RR Result: Proper Northern RR (Aughton)

Corrin Leeming and Olivia French were the race winners at Aughton on a sunny Saturday in Lancashire whilst Tammy Miller and Damien Clayton were the series winners

RR Result: Proper Northern RR (Aughton)

Both races were agressive and saw breakaways winning the races. In the Men’s race, series leader Josh Housley got himself in a breakaway and behind split after split was occuring until the breakaway and chase group came together and opened up a big gap on the peloton. Over the closing stages, the front group split with two riders sprinting it out for the win, with Corrin Leeming getting the better of Maxwell Hereward. Damien Clayton was 5th and Josh Housley 13th so Damien clinched the series win. Special mention for James Sawyers of www.trainsharp.co.uk  who, in a very tough fast race, was 7th and first Junior.

In the women’s race, it was a wearing down process with lots of hills and attacks up them seeing the peloton shrink until it was half the size by halfway. Then with over a lap to go, Oliva French went clear on her own and stayed clear to the line to win her first road race. What a way to do it! The Women’s race had two teams sponsored by event sponsor Brother UK with Tammy Millar of DAS-Hutchinson-Brother who won a round of the series 4th and Grace Reynolds of Brother UK – On Form in 10th.

1. Corrin Leeming, Cycling Club Isle of Man
2. Maxwell Hereward, 360cycling
3. Ross Birrell,
4. Logan Maclean, Project Cycling Team
5. Damien Clayton, LC Race Team
6. Joe Shillabeer, Shibden-A.Fawcett RT
7. James Sawyers, trainSharp Development Team
8. Thomas Armstrong, Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
9. Alex Luhrs, Moonglu RT
10. Gabriel Dellar, Stolen Goat Race Team
11. John Bardsley, 360cycling
12. William Abbott, TeamJobs
13. Josh Housley, Huub BCC Race Team
14. Cai Curtis Roberts, 360cycling
15. Jake Edwards, Cog Set Papyrus Racing Club
16. Matthew Ellmore, Prologue Racing Team
17. Henry Hunter, Kendal Cycle Club
18. Isaac Lawrence, 05/03-
19. Harvey Stroh, Taap Kalas
20. Craig Battersby, Tactic Sport UK Race Team
21. Joseph Cosgrove, Fensham Howes – MAS Design
22. Joe Watkins-Wilson, Zappi Junior Race Team
23. Aidan Worden, 360Cycling – Junior
24. Alexander Sutton, 360Cycling – Junior
25. Archie Fletcher, 360cycling
26. George Safranauskas, Hive Racing
27. Thomas Hepton, Team Judge Tyrekey

FIRST TEAM: 360 Cycling

1. Cai Curtis Roberts
2. Joe Shillabeer
3. Josh Housley
4. Jake Edwards
5. Thomas Armstrong
6. Damien Clayton
7. Maxwell Hereward
8. Matthew Ellmore
9. Logan Maclean
10. Corrin Leeming

1. James Sawyers
2. Joseph Cosgrove
3. Joe Watkins-Wilson
4. Aidan Worden
5. Alexander Sutton
6. Thomas Hepton

1. Olivia French, Stolen Goat Race Team
2. Elizabeth Hermolle, Team Boompods
3. Sasha Dyke, London Academy
4. Tammy Miller, DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK
5. Amelia Tyler, Alba Development Road Team
6. Abi Plowman, Alba Development Road Team
7. Gemma Mitchell, Team Boompods
8. Natalie Stevenson, Glasgow Ivy CC
9. Sarah Byrne, Tactic UK WRT
10. Grace Reynolds, Brother UK – On Form
11. Sian Marsh, Team Boompods
12. Katherine Handy, Valley Striders CC
13. Lauren Watson, Team Boompods
14. Keira Bond, Alba Development Road Team
15. Rosie Simmons, Brother UK – On Form
16. Beth Macrae, Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
17. Kayla Dinnin, Solas Cycling
18. Joanne Rea, Team Kirkley Cycles
19. Ruth Dunstan, PDQ Cycle Coaching Property Elite
20. Jamie Leigh Lloyd, Liverpool Braveheart Bicycle Club
21. Bethany Bennett, Team Boompods

1. Team Boompods
2. Alba Development Road Team

1. Elizabeth Hermolle
2. Sarah Byrne
3. Olivia French
4. Grace Reynolds
5. Tammy Miller
6. Sasha Dyke
7. Lauren Watson
8. Amelia Tyler
9. Keira Bond
10. Abi Plowman

1. Kayla Dinnin
2. Jamie Leigh Lloyd


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