TT Result: Melton Olympic CC 10m TT

Ollie Peckover of trainSharp fastest (18.06) in the Melton Olympic CC 10m time trial near Newark on Saturday, Lindsay Clarke fastest woman

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TT Result: Melton Olympic CC 10m TT

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1 Oliver Peckover trainSharp 00:18:06 Male Senior
2 Jack Levick Rose Race Team 00:18:40 Male Senior
3 Richard Oakes Team Ohten Aveas 00:18:52 Male Vet
4 Jacob Bush Team Bottrill 00:18:55 Male Junior
5 Andrew Miller Addform Vive Le Velo 00:20:06 Male Vet
6 Tim Hood Team Bottrill 00:20:13 Male Vet
7 Mike Twelves Team Ohten Aveas 00:20:15 Male Vet
8 Mathew Stonley Team Bottrill 00:20:27 Male Vet
9 Steve Gibson Peak Road Club 00:20:33 Male Vet
10 Mark Bottrill Team Bottrill 00:20:39 Male Senior
11 Martin Fisher Melton Olympic CC 00:20:40 Male Vet
12 Nick Hammond Ilkeston Cycle Club 00:20:44 Male Senior
13 Stuart Wells Lindsey Roads Cycling Club 00:20:51 Male Vet
14 Ian King Pedal Power Loughborough 00:20:58 Male Vet
15 Phillip Tyas Barnsley Road Club 00:21:01 Male Vet
16 Neil Cleminshaw ADDFORM Vive Le Velo 00:21:06 Male Vet
17 Martin Perrett Team Ohten Aveas 00:21:16 Male Vet
18 Rob Muzio Team Ohten Aveas 00:21:20 Male Vet
19 Eddie Humphreys Nottingham Clarion CC 00:21:27 Male Vet
20 James Byatt Sherwood CC 00:21:41 Male Senior
21 Michael Wills Team Lutterworth Cycle Centre 00:22:00 Male Vet
22 Colin Parkinson South Western Road Club 00:22:01 Male Vet
23 Simon Warren Norwood Paragon CC 00:22:03 Male Vet
24 Chris Schofield Melton Olympic CC 00:22:22 Male Vet
25 Jymmy Trevor City RC (Hull) 00:22:34 Male Vet
25 Tim Baggs Sherwood CC 00:22:34 Male Vet
26 Andy Smith Mansfield Road Club 00:22:50 Male Vet
27 Will Trevor City RC (Hull) 00:22:55 Male Espoir
27 Philip Brown Walsall Roads Cycling Club 00:22:55 Male Vet
28 Simon Inman OVB 00:22:56 Male Vet
29 Mick Stevens Melton Olympic CC 00:22:57 Male Vet
30 Paul Birkin Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles 00:23:18 Male Vet
31 Lindsay Clarke Fenland Clarion CC 00:23:23 Female Vet
32 Kevin Humphreys Sherwood CC 00:23:28 Male Vet
33 Michael Wilkinson South Normanton C C 00:23:32 Male Vet
34 Mark Symons Hull Thursday RC 00:24:00 Male Vet
35 Simon Geraci Swift Racing 00:24:04 Male Vet
36 Sally Maitland Ratae RC 00:24:09 Female Vet
37 Elaine Simpson Nottingham Clarion CC 00:24:33 Female Vet
38 Martin Lister Witham Wheelers / Grantham 00:24:35 Male Vet
39 David Yarham Peterborough CC 00:24:35 Male Vet
40 Rod J Weston Melton Olympic CC 00:25:08 Male Vet
41 Gillian Campbell Born to Bike – Bridgtown Cycles 00:25:10 Female Vet
42 Steve Clarke Fenland Clarion CC 00:25:11 Male Vet
43 Ben Turner Velo Club Long Eaton 00:25:15 Male Vet
44 Gretchen Zoeller VTTA (Yorkshire) 00:25:24 Female Vet
45 Harry Dadd Melton Olympic CC 00:25:57 Male Juvenile
46 Peter Harridge Tyneside Vagabonds CC 00:26:06 Male Vet
47 David Hayward Matlock CC 00:26:21 Male Vet
48 Cheryl Symons Hull Thursday RC 00:26:26 Female Vet
49 Roy Oakes Team Ohten Aveas 00:26:35 Male Vet
50 Russell Carter South Pennine RC 00:26:59 Male Vet
51 Matthew Finch Leicester Forest CC 00:28:01 Male Vet


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