Crit Result: No Nonsense Circuit Races 2

Poppy Peacock, John White, Erin Avill and Chris Sherriffs winners at round 2 of the No Nonsense Circuit Races in West Yorkshire on April 22

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Crit Result: No Nonsense Circuit Races 2

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3rd & 4th Category Women
1 Poppy Peacock Clifton CC
2 Emily Middlebrooke Otley CC
3 Katherine Swithenbank 360cycling
4 Isabella Ash University Of Manchester CC
5 Jacqueline Kinsey AWOL Worx Galliard
6 Laura Tring 360cycling
7 Frances Johnson Klatsch.
8 Niamh Boulding Shibden Cycling Club
9 Lynsey Whitley Team Enable – M.I.Racing – McC…
10 Isla Page LAKA Pedal Mafia RT
11 Sara Piper Rapha Cycling Club
12 Nicola Cadwallader 360cycling
13 Kelly Wilby
14 Amelia Walton Shibden Cycling Club
15 Joanna Morris Shibden Cycling Club
16 Rachel Grayton BBM Revolution Cycling Club

3rd & 4th Category Men
1 John White North Cheshire Clarion
2 Tom Cullen Otley CC
3 Lewis Ridley Clifton CC
4 Ewan Dowes
5 Rowan Baxter Huddersfield Star Wheelers
6 Matthew Willman
7 Kevin Moore Paceline Cycles North
8 George Daly Sitwell Cycling Club
9 Oscar Williams Huddersfield Star Wheelers
10 Jon Wills
11 Liam Davison ADDFORM – VIVE LE VELO
12 Nathan Green Airedale Olympic CC
13 Joseph Cadwallader 360cycling
14 Simon Diggins 360cycling
15 Robert Jennings Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
16 Chris Stray
17 Ian Zuniga
18 Ethan Haughton ESV Manchester
19 Benjamin Jennings Airedale Olympic CC
20 David Jakeman
21 Nikolas Hanson Valley Striders CC
22 Daniel Kamere INFLITE
23 Declan Brady Bury Clarion Cycling Club
24 Sam Barbour Ribble rechrg Race Team

E/1/2/3/ Category Women
1 Erin Avill Storey Racing
2 Sophie Thackray DAS – Handsling Bikes
3 Abbie Taylor Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
4 Lilja Raine Contiki Velo Bavarian RT
5 Katherine Swithenbank 360cycling
6 Emily Middlebrooke Otley CC
7 Jacqueline Kinsey AWOL Worx Galliard

E/1/2/3 Category Men
1 Chris Sherriffs Shibden Cycling Club
2 Daniel McDermott
3 Matthew Webster trainSharp Elite
4 Joe Thorp Ribble rechrg Race Team
5 Thomas Timberlake TRASH MILE
6 Jack Jee LVC Racing
7 Rowan Baxter Huddersfield Star Wheelers
8 Sean Dawson INFLITE
9 Kevin Moore Paceline Cycles North
10 George Daly Sitwell Cycling Club
11 Barry McDonald Tactic Sport UK Race Team
12 Cameron Keyworth LVC Racing
13 Jack Cook trainSharp Development Team
14 William Abbott INFLITE
15 Archie Wright 05-Mar

Under-16 Boys
1 Jamie Stewart Shibden Cycling Club
2 Harrison Dainty Cystic Fibrosis Race
3 James Canham RTD – J’sCycleShack
4 Mackenzie Riley Cystic Fibrosis Race
5 Aaron Cocker RTD – J’sCycleShack
6 James Beagley Harrogate Nova CC
7 Ethan Squires Beeston Cycling Club
8 Alex Hodgkins Otley CC
9 Oscar Saxton Huddersfield Star Wheelers
10 Harley Widdowson Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
11 Charlie Hoyle Ashfield RC
12 Zack Miles Otley CC
13 Harry Hudson Matlock CC
14 Oliver Thorpe RTD – J’sCycleShack
15 Mark Ketteringham Harrogate Nova CC
16 Charlie Brennan
17 Harper Johnson North Cheshire Clarion
18 Steffan Hunt Rhyl Cycling Club
19 Mikey Ratcliffe Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
20 Alexander Sutton 360cycling
21 William Brown Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
22 Charlie Holt
23 Finley Wilkinson East Bradford Race Team
24 Thomas Brennan Beeston Cycling Club
25 Thomas Hassell ESV Manchester
26 Zach Barbour SteppingStanes Youth Cycling C…
27 Oscar Hall Otley CC
28 Benjamin Arey Clifton CC

Under-14 Girls
1 Katie Robertson Clifton CC
2 Katie Lawson
3 Izabel Young Shibden Cycling Club
4 Isabelle Goodwin Louth Cycle Centre RT
5 Tilly Hofert Clifton CC
6 Ciara Postlethwaite ESV Manchester
7 Macey Arrowsmith Sherwood Pines Cycles Forme

