Next Weekend: RCR FatCreations Road Races

One of three National B events next weekend is the RCR FatCreations Nat B men’s and women’s road races at Goodwood on the Saturday (April 1st)

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Next Weekend: RCR FatCreations Road Races

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Saturday 1st April sees the 2nd edition of the RCR FatCreations Nat B men’s and women’s road. The men’s race was heavily oversubscribed with 164 entries. Narrowed down to a field of 80 and 10 reserves. The start list is made up of 10 full teams of 6. Amongst the starters is last years top 3, winner Zeb Kyffin (Saint Piran) 2nd place Jack Crook (Richardson Trek DAS) and 3rd place Sam Clark (Trainsharp Elite). Other notable riders include Alex Richardson (Saint Piran) and Tom Portsmouth (Bingoal WB development).

The women’s race has 60 starters, slightly lower than last years event, and includes last years 3rd place Lucy Harris (AWOL – O’Shea). Moving from a Regional A to a National B event, there’s thirteen 1st cat riders and two Elites (Lucy Harris and Lucy Lee of DAS Handsling bikes) making a very strong field. Entry on the day will be available for the remaining 20 places.

Men’s race 09:30 – 7 laps 75miles – 80 riders – 10 reserves
1 Zeb Kyffin Saint Piran Elite
2 Alexandar Richardson Saint Piran Elite
3 Tom Portsmouth Bingol Elite
4 Jude Chamberlain Embark Spirit BSS 2nd
5 Joe Hill Embark Spirit BSS 1st
6 Matthew Houlberg Embark Spirit BSS 1st
7 Irfan Zaman Embark Spirit BSS 2nd
8 Tobias Dahlhaus Foran CCC 1st
9 Stephen Maxwell Foran CCC 1st
10 Ian Middleton Foran CCC 2nd
11 Robin Mould Foran CCC 2nd
12 Andrew Rigg Foran CCC 1st
13 Thomas Springbett Foran CCC 2nd
14 Sam Fox GS Mossa 2nd
15 Nicholas Richards GS Mossa 2nd
16 Ben Williams GS Mossa 2nd
17 Fletcher Adams LAKA Pedal Mafia RT 2nd
18 Patrick Brown LAKA Pedal Mafia RT 3rd
19 Tom Fee LAKA Pedal Mafia RT 3rd
20 Max Fleming LAKA Pedal Mafia RT 2nd
21 Inigo Hawkings LAKA Pedal Mafia RT 2nd
22 Alex Jones LAKA Pedal Mafia RT 2nd
23 Rowan Baker London Dynamo 1st
24 Ben Chapman London Dynamo 2nd
25 Benjamin Haston London Dynamo 2nd
26 Archie Hilder London Dynamo 2nd
27 Giovanni Luongo London Dynamo 3rd
28 Archie Waller London Dynamo 3rd
29 Luke Barfoot Primera-TeamJobs Elite
30 Jordan Giles Primera-TeamJobs 1st
31 George Skinner Primera-TeamJobs 1st
32 George Smith Primera-TeamJobs 1st
33 Nicholas Tyrie Primera-TeamJobs 1st
34 Oliver Winwood Bratchell Primera-TeamJobs 1st
35 Tom Austin Racing Club Ravenna 2nd
36 Luke Jerome Racing Club Ravenna 2nd
37 Samuel Asker Richardsons Trek DAS 1st
38 Jack Crook Richardsons Trek DAS Elite
39 Rhys Howells Richardsons Trek DAS 2nd
40 James Jenkins Richardsons Trek DAS Elite
41 Conor McGoldrick Richardsons Trek DAS Elite
42 William Scott Richardsons Trek DAS 1st
43 Jacob Avery Ride Revolution Coaching 2nd
44 Joshua Avery Ride Revolution Coaching 2nd
45 Matt Bailey Ride Revolution Coaching 2nd
46 Angus Hawkins Ride Revolution Coaching 1st
47 Adam Robertson Ride Revolution Coaching 2nd
48 Matt Watson Ride Revolution Coaching 2nd
49 David Hird ROKiT-SRCT 1st
50 Brad Jones ROKiT-SRCT 2nd
51 Joshua Price ROKiT-SRCT 2nd
52 William Truelove ROKiT-SRCT 1st
53 Tom Williams ROKiT-SRCT 2nd
54 Joe Griffiths Saddleback Racing 2nd
55 Charles Emmerson Sigma Sports – Cannondale RT 2nd
56 Niels Emmerson Sigma Sports – Cannondale RT 2nd
57 Bryce Matthewson Sigma Sports – Cannondale RT 2nd
58 Chris McNamara Sigma Sports – Cannondale RT 1st
59 Simon McNamara Sigma Sports – Cannondale RT 2nd
60 Barnabas Purbrook Sigma Sports – Cannondale RT 1st
61 Matthew Downie TAAP Endura 2nd
62 Benjamin Fish TAAP
63 Joshua Knowles TAAP 1st
64 Harry Macfarlane TAAP 1st
65 James Nicholson TAAP 2nd
66 Jamie Pullen TAAP 2nd
67 James Bevan trainSharp Elite 1st
68 Samuel Clark trainSharp Elite Elite
69 Oliver Peckover trainSharp Elite 1st
70 Jack Rebours trainSharp Elite 2nd
71 Danylo Riwnyj trainSharp Elite 2nd
72 Timothy Torrie trainSharp Elite 1st
73 Harry Johnson VC St Raphael 1st
74 Thomas Adby Velo Club Venta 2nd
75 Oscar Hoult Velo Club Venta 3rd
76 Pedro Hutchinson Velo Club Venta 2nd
77 Carl Morris Velo Club Venta 3rd
78 Tom Smith Velo Club Venta 2nd
79 Jack Tomlinson Velo Club Venta 2nd
80 Jesse Yates BC Private Member 3rd

