Crit Result: Crits in the Cyclopark #2

Ian Vagg, Doug Ellis & Lucy Rosser winners at round 2 of Crits in the Cyclopark #2 on May 25

Crit Result: Crits in the Cyclopark #2

1. Ian Vagg, Project 51
2. Neil Harris, Southborough & District Whls
3. Rhys Howells, Richardsons Trek DAS
4. Adam Cotterell, Project 51
5. Gavin Arber, LC Race Team
6. Noah Phillips, VC Londres
7. Matt Holmes, Arctic Aircon RT
8. Edmund Bishop, VC Meudon
9. Tyler Lemmon, Assos UK Racing Team
10. Reuben Stovold, Knights London
11. Samuel Benge, trainSharp Club
12. Calvin Cheung, GFTL
13. Tom Moss, Southborough & District Whls
14. August Ora, VC Londres
15. Tom McMulkin, Army Cycling Union
16. Charlie Hill
17. Luke Forward, PARLAY CC
18. Craig Joy, Lycra Boys Cycling Club
19. Alexandre Proy, Rapha Cycling Club
20. Ross Matheson, 4T+ Cyclopark
21. Ben Moody, Elitecycling
22. Edward Blowers, VC Deal
23. Ben Tamplin, trainSharp Development Team
24. Ian Middleton, Foran CT
25. Elliot Dowley, London Dynamo
26. Ben Wheeler, Le Col Race Team
27. Declan Egan, Kingston Wheelers CC
28. Kenneth Knight, London Dynamo
29. Edvard Iadgas
30. Dave Richards, Abellio – SFA Racing Team
31. David Fuller, Southborough & District Whls
32. Dan Pugh
33. David Carter, VC Deal

4th Cat Only
1. Doug Ellis, Histon & Impington Bicycle Clu…
2. Ed Cox, San Fairy Ann CC
3. Thomas Lloyd, Knights London
4. Toby Carnell, Knights London
5. Simon Briscoe, Dulwich Paragon CC
6. Tommy Walden-Smith, San Fairy Ann CC
7. Paul Ruffy, Eat Plants Not Pigs CC
8. Josh Kingsbury, London Dynamo
9. Anthony Poole, Lehnhoff London Dynamo
10. Jacob Hickey
11. Harry Bradshaw, Islington Cycling Club
12. Carl-Emmanuel Fulghieri, Dulwich Paragon CC
13. James Cooper
14. Ben Mustafa, 4T+ Cyclopark
15. Jonathan Rouse, Southend Wheelers
16. Lee Tonks, VC Deal
17. Callum Knights, Lea Valley CC
18. David Gearing, Woolwich CC
19. Patrick Duncan
20. David Wastall, Wigmore CC
21. Keith Tanner, Woolwich CC

4th Cat ONLY Female
1. Lucy Rosser, Islington Cycling Club
2. Charlotte Adams, PDQ Cycle Coaching Property El…
3. Sophie Naylor, Islington Cycling Club
4. Emily Tanner, Woolwich CC
5. Hannah Walden-Smith, San Fairy Ann CC
6. Carol Tsang, Southborough & District Whls


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