The classic Otley Cycle Races have stacked line ups of 120 riders in each of the National Circuit Series events on Wednesday 26th June in Yorkshire


Hot on the heels of the Otley Show and Carnival, it’s time for the next part of the community’s annual summer party when the UK’s top cyclists turn the town centre into a racing circuit for one night only.

Building on a tradition stretching back to 1985, this year’s LOGCO Otley Cycle Races take place on Wednesday 26th June and showcase the unique link between grassroots cycling and the professional sport. Featuring the opening rounds of British Cycling’s National Circuit Series for the UK’s fastest men and women on two wheels, the evening also has races for amateur riders as well as Under-16s and opens with a sprint up Bondgate for very young racers on their balance bikes!

The circuit and surrounding roads will close at 5.15pm with racing starting at 5.30, building up to the National Series with the Santini Women’s Otley Grand Prix at 7.30 and the Rayner Foundation Men’s Otley Grand Prix at 8.30. Roads will re-open at 10pm. The evening is organised be a team of volunteers from the local cycling scene who work closely with British Cycling to stage a professional event backed by key sponsors who share a love for the sport and a desire to see young riders given the opportunity to develop.

Race organiser Sonja Harper explains: “Most of the team have worked on the races for years but we still get the same buzz of excitement every year – especially when we get the chance to launch the National Series like this year. We all want to see cycling flourish, any and all cycling – not just racing – and that is shared by our headline sponsors without whom we wouldn’t have an event.”

“MAS Design Consultants have been with our races for years and are well-known for backing racing and race teams in Yorkshire. Otley Cycle Club are putting a lot of effort behind getting women and girls into racing and leisure cycling. Between them these two are sponsoring our Under-16s races this year.”
“Chevin Cycles will once again sponsor the Classic Race. It may be one level down from the elite circuit series but you wouldn’t know it as the average speeds are just as fast. Women’s Grand Prix sponsor Santini are known their support of professional women’s teams at the very top of the sport and I’m really delighted that our long-standing sponsors Blacks, ID Planning and Park Lane Homes have named the Open Grand Prix for the Rayner Foundation. Founded in 1995 following the death of Dave Rayner, the charity’s objectives are to help young people advance in life through the sport and healthy recreation of cycling.”

Often described as “a party with a bike race at its centre”, the evening attracts crowds of up to 14,000 who spread out round the tight, left-handed circuit from its start and finish line on Bondgate. The town’s thriving food and drink outlets are always busy and there are extra pop-up stands too, with local pubs claiming race night is busier than New Year’s Eve.

Inviting local people to the party is important, particularly those residents who live ‘inside’ the circuit and are asked to manage with closed roads for a few hours. A team of seven volunteers from Otley Cycle Club and Otley Carnival committee have been delivering those all-important invitations over the past week. “We’ve posted leaflets through around 2,000 letterboxes with details of the circuit, road closures and where people can enjoy the race, which of course is free to watch”, says Otley Club President, Tony Wild.

In a week where Mark Cavendish has received a knighthood and where Yorkshire is gearing up to mark the 10th anniversary of hosting the Tour de France it’s worth noting that ‘Sir Cav’ won in Otley back in 2005, and that both Sir Bradley Wiggins and Geraint Thomas OBE rode in Otley before becoming Tour de France winners. Add into that mix previous Otley race winners Dame Sarah Storey and Lizzie Deignan MBE and it’s no surprise to hear Sonja Harper say “come to Otley next week and you might just see the future Dames and Knights of the road!”

