TT Result: Team Kirkley Cycles TT

Lewis Wake fastest in Team Kirkley Cycles 10 mile time trial on a wet and cold morning in Northumberland, Lois Jarvis fastest woman

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TT Result: Team Kirkley Cycles TT

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1 Lewis Wake Team Kirkley Cycles 00:21:19 Male Senior
2 Alexander Milne Muckle Cycle Club 00:21:41 Male Senior
3 Nick Badcock Allen Valley Velo 00:22:31 Male Vet
4 Darren Robson Muckle Cycle Club 00:22:32 Male Vet
5 Philip Kennell GS Metro 00:22:41 Male Vet
6 Harris Hall Velo Culture 00:22:50 Male Junior
7 Kris Whitelaw Vector Racing 00:22:54 Male Senior
8 Zach Haigh Barnesbury CC 00:22:56 Male Senior
9 Graham Crammond Vector Racing 00:23:09 Male Vet
10 Jonathan Cairns Muckle Cycle Club 00:23:47 Male Senior
11 Lee Ridden Reifen Racing 00:24:05 Male Vet
12 Guillaume Zoppi North Tyneside Riders CC 00:24:06 Male Vet
13 Simon Emsley Velo Culture 00:24:22 Male Vet
14 Ian-James Elder Vector Racing 00:24:30 Male Senior
15 Simon Crisp Gosforth RC 00:24:31 Male Senior X
16 Christopher Beaty Allen Valley Velo 00:24:39 Male Vet
17 Tom Campbell Muckle Cycle Club 00:24:52 Male Senior Roadbike
18 Colin Atkinson Muckle Cycle Club 00:24:54 Male Vet
19 Adam Harrison Barnesbury CC 00:25:14 Male Vet
20 Tim Nichol Blaydon CC 00:25:22 Male Senior
21 Michael Charlton Barnesbury CC 00:25:33 Male Senior Roadbike
22 Harry King Team Newcastle Triathlon 00:25:35 Male Espoir Roadbike
23 Lois Jarvis Muckle Cycle Club 00:25:43 Female Senior
24 Charlie Thew Racing Metro 15 00:25:47 Male Junior Roadbike
25 Paul Hague Gosforth RC 00:26:12 Male Vet Roadbike
26 Tom Guy Sunderland Clarion 00:26:17 Male Vet Roadbike
27 Andrew Ratsey Velo Culture 00:26:19 Male Vet Roadbike
28 Paul Cottrell Sunderland Clarion 00:26:30 Male Vet Roadbike
29 Joe Reed Muckle Cycle Club 00:26:31 Male Senior Roadbike
30 Mason Bulfin Manilla Cycling 00:26:41 Male Juvenile Roadbike
31 Keith Sibbald Zeus CRT 00:26:43 Male Vet
32 Edryd Jones Sun City Tri 00:26:46 Male Vet
33 Richard Glennie Barnesbury CC 00:26:49 Male Vet
34 David Milton Vector Racing 00:26:50 Male Vet
35 Adele McAleer Velo Culture 00:26:55 Female Vet
36 Jen McMahon Jadan Vive Le Velo 00:26:57 Female Senior
37 Christian Roberts Allen Valley Velo 00:27:01 Male Vet Roadbike
38 Peter Darnell South Shields Velo Cycling Club 00:27:09 Male Senior Roadbike
39 Paul Barrett Velo Culture 00:27:12 Male Senior Roadbike
40 Andy Delaney Northumbria Police C.C. 00:27:27 Male Vet
41 Russell Bayliss GS Metro 00:27:37 Male Vet Roadbike
42 Mal Gray Velo Culture 00:27:41 Male Vet Roadbike
43 David Lavery North Tyneside Riders CC 00:27:49 Male Vet
44 Teri Bayliss Reifen Racing 00:27:59 Female Vet Roadbike
45 David Ballantyne EMC Cycling 00:27:59 Male Vet
46 Sean Landless Sun City Tri 00:28:00 Male Senior
47 Barry Taylor VO2MAX Race Team 00:28:07 Male Vet
48 Matthew Agnew Team Newcastle Triathlon 00:28:25 Male Senior Roadbike
49 Chris Calvert Alnwick & District Triathlon Club 00:28:27 Male Vet
50 Justine Norman Velo Culture 00:28:28 Female Vet
51 Lee Williams North Tyneside Riders CC 00:28:44 Male Vet
52 James Clay Gosforth RC 00:28:48 Male Senior
53 Terry Parvin Ferryhill Whs 00:28:50 Male Vet
54 Ciaran Lally Reifen Racing 00:28:54 Male Junior Roadbike
55 Paul Dobbie Gosforth RC 00:29:14 Male Vet
56 Bella Butler AWOL O’Shea Worx 00:29:15 Female Senior Roadbike
57 Phoebe Skinner Derwentside CC 00:29:17 Female Junior Roadbike
58 Sean Lally Allen Valley Velo 00:29:28 Male Vet Roadbike
59 Victoria Curry Berwick Wheelers Cycling Club 00:30:09 Female Vet
60 Ray Bell Derwentside CC 00:30:13 Male Vet
61 Francis Smith Derwentside CC 00:30:49 Male Vet
62 Alexandra Peralta Team Newcastle Triathlon 00:30:54 Female Senior Roadbike
63 Richard Exley Gosforth RC 00:30:57 Male Vet
64 Barry Holyoak South Shields Velo Cycling Club 00:31:24 Male Vet Roadbike
65 Jack Taylor VO2MAX Race Team 00:32:08 Male Senior Roadbike
66 Tracey Sample Alnwick & District Triathlon Club 00:32:51 Female Vet Roadbike
67 Jack Reeder Team Newcastle Triathlon 00:33:10 Male Senior Roadbike
68 Tania Conway Alnwick & District Triathlon Club 00:33:15 Female Vet
69 Allan Card South Shields Velo Cycling Club 00:33:51 Male Vet Roadbike
70 Andrew Long Blaydon CC 00:34:47 Male Senior X
71 Susanne Stephenson Derwentside CC 00:35:27 Female Vet Roadbike
72 Frank Devlin South Shields Velo Cycling Club 00:36:34 Male Vet


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