Crit Result: Tameside Cycling Development League

Barney Hall and Megan Lloyd winners at round 10 of the Tameside Cycling Development League in Greater Manchester on June 18

Crit Result: Tameside Cycling Development League

1. Barney Hall, North Cotswold CC
2. Mark Berry, Rossendale RC
3. Troy Rimell, MULE CC
4. Luke Hall, Team Wheelguru
5. Shaun Hughes, Macclesfield Wheelers
6. Philip Blundell, High Peak Cycles RT
7. Alfonso Leone, Chorlton Velo
8. Anton Pysmennyi, Chorlton Velo
9. Stanley Heywood,
10. Jimmy Froggatt, SKCC
11. Matt Kendall, North Cheshire Clarion
12. Samuel Habte, Rapha Cycling Club

Tameside Cycling Development League Women
1. Megan Lloyd, Liv Cycling Club – Halo Films
2. Evelyn Field, Solas Cycling
3. Bronwyn Macgregor
4. Nicola Soden, Tactic UK WRT
5. Amelia Walton, Shibden Cycling Club
6. Kate Taylor, 360cycling
7. Keela Mac Hale, Tactic UK WRT
8. Imogen Edwards, Liverpool University Cycling C…
9. Mia Johnson, Tactic UK WRT
10. Francesca Dore, Liverpool University Cycling C…
11. Nicole Stockton, The Racing Chance Foundation

Youth B Boys
1. Joe Kendall, North Cheshire Clarion
2. William Harvey, ESV Manchester
3. Rocco Wilde, ESV Manchester

Youth C Girls
1. Zoe Scott, Shibden Cycling Club

Youth D Boys
1. Cass Kendall, North Cheshire Clarion

Youth C Boys
1. Eamonn Postlethwaite, ESV Manchester
2. Joel Nugent, 360cycling
3. Samuel Cottrill, North Cheshire Clarion
4. Oliver Cottrill, North Cheshire Clarion
5. Seth Woods, North Cheshire Clarion
6. Kazuki Fairbrother, ESV Manchester
7. Luke Hall, ESV Manchester


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