STARTLIST: 2024 Women’s British Road Race Championships

Twice a winner, Pfeiffer Georgi returns to Saltburn to aim for a third British Road Race title win wearing number 1 whilst Former World and British Road Race champion Lizzie Deignan is back!

STARTLIST: Women’s British Road Race Championships
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Double champion already Pfeiffer Georgi will be wearing number 1 and aiming for a third national title in the event. Georgi will be joined by Team dsm-Firmenich PostNL teammates including 2021 silver medallist Josie Nelson, Abi Smith and Becky Storrie.

Former World and British Road Race champion Lizzie Deignan is back for this year’s British Women’s road race in Saltburn, fresh off a strong performance at the Tour of Britain Women, where she secured the Queen of the Mountain jersey and the final stage’s Combativity award. The 2015 road world champion will go up against talented pros Anna Henderson, who finished second on GC at the Tour of Britain Women. Henderson will be hungry for a win, having won two bronze and a silver medal in previous editions of the national championships.

Elinor Barker is another hopeful for the national title, alongside her Uno-X Mobility teammate Joss Lowden, while Alice Wood will be eyeing a second national title. Alice Towers will also be lining up in Saltburn keen for another national title after her solo victory in 2022, and Movistar’s Claire Steels will be looking to go one better, having won the silver medal at last year’s event.

WHERE – Saltburn
WHEN – Starts 8:45am
HOW LONG – 5 Laps 131km

Any rider more than 6 mins behind at start of laps 2-3 or 10 mins behind at the start of laps 4-5 will be black flagged at the finish line. A second cut off location will also be in place in the Village of Boosbeck. . Numbers and transponders must be removed, and riders can then return to the team parking.