Under-16 Girls
1 Eleina McFadden East Bradford Race Team
2 Jasmine Townend Scarborough Paragon CC
3 Lola Stevenson Huddersfield Star Wheelers
4 Ella Greenall ESV Manchester
5 Bethany Goodwin Louth Cycle Centre RT

Under 14 Boys
1 Archie Whittemore Clifton CC
2 Billy Ladle Shibden Cycling Club
3 Daniel Middlebrooke Otley CC
4 Luke Trafford Shibden Cycling Club
5 Finley Hudson Matlock CC
6 Zachary Hutchinson Clifton CC
7 George Hughes ESV Manchester
8 Thomas Nabb Otley CC
9 Benjamin Taylor Sheffield Youth Cycling Club
10 Theo Mcfadden East Bradford Race Team
11 Casey Jackson Shibden Cycling Club
12 Toby Diggins 360cycling
13 Finley Hudson Matlock CC

1 Spencer Parry Shibden Cycling Club
2 Alfie Francis Bronte Tykes Cycling Club
3 Arthur Cockroft Shibden Cycling Club
4 George Murray Manilla Cycling
5 Archie Watson Clifton CC
6 Gracie Throup Bronte Tykes Cycling Club
7 Etienne Wilson
8 William Bisson 360cycling
9 Max Ramsbottom 360cycling
10 Sebastian Turner Huddersfield Star Wheelers
11 Felix Hart Huddersfield Star Wheelers
12 Matilda Pennells East Bradford CC
13 Jasper Tiffany
14 Jessica Treagust North Cheshire Clarion
15 Leo Wilson
16 Samuel Davies Kirklees Cycling Academy

Under 10
1 Freddie Watson Clifton CC
2 Erin Denwood Harrogate Nova CC
3 Noah Wordsworth Clifton CC
4 Oliver Smith Cycle Sport Pendle
5 Bobby Cooper Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
6 William Barton Louth Cycle Centre RT
7 Zack Girvan East Bradford CC
8 Eva Ridley Clifton CC
9 Bertie Bell East Bradford CC
10 Matthew Robertson Clifton CC
11 Angelo Stocchero Holmfirth Cycling Club
12 Zoe Scott ESV Manchester
13 Ethan Henstock Kirklees Cycling Academy
14 William Priestley Kirklees Cycling Academy
15 Joshua Davies Kirklees Cycling Academy
16 Dora (Junior) Walmsley Valley Striders CC
17 Sophie (Junior) Lovell Valley Striders CC
18 Peter Justice Bronte Tykes Cycling Club
19 William Jennings Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
20 Cass Kendall North Cheshire Clarion
21 Juan Miguel Jimenez Shibden Cycling Club
22 Sophie Watkins Holmfirth Cycling Club
23 Alexa Romanowski Albarosa Cycling Club
24 Hugo Manning Kirklees Cycling Academy
25 Cody Shooter Kirklees Cycling Academy
26 Iris Justice Bronte Tykes Cycling Club
27 George Atherton Bronte Tykes Cycling Club
28 Edward Johnston Bronte Tykes Cycling Club
29 Jasper Ayres Huddersfield Star Wheelers
30 Jeffrey Parkinson Huddersfield Star Wheelers
31 Abigail Parson

Under 12
1 Dexter Murphy Holmfirth Cycling Club
2 Elsie Hughes ESV Manchester
3 Frank White ESV Manchester
4 Ross Muir Harrogate Nova CC
5 Jake Thornton Chevin Trek
6 Annie Fearne Kirklees Cycling Academy
7 Eliza Saxton Huddersfield Star Wheelers
8 Red Johnson North Cheshire Clarion
9 Lewis Bentley Holmfirth Cycling Club
10 Finley Girvan East Bradford CC
11 Eamonn Postlethwaite ESV Manchester
12 Nathaniel Obertelli Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
13 Seraphina Green Sheffield Youth Cycling Club
14 Brodie Stewart
15 Charles Parry Shibden Cycling Club
16 Iris Mcglynn Manilla Cycling
17 Tillie Jennings Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
18 Ethan Mcaulay
19 Harry Patterson 360cycling
20 William Young Shibden Cycling Club
21 Louis Spencer
22 Annabelle Carter Manilla Cycling
23 Jenson Bradley Manilla Cycling
24 Elodie Geall ESV Manchester
25 Joe Kendall North Cheshire Clarion
26 Ewan Plumb Huddersfield Star Wheelers
27 Evan Davies Cycle Sport Pendle
28 Miles Hetherington Clifton CC
29 Rosie Shicluna Clifton CC
30 Rosie Ratcliffe Sheffield Youth Cycling Club
31 Dylan Cadwallader Bury Clarion Cycling Club
32 Samuel Mills Bury Clarion Cycling Club


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