Crit Result: Lotus Cars Cycle Race League 5

Richard Balfour and Callum Laborde winners at round 5 of the Lotus Cars Cycle Race League on June 11 at Norwich

Crit Result: Lotus Cars Cycle Race League 5

1. Callum Laborde, Wheelbase
2. Harley Matthews, DAP Cycling Club
3. Philip Large, Wold Top The Edge Pactimo
4. Craig Rogers
5. Oliver Wood, Schils – Doltcini Racing Team
6. Morris Bacon, DAP Cycling Club
7. Jack Bracey, Norwich Racing Team
8. Stephen Clark
9. Matthew Holland, DAP Cycling Club
10. Jack Bacon, Aylsham Road Club
11. Mark Richards DAP Cycling Club
12. Kieran Jarvis, Optimum Coaching
13. Cameron Hall, Aylsham Road Club
14. Max Avery, Colchester Rovers CC
15. Matthew Baker
16. Isaac Bowers-Barnard, Rapha Cycling Club

4THS & MASTERS 40/50/60
1. Richard Balfour, Addiscombe CC
2. Darren Rutterford, Aylsham Road Club
3. Jon Mann,
4. Michael Carver, Histon & Impington Bicycle Club
5. Martin Lawless, Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
6. Barry McDonald, Tactic Sport UK Race Team
7. Andrew Hammond, Newmarket Cycling &Triathlon Club
8. Jens Raaby, Iceni Velo
9. Andrew Braithwaite
10. Jamie French,
11. Brett Shepperson, VC Norwich
12. William Hawkins, Plomesgate CC
13. Tyler Lowe
14. Sam Walker, Newmarket Cycling &Triathlon Club
15. Zak Barber, Velo Club Baracchi
16. James Kershaw
17. Sean Quarmby, Norwich Racing Team
18. Nathan Risbey
19. Richard Perham, Team Enable MI Racing
20. Stan Beach
21. Jeremy Bishop, VCEquipe-FlixOralHygiene-Propulse
22. Andrew Knowles, North Walsham Cycling Club
23. Connor Claxton, Histon & Impington Bicycle Club

1. Megan Free, West Suffolk Wheelers

Youth B
1. Harvey Woodroffe, Ely & District CC B
2. Oscar Fenton, Newmarket Cycling &Triathlon Club B
3. Tom Barber, Velo Club Baracchi B

Youth A
1. Tyler Six, Saxun-Extrusax-Primoti A
2. Joshua Amm, Velouse Flyers A

Youth C
1. Frank Spauls, Iceni Velo C
2. Bailey Groombridge, Norwich RT C
3. Ashton Moore, Velo Club Baracchi C

Youth D
1. Rafael Rushton, Velouse Flyers D
2. Hartley Moore, Velo Club Baracchi D

Youth E
1. Ari Thorarinsson, Velouse Flyers E
2. Ronnie Penty, Velouse Flyers E

Go Race
1. Oliver Brooks
2. Pat O’Neil, Velo Schils – Interbike RT
3. Chris Wheatley, Velouse Flyers
4. Ian Small, Iceni Velo
5. Megan Penty, Velouse Flyers
6. Chris Lodge
7. Steve Walker, Iceni Velo
8. Kevin Johnston, Iceni Velo
9. Richard Rushton, Velouse Flyers
10. Stina Thorarinsson


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