TT Result: AeroCoach 15m TT

Tom Biggs and Celia Brown winners at the AeroCoach 15 mile time trial for road bikes on May 6 nr Tewkesbury

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TT Result: AeroCoach 15m TT

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Midland Road Bike Champs

1 Tom Biggs Cheltenham & County Cycling Club 00:33:50 Male Senior
2 Crispin Doyle Magspeed Racing 00:34:43 Male Vet
3 Charles Emmerson Sigma Sports | Cannondale RT 00:35:10 Male Senior
4 Matt Boulton AeroCoach 00:36:17 Male Vet
5 Jack O’Neill Team Enable – M.I. Racing – McCann 00:36:24 Male Senior
6 James Kirk NFTO CC 00:37:39 Male Vet
7 Andy Hunt Ystwyth CC 00:38:08 Male Vet
8 Richard Mason Birmingham Midland Cycling Club 00:38:21 Male Vet
9 Ian Taylor Beacon Roads CC 00:40:09 Male Vet
10 Malcolm Moore Team Enable – M.I. Racing – McCann 00:40:38 Male Vet
11 Christopher Davis Giant CC Halo Films 00:40:40 Male Vet
12 Tony Lake Gloucester City Cycling Club 00:42:09 Male Vet
13 Andrew Simpkins Team Echelon 00:43:08 Male Vet
14 Steve Price VC Sevale (Malvern) 00:43:16 Male Vet
15 Eamonn Sheridan Warwickshire Road Club 00:50:52 Male Vet

1 Celia Brown Elevate RT 00:38:11 Female Vet
2 Gabriella Homer Saint Piran 00:38:58 Female Senior
3 Alice Hall Warwick Lanterne Rouge Cycling Club 00:40:46 Female Senior
4 Kerry Brennand Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club 00:42:09 Female Vet
5 Heidi Yates Banbury Star Cyclists’ Club 00:42:20 Female Vet
6 Susanna O’Shaughnessy Wyre Forest Cycle Racing Club 00:43:35 Female Vet
7 Sorrel Williams AeroCoach 00:44:13 Female Vet
8 Deborah Sheridan Warwickshire Road Club 00:44:43 Female Vet
9 Kim Shaw Banbury Star Cyclists’ Club 00:45:03 Female Vet
10 Susannah Kirk Hereford Triathlon Club 00:46:49 Female Vet
11 Katherine Daniels Banbury Star Cyclists’ Club 00:49:52 Female Vet


1 Christopher Riley Male Vet Paramount CRT 00:32:43 27.509 Mph
1 Tomos Hales Male Senior Wrekinsport CC 00:32:43 27.509 Mph


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