Event website: LOGCO Otley Cycle Races 2024

Race schedule:
17.30 In Gear Coaching balance bike race
18.00 MAS Design Super Prestige Youth Race for u16 boys
18.01 Otley Cycle Club Super Prestige Bike Race for u16 girls
18.10 Podium presentations for the balance bike race
18.40 Chevin Cycles Men’s Classic Race
18.50 Podium presentations for the youth races
19.25 Gridding Women’s Otley Grand Prix
19.30 Santini Women’s Otley Grand Prix
(Part of the 2024 UK National Women’s Circuit Series)
20.20 Gridding Men’s Otley Grand Prix
20.30 The Rayner Foundation Men’s Otley Grand Prix
(Part of the 2024 UK National Circuit Series)
21.40 Podium presentations for the Classic, women’s Grand Prix
men’s Grand Prix
22.00 Roads open


1 Sophie Lewis DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK
2 Sian Botteley DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK
3 Robyn Clay DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK
4 Frankie Hall DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK
5 Lucy Lee DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK
6 Tamsin Miller DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK
7 Morven Yeoman DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK
8 Sannah Zaman DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK
9 Daisy Barnes Alba Development Road Team
10 Caitlin Dimbleby Alba Development Road Team
11 Arianne Holland Alba Development Road Team
12 Beth Morrow Alba Development Road Team
13 Keira Bond Alba Development Road Team
14 Eilidh Shaw Alba Development Road Team
15 Lulu Bartlett Alba Development Road Team
16 Amelia Tyler Alba Development Road Team
17 Flora Johnson Brother UK – On Form
18 Niamh Boulding Brother UK – On Form
19 Lily Brindle Brother UK – On Form
20 Rebecca Carter Brother UK – On Form
21 Ellen Inglis Brother UK – On Form
22 Lotty Dawson Brother UK – On Form
23 Rosie Simmons Brother UK – On Form
24 Amelia Staunton Brother UK – On Form
25 Grace Ward Brother UK – On Form
26 Georgia Bullard Doltcini – OShea
27 Isabel Darvill Doltcini – OShea
28 Connie Hayes Doltcini – OShea
29 Matilda McKibben Doltcini – OShea
30 Niamh Murphy Doltcini – OShea
31 Libby Smithson Doltcini – OShea
32 Harriet Evans FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing
33 Rebecca Hair FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing
34 Elizabeth Sanders FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing
35 Vivienne Tomlin FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing
36 Bex Clowes Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
37 Isabella Johnson Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
38 Abbie Taylor Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
39 Dannielle Watkinson Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
40 Louise Davidson London Academy
41 Katy Hill London Academy
42 Lucy Neatham London Academy
43 Penny Colloff Loughborough Lightning
44 Philippa Draper Loughborough Lightning
45 Jayati Hine Loughborough Lightning
