TT Result: Sussex CA Hardriders

Christopher McNamara and Simon McNamara winners at the Sussex CA Hardriders on March 5; Rachel Brown fastest woman

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TT Result: Sussex CA Hardriders

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TT Bikes
1 Christopher McNamara Sigma Sports | Cannondale RT 00:57:28 Male Vet
2 Liam Maybank Twickenham CC 00:59:04 Male Vet
3 Karl Roberton Worthing Excelsior CC 01:03:46 Male Vet
4 Michael Renardson trainSharp 01:03:50 Male Espoir
5 Robert Drake Addiscombe CC 01:04:11 Male Senior
6 Peter Main 34 Nomads CC 01:06:05 Male Vet
7 Stephen Garvey Addiscombe CC 01:06:43 Male Senior
8 Kevin Plummer Team TMC 01:07:14 Male Vet
9 Ian Cheesman Worthing Excelsior CC 01:07:26 Male Vet
10 Michael Gates C and N Cycles RT 01:08:28 Male Senior
11 Rachel Brown CC London 01:09:16 Female Senior
12 Emma O’Toole DHC (Districts of Hamwic Cyclesport) 01:09:36 Female Senior
13 Ferenc File Horsham Cycling 01:12:14 Male Senior
14 Lewis Reeves Horsham Cycling 01:12:21 Male Senior
15 Mike Marchant Southdown Velo 01:19:20 Male Vet
16 Hilary Briggs Serpentine Running Club 01:26:24 Female Vet
17 Valerie Place 7Oaks Tri Club 01:28:54 Female Vet
18 Glenda Goscomb 7Oaks Tri Club 01:36:00 Female Vet
19 Robin Johnson Brighton Mitre CC 01:41:08 Male Vet

Road Bikes
1 Simon McNamara Sigma Sports | Cannondale RT 01:01:25 Male Vet
2 Jonathan Smith Onyx RT 01:03:31 Male Vet
3 Thomas Willan Elevate RT 01:04:24 Male Senior
4 Tony Reeves GS Stella 01:13:05 Male Vet
5 Ray Sullivan Metropolitan Police Cycle Club 01:18:44 Male Vet
6 Richard Keevil GS Stella 01:23:16 Male Vet
7 Sarah Matthews …a3crg 01:21:47 Female Vet


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