RR Results: East Midlands RR Championships

Ella Tandy and Adam Lewis winners at the East Midlands Road Race Championships on June 2nd

RR Results: East Midlands RR Championships

* spelling maybe incorrect for some as the originals were handwritten notes and I haven’t time to cross examine with startlists… busy day!

Race Overall

1. Ella Tandy, Tofauti Everyone Active (West Mids)
2. Helena Shapton, Velo Bavarian 2″ (East Mids)
3. Grace Renolds, Brother UK – On Form (South East)
4. Georgia Lancaster, Loughbrough Lightning 4″ (East Mids)
5. Mari Porton, Tofauti Everyone Active (West Mids)
6. Charlotte Deykin, Peterbrough Cycle Hub 6″ (Eastern)
7. Hannah Clough, University of Nottingahm Cycling Club (East Mids)
8. Cecilia Hime, Paradigm Cycles 7″ (Eastern)
9. Sian Botteley, Das Hutchison 8″ (East Mids)
10. Grace Ward, Brother UK – On Form 9″ (Central)
11. Pippa Inderwich, Army Cycling Union 10″ (South)
12. Carys Blowers, Liv Cycling (West Mids
13. Rebecca Babbage, Wolfox x Pedal Mania 12″ (West Mids)
14. Elizabeth Sanders, FTP – Fulfil The Potential ?
15. Harriet Evans, FTP – Fulfil The Potential ?
16. Melissa Denman, Stolen Goat Race Team @ 14″ (East Mids)
17. Laura Sheppard, Royal Air Force CA @ 15″ (West Mids)
18. Rosie Simmons, Brother UK – On Form (Yorkshire)
19. Sarah Byrne, Tactic UK WRT 16″ (West Mids)
20. Olivia Kelly, Loughbrough Students CC 17″ (West Mids)
21. Eve Newton, Army Cycling Union 20″ (South West)
22. Izzy Ellis, University of Nottingahm Cycling Club (Wales)
23. Isabella Johnson, Jadan Vive Le Velo Glasdon @ 23″ (Eastern)
24. Alison Fovargue, Team Empella (East Mids)
25. Katie Heald, Velo Bavarian RT (East Mids)
26. Georgia Hilleard, Unattatched (East Mids)
27. Matilda Gurney, University of Nottignham Cycling Club (East Mids)
28. Beth Watson, Jadan Vive Le Velo Glasdon ?
29. Nicole Wells, Tactic UK WRT ?
30. Lilja Raine, Loughborough Students (East Mids)
31. Amelia Southall, Doltcini-cycle division (West Mids)
32. Lucy Buckley, Team Empella East Mids
33. Lindsay Toy, Doltcini-Cycle Division (East Mids)
34. Cerys Greaves, Lichfield City Cycling Club (West Mids)
35. Olivia Howcroft, Velo Bavaraian Race Team (East Mids)
36. Jacqueline Kinsey, Doltcini- Cycle Division (North West)
37. Daniella Cullum, Rule 28 x ATP performance (East Mids)


West Midlands Women
1. Ella Tandy
2. Mari Porton
3. Carys Blowers

East Midlands Women
1. Helena Shapton
2. Georgia Lancaster
3. Hannah Clough

1. Adam Lewis, Team Skyline 06:28 (West Mids)
2. Edward Morgan, Specra Racing 3″ (Wales)
3. Josh Housley, HUUB BCC Race Team 3″ (East Mids)
4. Ewan Mackie, EFC – L&R – Van Mossel 6″ (East Mids)
5. David Hird, Cycling Sheffield 8″ (West Mids)
6. Barnard Galea, SPRNT 15″ (East Mids)
7. Edward Calow, Royal Air Force CA (East Mids)
8. Sebastian Garry, HUUB BCC Race Team 29″ (East Mids)
9. Michael Gill, Richardsons Trek DAS 38″ (North East)
10. Oliver Hurdle, Stolen Goat Race Team 1′ (South East)
11. Joseph Smith, Wheelbase CabTech Castelli 3′ 30″ (East Mids)
12. Oliver Snodden, SN Vitae HUUB p/b BimBam Coaching 4′ 30″ (East Mids)
13. Alex Galpin, Beeston Cycling Club (East Mids)
14. James Bentley, Race Ride Fire (East Mids)
15. Adam Kenway, HUUB BCC Race Team (East Mids)
16. Joshua Knowles, TAAP KALAS 7′ 50″ (Central)
17. Peter Cocker, Richardsons Trek DAS (East Mids)
18. Lewis Tinsley, HUUB BCC Race Team (West Mids)
19. Oliver Sewell, Beeston Cycling Club 8′ 30″ (East Mids)
20. Ben Marsh, PROJECT 1 Cycling Team (East Mids)
21. Ryan Williams, HUUB BCC Race Team (East Mids)
22. Matthew Lord, Richardsons Trek DAS (North West)
23. Degaga Zelalem, Jeno 9′ 10″ (Wales)
24. Sam Walsham, Beeston Cycling Club 10′ (East Mids
25. Nathan Hardy, Team PB Performance 10′ 20″ (East Mids)
26. Will Barham, Primo RT 11′ 10″ (East Mids)
27. Ken Buckley, BPC Flowbio RT (Central)
28. Oliver Dawson, Fensham Howes-MAS Design (East Mids)
29. Caleb Pain, Ride Revolution Coaching (Eastern)
30. Lucas Jowett, KSV Deerlijk VZW (East Mids)
31. Barney Hall, North Cotswold CC 13′ (East Mids)


East Midlands
1. Josh Housley
2. Ewan Mackie
3. Barnard Galea

West Midlands
1. Adam Lewis
2. David Hird
3. Lewis Tinsley


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