46 Jenny Holl Loughborough Lightning
47 Miriam Jessett Loughborough Lightning
48 Roisin Lally Loughborough Lightning
49 Georgia Lancaster Loughborough Lightning
50 Georgina Oakley Loughborough Lightning
51 Erin Avill Nouvelles Cycling x Prendas
52 Bee Townsend Nouvelles Cycling x Prendas
53 Alisha Wells Nouvelles Cycling x Prendas
54 Freya Whiteside Nouvelles Cycling x Prendas
55 Lucy Ellmore Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd
56 Amy Gornall Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd
57 Lucy Harris Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd
58 Maddie Heywood Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd
59 Annabel Ramsay Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd
60 Lowri Richards Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd
61 Jo Tindley Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd
62 Hannah Bayes Saint Piran WRT
63 Anastasia Bowler Saint Piran WRT
64 Rachel Galler Saint Piran WRT
65 Sophie Holmes Saint Piran WRT
66 Ailsa McLagan Saint Piran WRT
67 Alice Colling Shibden Apex RT
68 Cat Ferguson Shibden Apex RT
69 Lucy Glover Shibden Apex RT
70 Isabel Mayes Shibden Apex RT
71 Evie Smith Shibden Apex RT
72 Imogen Wolff Shibden Apex RT
73 Esther Wong Shibden Apex RT
74 Xan Crees Spectra Racing
75 Samantha Fawcett Spectra Racing
76 Laura Senior Spectra Racing
77 Iona Sewell Tactic UK WRT
78 Nicola Soden Tactic UK WRT
79 Isabella Torrie Tactic UK WRT
80 Megan Anderson Team Boompods
81 Amy Drysdale Team Boompods
82 Elizabeth Hermolle Team Boompods
83 Lauren Langham Team Boompods
84 Sian Marsh Team Boompods
85 Gemma Mitchell Team Boompods
86 Lauren Robinson Team Boompods
87 Charlotte Berry The Phoenix Collective
88 Molly Patch The Phoenix Collective
89 Lydia Watts The Phoenix Collective
90 Amelia Cebak Tofauti Everyone Active
91 Carys Lloyd Tofauti Everyone Active
92 Abigail Miller Tofauti Everyone Active
93 Mari Porton Tofauti Everyone Active
94 Mia Rutterford Tofauti Everyone Active
95 Amy Mourne Doltcini – Cycle Division
96 Lindsay Toy Doltcini – Cycle Division
97 Francesca Morgans-Slader Elitevelo Kalas Sportswear CRT 2017
98 Millie Couzens Fenix-Deceuninck
99 Emily Proud LC Race Team
100 Ella Jamieson Lifeplus Wahoo
101 Kate Richardson Lifeplus Wahoo
102 Madeline Cooper Montezuma’s Race Team
103 Emily Middlebrooke Otley CC
104 Cecilia Hime Paradigm Cycles
105 Jennifer Powell Performance Development Team
106 Charlotte Deykin Peterborough Cycle Hub
107 Kayla Dinnin Solas Cycling
108 Evelyn Field Solas Cycling
109 Lauren O’Brien Stolen Goat Race Team
110 Monica Greenwood Team Coop-Hitec Products
111 Alderney Baker Team Empella
112 Ella Barnwell Team Inspired UCI Track Team
113 Megan Barker TEKKERZ CC
114 Amy Perryman TEKKERZ CC
115 Amy Bradley Unattached
116 Michaela Rogan Unattached
117 Corinne Side Unattached
118 Ellexi Snover Unattached
119 Katherine Handy Valley Striders CC
120 Reserved for 2024 2024 National Circuit Champion (if applicable)