1 Jacob Vaughen TREKKERZ CC 2nd
2 Tristan Galloway VC Meudon 2nd
3 Adam Howell VC Meudon 3rd
4 David Farmer Surrey Hills Cycleworks 2nd
5 Andrew Lindsay Surrey Hills Cycleworks 3rd
6 Ryan Peirce Surrey Hills Cycleworks 3rd
7 Thomas Heal StolenGoat Race team 3rd
8 Callum Slade StolenGoat Race team 1st
9 Oliver Hurdle StolenGoat Race team 1st
10 Jack Rootkin-Gray Saint Piran Elite

Women’s race 13:30 5 laps – 53 miles (60 starts – 20 places available on the day)
1 Lucy Harris AWOL- O’Shea Elite
2 Jessica Finney AWOL- O’Shea 1st (CiCLE Classic winner)
3 Megan Panton AWOL- O’Shea 3rd
4 Angela Laycock Army Cycling Union 3rd
5 Jessica Wood Army Cycling Union 3rd
6 Hannah Graveney AWOL Worx Galliard 3rd
7 Hope Inglis Brother UK-Orientation Marketing 2nd
8 Amber Junker-Brameld Brother UK-Orientation Marketing 2nd
9 Nicola Lovell Chepstow Cycling Club 2nd
10 Maria Holdcroft Cowley Road Condors 3rd
11 Lucy Lee DAS – Handsling Bikes Elite
12 Millie Couzens Fenix-Deceuninck 1st
13 Sian Botteley Hutchinson-Brother UK 2nd
14 Harriet Dodd Hutchinson-Brother UK 3rd
15 Jennifer Millmore Hutchinson-Brother UK 3rd
16 Polly Milsom Hutchinson-Brother UK 2nd
17 Molly Patch Hutchinson-Brother UK 2nd
18 Ruth Shier Hutchinson-Brother UK 2nd
19 Lydia Watts Hutchinson-Brother UK 1st
20 Sannah Zaman Hutchinson-Brother UK 2nd
21 Elena Day Ignite 3rd
22 Emily Chilton INFLITE Femme 1st
23 Isabella Johnson INFLITE Femme 2nd
24 Georgina Oakley INFLITE Femme 1st
25 Laura Davies Jadan Vive le Velo p/b Glasdon 2nd
26 Miriam Jessett Jadan Vive le Velo p/b Glasdon 1st
27 Katie-Anne Calton JRC-INTERFLON Race Team 1st
28 Alice Butcher LAKA Pedal Mafia RT 3rd
29 Penny Colloff LAKA Pedal Mafia RT 1st
30 Anouska Greenaway LAKA Pedal Mafia RT 2nd
31 Rebecca Hair LAKA Pedal Mafia RT 2nd
32 Marie-Louise Kertzman LAKA Pedal Mafia RT 2nd
33 Laura Starmer LAKA Pedal Mafia RT 3rd
34 Eleanor Bolton LDN-Academy 3rd
35 Anna Brearley LDN-Academy 3rd
36 Miriam Bullock LDN-Academy 2nd
37 Louise Davidson LDN-Academy 2nd
38 Faith Hammond LDN-Academy 3rd
39 Jessica Prior LDN-Academy 3rd
40 Natasha Reddy LDN-Academy 2nd
41 Jamie-Lee Wright LDN-Academy 3rd
42 Sasha Halsey London Dynamo 2nd
43 Madeleine Gammons Loughborough Lightning 1st
44 Anya Tamplin Loughborough Lightning 2nd
45 Bexy Dew Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee 1st
46 Zoe Langham Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee 2nd
47 Millie Skinner Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee 2nd
48 Madeleine Nutt Ribble Collective 2nd
49 Lauren O’Brien StolenGoat Race Team 2nd
50 Katy Vincent Swindon Wheelers 3rd
51 Alderney Baker Team Empella 2nd
52 Laura Senior Team Spectra Cannondale 1st
53 Georgina Paul TORQ Performance 2nd
54 Anastasia Bowler Wahoo – Le Col 3rd
55 Lizi Brooke Wahoo – Le Col 2nd
56 Vanessa Fursden Wahoo – Le Col 3rd
57 Katie Macloud Wahoo – Le Col
58 Caitlin Dimbleby BC Private Member 2nd
59 Lena Kane BC Private Member 1st
60 Savannah Morgan BC Private Member 2nd


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