Crit Result: Thanks Crit it’s Friday 2

James Mccallum, Douglas Watson, Victoria Smith and Ruan Vorster winners at round 2 of the Thanks Crit it’s Friday races in Scotland on May 31

Crit Result: Thanks Crit it’s Friday 2

Masters 40- 49
1. James Mccallum, Meta Bike Division
2. Kris Lindsay, Veloclub Edinburgh
3. Alan Dean, Edinburgh RC
4. Cameron Fraser, Sigma Sports Race Team
5. Colin Jackson, Edinburgh RC
6. Chris ONeill, Glasgow Nightingale CC
7. John-Greig Johnston, Stirling Bike Club
8. Mark Webster, EH Star Cycling
9. Chris Cumming, Carrick Riders Mountain Bike C…
10. Iain McTavish, Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Clu…

Masters 50+
1. Douglas Watson
2. Andrew Bruce, Vanelli-Project Go
3. Hamish MacLean, Musselburgh RCC
4. Tom Tennant
5. Adam Syme, Musselburgh RCC

1. Victoria Smith, Alba Development Road Team
2. Isla Easto, Solas Cycling
3. Yolanda Solans Bara, Torvelo Racing
4. Zosia Martin, Torvelo Racing
5. Amy McQueen, Ronde Cycling Club
6. Karen Outram, Falkirk Bicycle Club
7. Sarah Seal, Glasgow Track Racing Club
8. Kirstin McDonald, Torvelo Racing
9. Miriam Gilbride, Vanelli-Project Go
10. Nicola Hogan, West Lothian Clarion CC
11. Alison Brown, Stirling Bike Club
12. Elspeth Burton, Stirling Bike Club
13. Carole O’Hare, Stirling Bike Club

Cat 2/3
1. Ruan Vorster, The Cycling Academy
2. Keir Gaffney, Vanelli-Project Go
3. Alex Mutter
4. Scott Meldrum, Vanelli-Project Go
5. Noah Bleteau, The Cycling Academy
6. Oliver Walker, The Cycling Academy
7. Arran Gannicott, Gala Cycling Club
8. Oliver Newton, trainSharp Development Team
9. Ben Gibson, Vanelli-Project Go
10. Kris Lindsay, Veloclub Edinburgh
11. Jack Kennedy
12. Neil Shepherd, Scottish Borders Race Team
13. Alistair Ferguson, Torvelo Racing
14. Vyaan Dhokia, The Cycling Academy


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