Q&A: Daisy Barnes (Alba Dev Team)

The first name on the entry list I have for the Peaks Two Day in just over a week is Daisy Barnes who is a new signing for the Alba Development Road Team – we quiz Daisy! Good luck Sunday at Capenwray!

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Q&A: Daisy Barnes (Alba Dev Team)

Photos: www.instagram.com/daisymaybarnes/

Q: How has been your winter’s training with the freezing weather?
Daisy: For me, the winter training is a mixture of being outdoors and on the turbo. I try to use the turbo for specific sessions and keep it under 90 minutes. If I do ride on it, this helps me stay focussed and get the most out of myself. When it’s been freezing, I’ve either rode my cross bike or stuck to gritted roads – I love getting wrapped up and getting out.

Q: What is the biggest challenge training in the winter for you?
Daisy: There are so many challenges in winter!! This varies all the time; sometimes it’s the weather, especially when it is wet for a week at a time! When I’ve been soaked five days in a row, it’s hard to get up and do it again. It can even be a challenge just to have to clean my bike after every single ride!

Q: Do you get to train with others in the winter or is mainly solo?
Daisy: Luckily I get the best of both worlds and I would say its half and half.

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Q: What performances of yours in 2022 during the season help motivate you during the winter?
Daisy: Tour Series always motivates me, it’s fun, it’s fast and I’ve had some really good rides there. I had a terrible day out at Lancaster Grand Prix and this actually motivates me knowing I need to be better before doing it again in 2023.

Q: What was the best result/performance of yours in 2022?
Daisy: Personally, it was performance based rather than a result at the Isle of Man Stage Race in which the final stage I spent the morning in the break. If I had to pick a result, I’d pick Sunderland Tour Series. After doing my first series in 2021 I always wanted to crack a top 20 and I finally did this in Sunderland in 2022.

Q: What were the things you learned in 2022 at races that you feel will help you in 2023? 
Daisy: I’m always learning about positioning, trying to be near the front but not always on the front. This year I felt I was able to show this a lot.

Q: How have you found the travel to events in 2022 – ie, are they restful or hard work?
Daisy: For me, luckily, a lot of events are in the North so the longest journey I did was about 4.5hours to Lincoln. I just try to be organised so I don’t feel rushed and then even if it isn’t restful, it isn’t an added stress,

Q: What event was the most fun to do?
Daisy: I loved the Peaks 2 day stage race (coming soon in 2023!), there was so much variety in one weekend and everyone rode it tactically different to how a normal National A is ridden because there were so many different jerseys to compete for. This was so much fun.

Q: What are the key positives about being part of a team racing national events and being in the mix at the sharp end? 
Daisy: Being part of a team helps to get the best out of everyone I think, working and helping teammates pushes me to ride as hard as I can. It’s nice being on the start line having teammates and friends around so the events never feel overwhelming.

Q: When are you aiming to begin racing in 2023?
Daisy: Hopefully start racing in March (this weekend!)

Q: Do you find the off season without racing – a good thing or a boring part of the year? 
Daisy: Both, I enjoy having weekends at home with no travelling as this can be a lot through the season and my suitcase is never unpacked!

Q: Finally, what are your key goals for 2023?
Daisy: To help the team as we have some really strong crit riders, so I am looking forward to working as a team. To get a few top 20’s in National Series.

Good luck Daisy in your races in 2023 and look forward to seeing you at many of them


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