2023 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships Day 4

The fourth day of competition at the World Masters Track Cycling Championships took place on Tuesday when xxxx world titles were awarded with xxxx nation the winner of most Santini rainbows

2023 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships Day 4
September 30 to October 7, 2023 | Manchester Velodrome

PRESS RELEASE | DAY 4, Tuesday, October 3

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Australia matched Britain’s medal haul on day 4 with riders like Beverley Anderson winning yet again in this years edition

Day 4 of the 2023 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships at Britain’s National Cycling Centre in Manchester was a busy one with no less than eighteen World Champion Santini rainbow jerseys awarded to riders from around the world. The day was a mix of races with Time Trials dominating for both men and women along with two bunch races (Points and Scratch), an individual pursuit and two sprint competitions completed.

The most successful nations on the night were Australia and Great Britain with four Gold medals each whilst the USA won three, France two and one each for Finland, Spain, Belgium, New Zealand, and Czech Republic.

A list of the results from the finals is below whilst all the results can be found on the event website. Day 5 will commence on the morning of October 4 with the evening session shown live on YouTube.

One of the most successful riders in Masters history is Britain’s Janet Birkmyre who won yet another Gold medal.

Women’s 80+ Time Trial: Bonnie Woodbury (USA)
Women’s 75-79 Time Trial: Arja Scarsbrook (Fin)
Women’s 65-69 Time Trial: Beverely Anderson (Aus)
Women’s 60-64 Time Trial: Julie Barnett (Aus)
Women’s 55/59 Time Trial: Janet Birkyre (Gbr)
Women’s 50/54 Time Trial: Julie Cooper (Gbr)
Women’s 45/49 Time Trial: Ruth Whelan (NZL)
Women’s 40/44 Time Trial: Madeline Moore (Gbr)
Women’s 35/39 Time Trial: Zuzana Rychnovska (Czech)

Men’s 50/54 Individual Pursuit: Karl Baumgart (USA)

Men’s 65/69 Time Trial: Paul Jackson (Aus)
Men’s 70-74 Time Trial: Marc Danglterre (Fra)
Men’s 75-79 Time Trial: Jim Veal (Aus)
Men’s 80+ Time Trial: James Kloss (USA)

Men’s 45/49 Scratch Race: Ludovic Montourcy (Fra)
Men’s 35/39 Points: Rob Vandenbussch (Bel)
Men’s 35/39 Sprint: Matthew Meanwell (Gbr)
Men’s 40/44 Sprint: Itmar Estaban Herraiz (Spain)

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Women’s 80+ Time Trial:
1. Bonnie Woodbury (USA)

Women’s 75-79 Time Trial:
1. Arja Scarsbrook (Fin)

Women’s 65-69 Time Trial:
1. Beverely Anderson (Aus)
2. Kathleen McCormac (Gbr)
3. Penny Kingsland (Gbr)

Day 4 saw over 10 time trial ‘sprint’ races for men and women

Women’s 60-64 Time Trial:
1. Julie Barnett (Aus)
2. Monica Starkey (USA)
3. Julie Graddon (Nzl)

Women’s 55/59 Time Trial:
1. Janet Birkyre (Gbr)
2. Debbie Capewell (Gbr)
3. Geo Johnson (USA)

Women’s 50/54 Time Trial:
1. Julie Cooper (Gbr)
2. Fiona Vescoli (Aus)
3. Christine D’Ercole (USA)

Women’s 45/49 Time Trial:
1. Ruth Whelan (NZL)
2. Sonja Moi (Nor)
3. Monique Snieders (USA)

Women’s 40/44 Time Trial:
1. Madeline Moore (Gbr)
2. Louise Haston (Gbr)
3. Clarice Chung (Gbr)

Women’s 35/39 Time Trial:
1. Zuzana Rychnovska (Czech)
2. Lucy Driver (Gbr)
3. Joanna Smith (Gbr)

Men’s 50/54 Individual Pursuit:
1. Karl Baumgart (USA)
2. Antony Wallis (Gbr)
3. Harry Waldeland (Nor)

The championships is a truly international event with riders from as far away as Guyana who was second in his event

Men’s 65/69 Time Trial:
1. Paul Jackson (Aus)
2. James Joseph (Guy)
3. Kurt Sato (USA)

Men’s 70-74 Time Trial:
1. Marc Danglterre (Fra)
2. Jean Louis Duble (Fra)
3. Walter Thornhill (SA)

Men’s 75-79 Time Trial:
1. Jim Veal (Aus)
2. Geoff Cook (Gbr)
3. Colin Claxton (NZL)

Men’s 80+ Time Trial:
1. James Kloss (USA)
2. Earl Henry (TTO)
3. David Salway (Gbr)

Men’s 45/49 Scratch Race:
1. Ludovic Montourcy (Fra)
2. Chris Allington (NZL)
3. Jerome Pruvost (Fra)

The Points race was a brutal 40 kilometre event with the multiple sprints and attacking riding seeing a lot of riders not finishing the race won by Belgian’s Rob Vandenbussch (in purple on the left)

Men’s 35/39 Points:
1. Rob Vandenbussch (Bel)
2. John Brearley (Gbr)
3. Andrew Magnier (Gbr)

Men’s 35/39 Sprint:
1. Matthew Meanwell (Gbr)
2. Sebastian Kartfjord (Nor)
3. James Brightwell (Gbr)

Men’s 40/44 Sprint:
1. Itmar Estaban Herraiz (Spain)
2. Yutaka Saraya (JPN)
3. Nathan Graves (Aus)

Age is no barrier as riders in the over 80 category battled it out for Rainbow jersey – rider pictured is Earl Henry


Championship website: http://www.cyclingmasters.com/site/

Spectators: Tickets are on sale on the website or can be purchased in person from the velodrome Main Reception desk.

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