Crit Result: SACA Salt Ayre Tuesday Series 7

Stephen Bolton and John Bardsley winners at round 7 of the SACA Papervelo Salt Ayre Tuesday Series on May 28 (Lancaster)

Crit Result: SACA Salt Ayre Tuesday Series 7
by Lune RCC

3/4 cat
1. Stephen Bolton, Giant Kendal-Sidas Uk
2. Jonathan Wilson
3. Joseph Wright, Wolf Cycles
4. Andrew Markham
5. Tyla Loftus, Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
6. Trayden Jarrett, Saxun-Extrusax-Primoti
7. James Bailey, Barrow Central Wheelers
8. Simon Mulholland, Hoppers Rollers
9. Mark Laidlaw, Kendal Cycle Club
10. Robert Bagot, Warrington RC
11. Andrew Whalley, Hoppers Rollers
12. Simon Farrell, Derwent Valley CC
13. Julian Vescovi, Hoppers Rollers
14. Christopher Pilkington
15. Duncan Orme, Kent Valley RC
16. James Adewunmi

1. John Bardsley, 360cycling
2. Chris Sherriffs, Spectrum Racing
3. Matthew Jones, Spectrum Racing
4. Jack Unsworth, Wigan Wheelers CC
5. Joe Boothroyd, Giant Kendal-Sidas Uk
6. Christopher Booth, Giant Kendal-Sidas Uk
7. Edgars Sisejevs, Spectrum Racing
8. Alistair Thomas, Spectrum Racing


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