeman Orwell Velo
34 Will Auty Private Member
35 Joseph Smith Private Member
36 Finn Dunton Project 51
37 Ian Vagg Project 51
38 Isaac Wright Project 51
39 Samual Asker Richardsons Trek DAS
40 James Jenkins Richardsons Trek DAS
41 Matthew Lord Richardsons Trek DAS
42 Alex Peters Richardsons Trek DAS
43 William Scott Richardsons Trek DAS
44 Joshua Avery Ride Revolution Coaching
45 Matt Bailey Ride Revolution Coaching
46 Clay Davies Ride Revolution Coaching
47 Matt Watson Ride Revolution Coaching
48 David Hird ROKiT-SRCT
49 Charles Page ROKIT-SRCT
50 Harry Birchill Saint Piran
51 Zeb Kyffin Saint Piran
52 Alexandar Richardson Saint Piran
53 Jack Rootkin-Gray Saint Piran
54 Charles Emmerson Sigma Sports – Cannondale RT
55 Niels Emmerson Sigma Sports – Cannondate RT
56 Chris McNamara Sigma Sports – Cannondale RT
57 Simon McNamara Sigma Sports – Cannondale RT
58 Thomas Heal StolenGoat Race Team
59 Oliver Hurdle StolenGoat Race Team
60 Callum Slade StolenGoat Race Team
61 Llewellyn Kinch TAAP Cervelo
62 Thomas Charles Team PB Performance
63 James Dent Team PB Performance
64 Nathan Hardy Team PB Performance
65 Mark Lightfoot Tofauti Everyone Active
66 Dexter Mansel-Thomas Tofauti Everyone Active
67 Harry Ives TrainSharp Development Team
68 Kyle Jones Trainsharp Delvelopment Team
69 Samual Clark TrainSharp Elite
70 Jack Rebours TrainSharpe Elite
71 Timothy Torrie TrainSharp Elite
72 Len Delicaet VC Londres
73 Alexander Cross Velo Schils – Interbike RT
74 Peter Fuller Velo Schils – Interbike RT
75 Cameron Hurst Velo Schils – Interbike RT
76 Dominic Schils Velo Schils – Interbike RT
77 Oliver Wood Velo Schils – Interbike RT
78 Tom Merry Wheelbase Cab Tech Castelli
79 Benjamin Hellebo Wheelsuckers
80 Freddy Pett Wold Top The Edge Pactimo


81 Lucas Jowett Saint Piran
82 Tim Allen Hutchinson-Brother UK
83 Danylo Rikwnyi Trainsharp Elite
84 Harley Matthews Dap Cycling Club
85 Arron Freeman Richardsons Trek
86 Matthew Clements Private Member

1982 Mike Ford
1983 Steve Lawrence
1984 Alaric Gayfer
1985 Tim Stevens
1986 Neil Miller
1987 Tim Stevens
1988 Ben Luckwell
1989 Peter Longbottom
1990 Alan Gornall
1991 Matthew Illingworth
1992 Matthew Illingworth
1993 Glen Holmes
1994 Gary Baker
1995 Andy Lyons
1996 Julian Ramsbottom
1997 Brian Fleming
1998 Joe Bayfield
1999 Andy Lyons
2000 Andy Proffitt
2001 No Race (Foot and Mouth Disease)
2002 Gordan McCauley
2003 Colin Roshier
2004 Hugh Pritchard
2005 Tony Gibb
2006 Malcolm Elliott
2007 Richard Prebble
2008 Luke Rowe
2009 James Millard
2010 Jonathan Tiernan – Locke
2011 Marcel Biabloblocki
2012 George Atkins
2013 Hugh Wilson
2014 Rob Partridge
2015 Steele Von Hoff
2016 Jacob Hennessy
2017 Steele Von Hoff
2018 Michael Mottram
2019 Race Cancelled (Adverse Conditions)
2020 Tom Heal
2022 Yanto Barker


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