BMCR RESULT: National MTB Championship

Richard Wood the winner of the BMCR National MTB Championship race at Wibtoft. Vickie Wilkinson was first of the women racers

BMCR RESULT: National MTB Championship

National MTB Championship at Wibtoft. Tricky conditions after the torrential storm 20 minutes before the start. Well done to all the riders and the organisers and team.

1. Richard Wood, BMCR B
2. Frazer White, Pontypool rcc C
3. Stuart Marshal, D
4. Nick Whitley, Team Enable MI Racing C
5. Matthew Davies, Holohan Coaching Race Team A
6. Lewis King, D
7. Jason Elliott, Bioracer UK RT C
8. Nick Popham, Team Enable Mi-Racing McCann C
9. Stuart Gough, Ride Revolution Coaching A
10. Damian Baker, Lincoln Wheelers B
11. Leigh Smith, Equipe Velo A
12. John Hines, Newport Shropshire CC C
13. Andy Smith, D
14. Adrian Hill, Wilsons Wheels D
15. Graham Waller, Team bottrill A
16. Simon Hime, Finchley RT E
17. Michael Cowland, Kettering Cycling Club B
18. John Polak, D
19. Vickie Wilkinson, Cheltenham and County CC E Female
20. Stephen Walker, RTD – J’s Cycle Shack E
21. Donald Macgregor, Reflex Racing F
22. Chris Garner, Coalville Wheelers B
23. Dave Mcmullen, Cotswold Veldrijden G
24. Lindsay Newman, Team Enable-MI Racing-Townsend Vehicle Hire E Female
25. Robert Jackson , Beyond Bikes F
26. Paul Darby, Wyre Forest CRC C
27. Tim Stowe, Enable/McCann/M I Racing F
28. Steve Macklin, Velo Club Beverley G
29. Andrew Roberts, G.S. Vecchi G
30. David Alexander, D
31. Ian Robson, ProSport UK E
32. Andrew Besanko, Southborough & District Wheelers B
33. Helen Taylor-Carter, Beds Road Race Team E Female
34. Alison Holmes, F Female
35. Sarra Boyd, Born to Bike Racing Team C Female
36. David Garrett, Rugby Velo Club E
37. Stuart Reeves, Coalville Wheelers CC C
38. Steve Biddulph, Born to Bike Racing Team B
39. Steve Dring, Echelon RT C
40. Mike Snell, HHCC F
41. Elisa Mcdonagh, Matlock CC C Female
42. Ruth Shaw, Coalville Wheelers F Female
43. Patrick Ellerbeck, St.Neots/ Veloelite G
44. John Berry, PDQ cycle coaching E
45. Peter Varian, Birmingham Midland C C E
46. Mike Smith, BMCR I


1. Matthew Davies
2. Stuart Gough
3. Leigh Smith

1. Richard Wood
2. Damian Baker
3. Michael Cowland

1. Frazer White
2. Nick Whitley
3. Jason Elliott

1. Stuart Marshal
2. Lewis King
3. Andy Smith

1. Simon Hime
2. Stephen Walker
3. Ian Robson

1. Donald Macgregor
2. Robert Jackson
3. Tim Stowe

1. Dave Mcmullen
2. Steve Macklin
3. Andrew Roberts

1. Mike Smith


1. Sarra Boyd
2. Elisa Mcdonagh

1. Vickie Wilkinson
2. Lindsay Newman
3. Helen Taylor-Carter

1. Alison Holmes
2. Ruth Shaw


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