Youth Result: Spring in the Park #2 (Cyclopark)

Elizabeth Wallace and Oliver Gunn two of the many winners at round 2 of the Spring in the Park and Kent’s Cyclopark on May 10

Youth Result: Spring in the Park #2 (Cyclopark)

Under 8s Boys
1. Harrison Northover, Southborough & District Whls
2. CauĂȘ Bruzzone, Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
3. Kasper Rackley, Limited Edition Cycling
4. Lucas Roast, Barking & Dagenham CC
5. Cameron Hall
6. Oliver Bailey
7. Woody Shearwood, Limited Edition Cycling
8. Kit Anderson, Wigmore CC

Under 8s Girls
1. Lola Stewart, Limited Edition Cycling
2. Enyo Rackley, Limited Edition Cycling
3. Olive Connor, Limited Edition Cycling
4. Molly Pettett, Woolwich CC

Under 10s Boys
1. Oscar Northover, Southborough & District Whls
2. Ryan Fletcher, 4T+ Cyclopark
3. Elmar Streule, Hillingdon Slipstreamers
4. Miles Anderson, 4T+ Cyclopark
5. Tejus Savulionis-Ptasnikas, Limited Edition Cycling
6. Ellison Green, Barking & Dagenham CC
7. Luke Spicer, Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
8. William Alford, C and N Cycles RT
9. Kien Chu, Limited Edition Cycling
10. Felix Chambers, VC Londres
11. Sonny Jenns, 4T+ Cyclopark
12. Miles Twynam, Wigmore CC
13. Luke Smeeton, Wigmore CC

Under 10s Girls
1. Imogen Leung
2. Grace Gunn, Club Cyclopark

Under 12s Boys
1. Hugh Graves, 4T+ Cyclopark
2. Barnaby Smith, GKR Racing
3. Taylor Green, Barking & Dagenham CC
4. Oscar Chambers, VC Londres
5. Riley Wastall, 4T+ Cyclopark
6. Dylan Plail, Bigfoot Youth Cycle Club Ltd
7. Ollie Bradford, 4T+ Cyclopark
8. Gabriel Gil, Woolwich CC
9. Jude Tippins, 4T+ Cyclopark
10. Sebastian Szarzynski, Crawley Wheelers
11. Jake Kalogiannopoulos, Woolwich CC
12. Gabriel Allet, Barking & Dagenham CC
13. Benjamin Tremayne, Woolwich CC
14. Oliver Young, 4T+ Cyclopark
15. Elijah Lawton, Southborough & District Whls
16. Lucas Perilla, Limited Edition Cycling
17. Floyd Connor ,Limited Edition Cycling

Under 12s Girls
1. Beatrice Murrell, Southborough & District Whls
2. Flavia Hitchings, Southborough & District Whls
3. Gitnik Alyssa
4. Greta Wilkinson, Bigfoot Youth Cycle Club Ltd
5. Sofia Savarese, Limited Edition Cycling

Under 14s Boys
1. Tobias Moffat, VC Londres
2. Edward Graves, 4T+ Cyclopark
3. Finley Andrews, 4T+ Cyclopark
4. Luke Fletcher, 4T+ Cyclopark
5. Ciaran Ho, Hadleigh Cycling Club
6. Riley Mahoney, 4T+ Cyclopark
7. Oliver Brophy, Southborough & District Whls
8. Brodie Wilkinson, Bigfoot Youth Cycle Club Ltd
9. Elliott Moulden, Lee Velo (South East London)
10. Ayrton Alemao, Woolwich CC
11. Isaac Rowell, Cycling Club Hackney
12. Mujtaba Taimur, VC Londres
13. Toby Alderson, 4T+ Cyclopark
14. Joseph Cass, Wigmore CC

Under 14s Girls
1. Eva Gibson, 4T+ Cyclopark
2. Eleanor Thompson, 4T+ Cyclopark
3. India-Rose Osborne, 4T+ Cyclopark
4. Edie Wright, Limited Edition Cycling

Under 16s Boys
1. Oliver Gunn, 4T+ Cyclopark
2. Charles Langford, Southend Wheelers
3. Noah Wheller, Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
4. Ben Daly, Lee Velo (South East London)
5. James Cook, Bigfoot Youth Cycle Club Ltd
6. Hadley Davis, Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
7. Aidan Plail, Bigfoot Youth Cycle Club Ltd
8. Ben Osborne,
9. Cole Woolley, Sutton Cycling Club

Under 16s Girls
1. Elizabeth Wallace, Lee Velo (South East London)
2. Peggy Knox, ViCiOUS VELO
3. Rianna Mahoney, 4T+ Cyclopark


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