TT Result: East Sussex CA (Hard Riders)

Trainsharp’s Nathan Russell fastest in the East Sussex CA (Hard Riders) on Sunday (February 12; Sally Turner fastest woman

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TT Result: East Sussex CA (Hard Riders)

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1 Nathan Russell trainSharp 00:38:40 Male Senior
2 Richard Cartland 00:39:31 Male Vet
3 Owen Vidler Hastings & St. Leonards CC 00:41:07 Male Senior
4 Samuel Benge trainSharp 00:41:24 Male Senior
5 Adam Rogers Eastbourne Rovers CC 00:41:50 Male Vet
6 Sally Turner HUUB WattShop 00:42:03 Female Vet
7 Dimitar Pachev Hastings & St. Leonards CC 00:43:36 Male Vet
8 Tony Reeves GS Stella 00:44:20 Male Vet
9 Neil Edwards Lewes Wanderers CC 00:44:35 Male Vet
10 Paul Fletcher trainSharp 00:45:04 Male Vet
11 Dan Shipton Eastbourne Rovers CC 00:45:33 Male Vet
12 Gareth Hutchinson Eastbourne Rovers CC 00:46:18 Male Vet
13 Olivia Webb Eastbourne Rovers CC 00:46:29 Female Vet
14 Kate Thomas Lewes Wanderers CC 00:46:43 Female Vet
15 Vince Todd Hastings & St. Leonards CC 00:47:11 Male Vet
16 Ivan Johnson Hastings & St. Leonards CC 00:47:18 Male Vet
17 Iona Mitchell Hastings & St. Leonards CC 00:47:32 Female Senior
18 Roger Hutchings VC Merlin 00:47:59 Male Vet
19 John McDonald trainSharp 00:49:02 Male Vet
20 Joandel Fernandez Eastbourne Rovers CC 00:51:57 Male Senior
21 Lee Holdaway Hastings & St. Leonards CC 00:53:43 Male Vet
22 Greg Blackwell Hastings & St. Leonards CC 00:59:15 Male Vet
23 Chris Parker Hastings & St. Leonards CC 01:04:13 Male Vet


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