STARTLIST: Women’s British Road Race Championship

1. Pfeiffer Georgi, Team DSM-Firmenich PostNL
2. Josie Nelson*, Team DSM-Firmenich PostNL
3. Abi Smith*, Team DSM-Firmenich PostNL
4. Becky Storrie, Team DSM-Firmenich PostNL
5. Daisy Barnes, Alba Development Road Team
6. Lulu Bartlett, Alba Development Road Team
7. Caitlin Dimbleby, Alba Development Road Team
8. Arianne Holland, Alba Development Road Team
9. Beth Morrow*, Alba Development Road Team
10. Abi Plowman, Alba Development Road Team
11. Eilidh Shaw*, Alba Development Road Team
12. Millie Skinner, Alba Development Road Team
13. Victoria Smith, Alba Development Road Team
14. Katie Painter*, Assos UK Racing Team
15. Rachel Brown, Brother UK – On Form
16. Lotty Dawson*, Brother UK – On Form
17. Hope Inglis*, Brother UK – On Form
18. Rosie Simmons, Brother UK – On Form
19. Zoe Backstedt*, Canyon/Sram Generation
20. Awen Roberts*, Canyon/Sram Generation
21. Alice Towers*, Canyon/Sram Generation
22. Alex Morrice, Canyon/Sram Racing Team
23. Anna Kay, Cyclocross Reds
24. Sian Botteley, DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK
25. Robyn Clay*, DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK
26. Frankie Hall, DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK
27. Lucy Lee, DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK
28. Sophie Lewis*, DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK
29. Tammy Miller, DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK
30. Ruth Shier, DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK
31. Sophie Thackray, DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK
32. Morven Yeoman*, DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK
33. Georgia Bullard, Doltcini – O’Shea
34. Jessica Finney, Doltcini – O’Shea
35. Connie Hayes, Doltcini – O’Shea
36. Matilda McKibben*, Doltcini – O’Shea
37. Niamh Murphy*, Doltcini – O’Shea
38. Hayley Simmonds Doltcini – O’Shea
39. Libby Smithson*, Doltcini – O’Shea
40. Lauren Dickson, Edinburgh RC
41. Millie Couzens*, Fenix-Deceuninck
42. Flora Perkins*, Fenix-Deceuninck
43. Sophie Wright, Fenix-Deceuninck
44. Henrietta Colborne, GT Krush Rebellease Pro Cycling
45. Grace Lister*, Hess Cycling Team
46. Alice McWilliam, Hess Cycling Team
47. Holly Ramsey*, Hess Cycling Team
48. Alice Wood, Human Powered Health
49. Nicola Greenwood, Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
50. Isabella Johnson*, Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
51. Dannielle Watkinson, Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
52. Elizabeth Deignan, Lidl-Trek
53. Elynor Backstedt, Lidl-Trek
54. Ella Jamieson*, Lifeplus Wahoo
55. Eluned King*, Lifeplus Wahoo
56. Madelaine Leech*, Lifeplus Wahoo
57. Kate Richardson*, Lifeplus Wahoo
58. Emma Jeffers*, Liv AlUla Jayco
59. Katy Hill, London Academy
60. Savannah Morgan, London Academy
61. Lucy Neatham, London Academy
62. Philippa Draper*, Loughborough Lightning
63. Jayati Hine, Loughborough Lightning
64. Miriam Jessett, Loughborough Lightning
65. Georgia Lancaster*, Loughborough Lightning
66. Alice Lethbridge, Loughborough Lightning
67. Georgina Oakley, Loughborough Lightning
68. Claire Steels, Movistar Team
69. Erin Avill*, Nouvelles Cycling x Prendas
70. Dannielle Khan, Nouvelles Cycling x Prendas
71. Freya Whiteside*, Nouvelles Cycling x Prendas
72. Cecilia Hime, Paradigm Cycles
73. Charlotte Deykin, Peterborough Cycle Hub
74. Lizi Brooke, Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd
75. Bexy Dew, Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd
76. Lucy Ellmore*, Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd
77. Lucy Gadd, Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd
78. Amy Gornall, Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd
79. Lucy Harris, Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd
80. Maddie Heywood, Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd
81. Zoe Langham, Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd
82. Annabel Ramsay*, Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd
83. Lowri Richards*, Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd
84. Harriet Lowden, Rapha Cycling Club
85. Rachel Galler, Saint Piran WRT
86. Sophie Holmes, Saint Piran WRT
87. Emma McDonald, Saint Piran WRT
88. Ailsa McLagan, Saint Piran WRT
89. Jessica Roberts, Spectra Racing
90. Katie Scott, Spectra Racing
91. Melissa Denman, Stolen Goat Race Team
92. Lauren O’Brien, Stolen Goat Race Team
93. Dame Sarah Storey, Storey Racing
94. Megan Anderson, Team Boompods
95. Bethany Bennett*, Team Boompods
96. Elizabeth Hermolle, Team Boompods
97. Lauren Langham, Team Boompods
98. Sian Marsh, Team Boompods
99. Gemma Mitchell, Team Boompods
100. Lauren Watson, Team Boompods
101. Monica Greenwood, Team Coop-Hitec Products
102. Anna Henderson, Team Visma – Lease a Bike
103. Jessie Carridge, The Phoenix Collective
104. Molly Patch, The Phoenix Collective
105. Kim Baptista, Torelli
106. Elizabeth Holden, UAE Team ADQ
107. Elinor Barker MBE, Uno-X Mobility
108. Joscelin Lowden, Uno-X Mobility
109. Helena Shapton, Velo Bavarian RT
110. Ruth Allen, Unattached
111. Helen Auden, Unattached
112. Jihanna Bonilla-Allard, Unattached
113. Ellie Parry*, Unattached
114. Corinne Side, Unattached
115. April Tacey, Unattached

No of Starters = 115 | * Denotes U23

1. Pfeiffer Georgi
2. Claire Steels
3. Anna Henderson
4. Elinor Barker MBE
5. Anna Shackley
6. Natalie Grinczer
7. Alex Morrice
8. Elizabeth Holden
9. Flora Perkins
10. Elynor Backstedt
11. Sophie Wright
12. Hayley Simmonds
13. Monica Greenwood
14. Lizi Brooke
15. Jessica Finney
16. Abi Smith
17. Frances Owen
18. Millie Couzens
19. Tamsin Miller
20. Corinne Side


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