RR Result: SSSCCRRL Round 5

Sean Dawson winner of round 5 of the South Staffs and Shropshire Cycling Clubs Road Race League on June 6

RR Result: SSSCCRRL Round 5

SSSCCRRL Round 5, held on the Enville Circuit (nr Wolverhampton Business Airport) on the 6th June 2024.

1. Sean Dawson 01:21:56
2. Kaleb Herbert, HA & CC Academy 00:00:25
3. Thomas Herbert, Bridgnorth Cycling Club 3rd ST
4. Kirk Vickers, Holohan Coaching Race Team 3rd ST
5. Aidan Wade, Private Member 2nd ST
6. Thomas Childs, HUUB Wattshop ST
7. Isaak Herbert, HA & CC Academy ST
8. Luke` Cairney, Gannet CC ST
9. Eddie Corbett, Bridgnorth Cycling Club 3rd ST
10. George Nistor, Paramount CRT N/A 00:00:28
11. Joshua Horsfield, Mud Dock Racing 2nd ST
12. Benjamin Southgate, Wwrekinsport 4 00:00:32
13. Troy Rimell, MULE CC 3rd 00:01:25
14. Dave Griffiths, Clee Cycles ST
15. George Coombes ,Newport Shropshire CC 4th ST
16. Bryan Davies ,Holohan Coaching Race Team 3rd ST
17. Robert McGregor, Paramount CRT 4th ST
18. Mark Fenton, Aerologic RT 3rd ST
19. Leon Brown, Cycle Shark ST
20. Philip Roberts, Wrekinsport CC 4th ST
21. George Jones, Brereton Wheelers C.C 4th ST
22. Ethan Campbell, Newport Shropshire CC 4th ST
23. Thomas Colley, Chase Racing 3rd 00:01:39
24. James Gibney, West Midlands Police CC 3rd 00:02:49
25. Oliver Campbell, Bridgnorth Cycling Club 4th ST
26. Joseph Baker, Private Member 4th 00:02:55
27. Rob Crayton, Private Member 4th 00:06:32
28. William Preston, Paramount CRT 3rd 00:06:50
29. Dominic Horsfield, Private Member 4th 00:11:28
30. Graham Wallis, Private Member 4th 00:12:27
31. Tim Cullinan, Bridgnorth Cycling Club 3rd 00:13:54
32. Timothy Jones, Mid Shropshire Wheelers 3rd 00:16:15
33. Jonathan Ward, Private Member N/A ST
34. James Elgar, Paramount CRT 4th 00:16:23


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