STARTLISTS: NW, Yorkshire & NE Regional RR Championships

Startlists for the Men’s and Women’s North West, Yorkshire & North East Regional Road Race Championships promoted by Spectrum Racing

STARTLISTS: NW, Yorkshire & NE Regional RR Championships

WHEN: Sunday June 2nd 2024
WHERE: HQ – Wheldrake Village Hall YO19 6BU (Open from 8am)

Circuit is 11.5 miles / 18.5km in length. Flat course, passing through 2 villages – Thorganby and Wheldrake. Feed zone to be on the left hand side on the slight rise exiting Wheldrake village where the pace will be safer for taking a bottle.

1. Women’s Championship (National B)
– Rider Briefing 09:20 (riders must attend)
– Roll out 09:25
Women’s race 4 full laps (lap board will show 4 to go when crossing the finish for the first time)

2. Men’s (Open) Championship (National B)
– Rider Briefing 12:50 (riders must attend)
– Roll out 12:55
Men’s 6 full laps (lap board will show 6 to go when crossing the finish for the first time)

1. Megan Anderson, Team Boompods 2nd
2. Helen Auden, 3rd
3. Erin Avill, Nouvelles Cycling x Prendas 1st
4. Teri Bayliss, Reifen Racing 2nd
5. Jihanna Bonilla-Allard, 3rd
6. Ruth Dunstan, PDQ Cycle Coaching Property Elite 3rd
7. Lucy Ellmore, Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd 1st
8. Rachel Galler, Saint Piran WRT 2nd
9. Lucy Glover, Shibden Apex RT 1st
10. Katie Hadnum, Doltcini – Cycle Division 3rd
11. Katherine Handy, Valley Striders CC 2nd
12. Elizabeth Hermolle, Team Boompods 2nd
13. Jayati Hine, Loughborough Lightning 1st
14. Jamie Leigh, Lloyd Liverpool Braveheart Bicycle Club 2nd
15. Megan Lloyd, Liv Cycling Club – Halo Films 3rd
16. Beth Macrae, Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon 2nd
17. Gemma Mann, Harrogate Nova CC 3rd
18. Eleina McFadden, Inspire Racing Adaston Scape 3rd
19. Emily Middlebrooke, Otley CC 2nd
20. Gemma Mitchell, Team Boompods 1st
21. Amy Mourne, Doltcini – Cycle Division 2nd
22. Georgina Oakley, Loughborough Lightning 1st
23. Annabel Ramsay, Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd 2nd
24. Joanne Rea Team, Kirkley Cycles 3rd
25. Louise Scupham, Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon 2nd
26. Iona Sewell, Tactic UK WRT 2nd
27. Corinne Side, Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd Elite
28. Evie Smith, Shibden Apex RT 2nd
29. Lola Stevenson, Huddersfield Star Wheelers 3rd
30. Katherine Swithenbank, 360cycling 2nd
31. Sophie Thackray, DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK 2nd
32. Isabella Torrie, Tactic UK WRT 2nd
33. Jasmine Townend, Inspire Racing Adaston Scape 3rd
34. Lydia Turan, 2nd
35. Freya Whiteside, Nouvelles Cycling x Prendas 2nd

1. Benjamin Arey, Clifton CC 3rd
2. Luca Bednarek, Fensham Howes – MAS Design 2nd
3. Joe Boothroyd, Giant Kendal-Sidas Uk 2nd
4. Jonny Britton, Moonglu Race Team 2nd
5. Richard Butler, Giant Kendal-Sidas Uk 2nd
6. Euan Cameron, Shibden-A.Fawcett RT 2nd
7. Michael Chadwick, Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy 1st
8. Damien Clayton, LC Race Team Elite
9. Matthew Cole, Hagens Berman Jayco CT 1st
10. Russell Crowley, Addform – Vive le Velo 2nd
11. George Daly, Geared Up RT 2nd
12. Ewan Dowes, Aerologic RT 2nd
13. Adam Duggleby, MBE Addform – Vive le Velo Elite
14. Tobias Edwards, Team Lifting Gear Products 2nd
15. Matthew Ellmore, Prologue Racing Team 2nd
16. Archie Fletcher, 360cycling 2nd
17. Alexander Foster, Wolf Cycles 2nd
18. Hamish Graham, 2nd
19. Mark Hansom, TS Racing 2nd
20. Nikolas Hanson, Valley Striders CC 3rd
21. Charles Harrison, Prologue Racing Team 2nd
22. Jack Hartley, Cycling Sheffield 1st
23. James Hartley, Cycling Sheffield 1st
24. Taylor Hill, 2nd
25. Ed Hindmarsh, Wolf Cycles 3rd
26. Alex Hodgkins, Otley CC 2nd
27. Elliott Holt, Fietsen Tempo 3rd
28. Colin Holt, Fietsen Tempo 3rd
29. Henry Hunter, Kendal Cycle Club 2nd
30. James Ingham, The Green Jersey CC 2nd
31. Matthew Jones, Spectrum Racing 2nd
32. Sam Kettlewell, Spirit TBW Stuart Hall Cycling 1st
33. Max Krasinski, Cycling Sheffield 2nd
34. Matthew Leach, Addform – Vive le Velo 2nd
35. Matthew Lock, TAAP Kalas 1st
36. Alex Luhrs, Moonglu Race Team Elite
37. Barry McDonald, Tactic Sport UK Race Team 2nd
38. Conor McKinnon, Ellesse Race Team 2nd
39. Ben Mewes, Moonglu Race Team 1st
40. Oliver Moss, Clifton CC 2nd
41. James Moss, Saddleback Racing 3rd
42. James Parkin, Wolf Cycles 2nd
43. Ben Pease, Moonglu Race Team Elite
44. Tristan Pilling, 360cycling 2nd
45. Jack Rees, Moonglu Race Team 2nd
46. George Safranauskas, Hive Racing 2nd
47. Toby Simpson, Fietsen Tempo 3rd
48. Liam Slinn, Prologue Racing Team 2nd
49. Michael Smith, Endurance Academy 3rd
50. Harvey Stroh, TAAP Kalas 1st
51. Craig Summersgill, Wolf Cycles 3rd
52. Harry Tanfield, Saint Piran 1st
53. William Thomson, Shibden-A.Fawcett RT 2nd
54. Joseph Turnbull, Prologue Racing Team 2nd
55. Ross Turner, Leadout Performance 2nd
56. Mark Walker, Wold Top The Edge Pactimo 2nd
57. Dean Watson, Wold Top The Edge Pactimo 1st
58. Robert Watson, Paceline Cycles North 2nd
59. Scott Wolfenden, 3rd
60. Joseph Wright, Wolf Cycles 3rd


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