121 Daniella Florence Cullum Rule 28 x ATP Performance
122 Ruby Blanc 360cycling
123 Anna Flynn Spectra Racing
124 Amelia Walton Shibden Cycling Club
125 Eleina McFadden Inspire Racing Adaston Scape
126 Shona Mosley Doddington Cycling Club
127 Helen Auden Unattached

1 Alexander Foster Cycling Sheffield
2 James Hartley Cycling Sheffield
3 Jack Hartley Cycling Sheffield
4 David Hird Cycling Sheffield
5 Max Krasinski Cycling Sheffield
6 Luca Bednarek Fensham Howes – MAS Design
7 Harrison Dainty Fensham Howes – MAS Design
8 Oliver Dawson Fensham Howes – MAS Design
9 Matthew Brown HUUB BCC Race Team
10 Benjamin Flatau HUUB BCC Race Team
11 Dan Galpin HUUB BCC Race Team
12 Josh Housley HUUB BCC Race Team
13 Zak Machin HUUB BCC Race Team
14 Thomas Adby Mud Dock Racing
15 Joshua Horsfield Mud Dock Racing
16 William Jewitt Mud Dock Racing
17 Felix Skelton Mud Dock Racing
18 William Abbott Primera-TeamJobs
19 Luke Barfoot Primera-TeamJobs
20 Guido Blee Primera-TeamJobs
21 Thomas Doig Primera-TeamJobs
22 Max Fleming Primera-TeamJobs
23 Matthew Bostock Ribble Rebellion
24 Jim Brown Ribble Rebellion
25 Tom Couzens Ribble Rebellion
26 Cole Davis Ribble Rebellion
27 Max Lutz-Atkinson Ribble Rebellion
28 Max Rushby Ribble Rebellion
29 Cai Davies Richardsons Trek DAS
30 Michael Gill Richardsons Trek DAS
31 Matthew Lord Richardsons Trek DAS
32 Jake Hales Ride Revolution Coaching
33 Daniel McDermott Ride Revolution Coaching
34 Matthew Wilson Ride Revolution Coaching
35 Rhys Britton Saint Piran
36 Josh Ludman Saint Piran
37 William Roberts Saint Piran
38 Bradley Symonds Saint Piran
39 Dylan Westley Saint Piran
40 Daniel Barnes Spectra Racing
41 Toby Barnes Spectra Racing
42 Joe Wilson Spectra Racing
43 James Ambrose-Parish TAAP Kalas
44 Matthew Lock TAAP Kalas
45 Harry Macfarlane TAAP Kalas
46 Harvey Stroh TAAP Kalas
47 Alfie Amey Tekkerz CC
48 Oscar Amey Tekkerz CC
49 Alec Briggs Tekkerz CC
50 Joe Holt Tekkerz CC
51 Robert Scott Tekkerz CC
52 Benjamin Tuchner Tekkerz CC
53 Joseph Beckingsale THRIVA-SRCT
54 Benjamin Bright THRIVA-SRCT
55 Jake Jackson THRIVA-SRCT
56 Joshua Price THRIVA-SRCT
57 Scott Redding THRIVA-SRCT
58 William Truelove THRIVA-SRCT
59 Tom Williams THRIVA-SRCT
60 Alex Beldon Trinity Racing
61 Josh Charlton Trinity Racing
62 Joe Pidcock Trinity Racing
63 William Smith Trinity Racing
64 Thomas Armstrong Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
65 Aaron King Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
66 Callum Laborde Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
67 Tom Martin Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
68 Lee Rosie Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
69 Tim Shoreman Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
70 Jacob Smith Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
71 Joseph Smith Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
72 Henry Hobbs Willebrord Wil Vooruit
73 Finlay Tarling Willebrord Wil Vooruit
74 Seth Jackson Willebrord Wil Vooruit
75 Matthew Leach Addform – Vive le Velo
76 John Bardsley 360cycling
77 Cai Curtis-Roberts 360cycling
78 Archie Fletcher 360cycling
79 Maxwell Hereward 360cycling
80 David Brearley Addform – Vive le Velo
81 Adam Duggleby MBE Addform – Vive le Velo
82 Edward Clancy OBE CAMS
83 Matt Thompson Cannibal B Victorious
84 Bjoern Koerdt CC Etupes
85 Alistair Slater Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
86 Oliver Peace Development Team DSM Firmenich PostNL
87 Tobias Bartlett Doddington Cycling Club
88 Hugo Lutz-Atkinson EuroCyclingTrips – Yoeleo
89 Ben Wiggins Hagens Berman Jayco CT
90 Steve Lampier Kernow Racing Team
91 Oliver Wade KSV Deerlijk VZW
92 Benjamin Hellebo London Dynamo
93 Matthew Webster Loughborough Students CC
94 Nick Makin Mid Devon CC
95 Ben Mewes Moonglu Race Team
96 Tom Cullen Otley CC
97 Ben Marsh Project 1 Cycling Team
98 Matthew Ellmore Prologue Racing Team
99 Joel Hurt Prologue Racing Team
100 Zackary Hamon Reflex Racing
101 Jacob Scott rembe Pro Cycling Team Sauerland
102 Robert Smart Ribble rechrg Race Team
103 Oliver Rees Sabgal/Anicolor
104 Frank Longstaff Schils – Doltcini Racing Team
105 Cillian Lewis Shibden Apex RT
106 Joe Shillabeer Shibden-A.Fawcett RT
107 Sam Kettlewell Spirit TBW Stuart Hall Cycling
108 Thomas Heal Stolen Goat Race Team
109 Nathan Smith Team Novo Nordisk
110 Jamie Gostick Team PB Performance
111 Max Sillifant Team PB Performance
112 Ruan Vorster The Cycling Academy
113 Matthew Kent Tofauti Everyone Active
114 Matthew Peace Tofauti Everyone Active
115 Tom Mazzone trainSharp Orro Elite
116 Timothy Torrie trainSharp Orro Elite
117 Keir Gaffney Vanelli-Project Go
118 Ross Birrell Unattached
119 Joe Howcroft Unattached
120 Reserved for 2024 National Circuit Champions (if applicable)


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