TT Result: North Road CC 25m TT

Rob Walker fastest in the North Road CC 25 mile time trial on April 13; Lauren Creamer fastest woman

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TT Result: North Road CC 25m TT

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1 Rob Walker 00:50:57 Male Senior
2 Luke Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team 00:53:25 Male Senior
3 Ross Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team 00:54:43 Male Senior
4 Paul Turton Team Vision Racing – Silverhook 00:56:22 Male Vet
5 Tom Wade Cambridge University CC 00:56:41 Male Senior
6 Andrew Turnock Finsbury Park CC 00:56:48 Male Vet
7 Ben Lewis Forest Side Riders 00:58:35 Male Vet
8 Michael Schofield Verulam CC 00:58:39 Male Vet
9 Alex Carley Harworth and District Cycling Club 00:59:24 Male Senior Road Bike
10 Andrew Jarratt Finchley RT 00:59:41 Male Senior
11 Sean Bradley Team Trident 00:59:52 Male Senior
12 Mark Halliday North Bucks RC 01:00:22 Male Vet
13 Lauren Creamer Velo Fixers 01:00:23 Female Senior
14 Louise Robinson Essex Roads CC 01:00:33 Female Vet
15 Chris Knight Team Trident 01:01:18 Male Vet
16 Matthew Rowe Hitchin Nomads CC 01:02:24 Male Senior Road Bike
17 Maddie Angwin Cambridge University CC 01:02:37 Female Espoir
18 Duncan Godfrey Team Trident 01:03:56 Male Vet
19 Phillip Lovett Backpedal 01:04:31 Male Vet Road Bike
20 Alex Powell Team Trident 01:04:37 Male Senior
21 Sean McDougall Icknield RC 01:04:47 Male Vet
22 Bryan Holland North Road CC 01:05:03 Male Vet Road Bike
23 John Saysell North Road CC 01:05:16 Male Vet
24 Roger Porter Verulam CC 01:05:34 Male Vet
25 John McDowall North Road CC 01:05:41 Male Vet Road Bike
26 Brian Evans North Road CC 01:05:57 Male Vet
27 Steve Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team 01:06:10 Male Vet
28 Nicholas Coe Verulam Really Moving 01:06:15 Male Vet
29 Louis Stuart Cambridge University CC 01:06:33 Male Espoir
30 Marco Lattughi Bedfordshire Road CC 01:06:58 Male Vet
31 Ashley Glass North Road CC 01:08:07 Male Vet
32 Harry Moore Cycling Club Hackney 01:08:21 Male Vet
33 John O’Gorman Team Trident 01:08:48 Male Senior
34 Peter Redshaw CC London 01:09:24 Male Vet
35 Chris Dixon North Road CC 01:11:42 Male Vet
36 Ivana Prokopova North Road CC 01:12:39 Female Vet
37 Eric Paillet North Road CC 01:12:41 Male Vet
38 Alice Elwood Islington Cycling Club 01:12:45 Female Senior Road Bike
39 Thomas Godfrey Bedfordshire Road CC 01:13:23 Male Juvenile
40 Anthony Taylor North Road CC 01:13:51 Male Vet Road Bike
41 Andrew Porter Welwyn Whs 01:17:01 Male Vet
42 Daniel Flitterman North Road CC 01:18:34 Male Vet Road Bike
43 Abigail Coles North Road CC 01:23:26 Female Senior Road Bike
44 Brenda Bozwood Davies Team Trident 01:52:56 Female Vet Road Bike


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