TT Result: Chester RC 15m TT

Matthew Wales fastest in the Chester RC 15 mile time trial on March 4th, Gwyneth Parry fastest woman

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TT Result: Chester RC 15m TT

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1 Matthew Wales Fibrax Wrexham RC 00:32:20 Male Senior
2 Kieran Morris Total Tri Training 00:32:55 Male Espoir
3 Benjamin Goodfellow Fibrax Wrexham RC 00:32:59 Male Senior
4 Jozsef Evans Fibrax Wrexham RC 00:33:32 Male Senior
5 Tony Cullen TricentralUk 00:33:45 Male Vet
6 Stephen Feeney Tactic Sport UK Race Team 00:34:21 Male Vet
7 Dan Elliot TricentralUk 00:34:42 Male Senior
8 Andrew Tibbett Liverpool Century RC 00:35:06 Male Senior
9 Peter Lindfield Velotik Racing Team 00:35:17 Male Senior
10 Alan Broadbent Graham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic 00:35:22 Male Vet
11 Niall Kenyon Graham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic 00:35:27 Male Senior
12 Matthew Welsh Graham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic 00:35:46 Male Vet
13 Robin Hennessy North Wirral Velo 00:35:54 Male Senior
14 Barry Murphy Graham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic 00:36:19 Male Vet
15 Alistair Brown Fibrax Wrexham RC 00:36:22 Male Vet
16 Ben Love Graham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic 00:36:40 Male Vet
17 Roderz Hill TricentralUk 00:37:02 Male Vet
18 Steve Aston Fibrax Wrexham RC 00:37:26 Male Vet
19 Mark Liptrot Graham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic 00:37:44 Male Vet
20 Simon Romei Paramount CRT 00:37:51 Male Vet
21 James Meldrum Liverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree) 00:38:22 Male Vet
22 Chester Romei North Shropshire Wheelers 00:38:41 Male Junior
23 Arthur Winstanley Liverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree) 00:39:30 Male Vet
24 Philip Hill Chester RC 00:39:32 Male Vet
25 Brian Woods Graham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic 00:39:56 Male Vet
26 Jan Kardasz Fibrax Wrexham RC 00:40:52 Male Vet
27 Gwyneth Parry Stolen Goat Race Team 00:41:04 Female Espoir
28 Gareth Hughes Chester RC 00:41:10 Male Vet
29 Joseph Robson Chester RC 00:41:17 Male Vet
30 Martin Sturge Graham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic 00:41:24 Male Vet
30 Chris Beckerleg Graham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic 00:41:24 Male Senior
32 Alan Old Port Sunlight Wheelers 00:41:43 Male Vet
33 Chris Lawson Graham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic 00:41:59 Male Vet
34 Rik Waddon Para-T 00:42:11 Male C2
35 Paul Edwards Graham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic 00:42:21 Male Vet
36 David Drew North Shropshire Wheelers 00:43:03 Male Vet
37 Rebecca Holland Chester RC 00:43:41 Female Vet
38 Simon Jones Hafren CC 00:44:02 Male Vet
39 Sally Cunliffe Ruthin Cycling Club / Clwb Seiclo Rhuthun 00:44:10 Female Vet
40 Paul Williams Fibrax Wrexham RC 00:44:26 Male Vet
41 Janet Fairclough Liverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree) 00:44:34 Female Vet
42 David Norman Birkenhead Victoria CC 00:44:36 Male Vet
43 Mark Jones Graham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic 00:46:27 Male Vet
44 Mark Kelly Velo Club Melyd 00:46:46 Male Vet
45 Graham Williams Anfield BC 00:47:00 Male Vet
46 Sarah-Louise Robson Liverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree) 00:47:26 Female Vet
47 Ian Casson Birkenhead Victoria CC 00:47:32 Male Vet
48 Geraint Catherall Anfield BC 00:48:00 Male Vet
49 Geoff Edgerton North Shropshire Wheelers 00:48:24 Male Vet
50 Andy Large Graham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic 00:48:41 Male Vet
51 Paul Edwards Graham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic 00:49:55 Male Vet
52 Oliver Liptrot Graham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic 00:50:15 Male Juvenile
53 Margaret Docking Ruthin Cycling Club / Clwb Seiclo Rhuthun 00:51:22 Female Vet
54 Harry Cowley Chester RC 00:51:25 Male Vet
55 Phil Dobbing Birkenhead Victoria CC 00:56:42 Male Vet


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