BMCR Report/Result: Dunton Masters Series 2

Matt Holmes of the Artic Aircon RT winner of the second race in Ford Cycling Club’s Dunton Masters Series (Under the rules of

BMCR Report/Result: Dunton Masters Series 2


Thirty one riders took the start on a still evening with the 6 EFGH riders having a half lap lead. For the first 5 laps the groups stayed apart with Steven Piper taking the 1st Prime from the front group. After a further lap both groups were together with Mark Cain having escaped on his own but within a further lap they were all together again.

There were constant attacks but none would stick with Macles Zbloaby taking the 2nd Prime. Jason Fitchew, Keith Walker and Mark Cain escaped and remained clear for two laps but at 3 to go it was all back together. On the last lap 3 riders jumped clear and held it to the line with Matt Holmes Taking the win from, Ross Courtnell and Marco Coppola.

Overall, after 2 events, Aaron Green comfortably leads Cat A with 8 points; in Cat B Matt Holmes has 8 points with Matt Steel on 3; Paul Spicely leads Cat C with 6 points with mark Coppola on 4 and Jamie Bishop on 3; Cat D is very close with Keith Walker on 5, Jason Fitchew on 4 and Dave Farrow on 3; there is a tie in Cat E with Stephen Piper and Martin Meades both having 6 points; and Steven Wade-Jones leads Cat F with 8 points.

1st Matt Holmes Artic Aircon RT B
2nd Ross Courtnell Essex Roads B
3rd Marco Coppola ColourTech C
4th Matt Steel Pronto Bikes B
5th Arron Green Shaftesbury CC A
6th Paul Spicely ColourTech C
7th Jamie Bishop Newhall CC C
8th Jason Fitchew Ford CC D
9th David Farrow Eagle RC D
10th Keith Walker Wigmore CC D
11th Neil Dowie API Anglia Sport D
12th Brad Lamb Victoria CC C
13th Macles Zbloaby A
14th Stephen Piper Velo Schils E
15th Mark Cain Abellio/ San Fairy Ann CC B
16th Martin Meades Ciclos Uno E
17th Steven Wade-Jones Bishops Stortford CC F
18th Kevin Attreed Glendene CC A
19th Lukasz Galka Finchley RT A
20th Doug Rushworth Hornchurch CC D
21st Paul Turner Artic Aircon RT D
22nd Tim Simpkins Newhall CC B
23rd Tomas Chmielewski Finchley RT C
24th Toks Adesanya Addiscombe CC D
25th Stuart Howard Pro Cycle Coaching RT E
26th Trevor Gannon Temple Sports F
27th Martin Ryan Ford CC D
28th Duncan Thomas Team Aerocycles E
29th Sebastian Stempel C
30th Julian Boulder Eagle RC D


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