News: BMCR (British Masters Cycle Racing)

BMCR are looking for riders to come and try their races and now have a temporary membership in place for those interested in racing BMCR races.

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News: BMCR (British Masters Cycle Racing)

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BMCR (British Masters Cycle Racing) is the only cycle racing organisation that specialises in races for riders, female and male, that are 40 years of age plus.
Founded in 1986 as the League of Veteran Racing Cyclists the re-branding took place in the year before Covid. After the interruption of competition in that 2-year period BMCR is now back and ready with a full programme of racing for 2023. Including a full set of National Championships and the ever-popular season long Stallard Road Race series. Full information can be found on the BMCR website

We are looking for riders to come and try our races and it has never been easier now that a temporary membership is in place. Or for an annual fee of £28 you can benefit from the following.
• Competitive cycle racing for women and men over 40 years of age.
• 5-year age bands mean enjoyable competition at your own level of fitness.
• Race entry fees range from £15 – £20
• UK-wide race programme is planned throughout the season.
• Our annual race calendar is listed online and events are easy to enter via Rider HQ.
• Events of all disciplines including road, time-trial, track, cyclo cross and MTB
• National events include, Road Race, Criterium, Time Trial, Track, MTB and Cyclo-Cross Championships
• The Stallard series is our National season-long points road-race competition for all age groups

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BMCR age categories for men are designated as follows: A, 40-44; B, 45-49; C, 50-54; D, 55-59; E, 60-64; F, 65-69; G, 70-74;H,75-79: I,80-84, J,85-89; K,90-94: L,95-99.
BMCR age categories for women are designated as follows: C, 40-44; D, 45-49; E, 50-54; F, 55-59; G, 60-64; H, 65-69; I, 70-74;J,75-79: K,80-84, L,85-89; M,90-94: N,95-99.

Members will change category on the 1st January in the year of their appropriate birthday. (e.g. if a man is 50 on 10th June 2020, he will be a C category from 1st January 2020).
Finally, membership includes our BMCR Insurance this indemnifies BMCR for legal liability for death/injury to third parties or damage to third parties’ property. The insurance covers BMCR for its organisation of cycle races, and cover is extended to BMCR members whilst they undertake the following activities within the UK:
• Recreational cycling
• Participating in cyclo-sportives
• Competing in racing events organised and run by BMCR and other events which are organ-ised by recognised cycling bodies which effectively have the same or similar rules and method statements to BMCR

For full details please look on our website

We are contactable via our website if you have any questions, if not we look forward to seeing you at our races this season.


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