Crit Result: Crits in Cyclopark #3

Jacob Arnell, Maisie Gibbins & Ed Cox winners at round 3 of Crits in Cyclopark (Kent) on June 22

Crit Result: Crits in the Cyclopark #3

Men’s 2/3/4
1. Jacob Arnell, Southborough & District Whls
2. Rory Barrett, Southborough & District Whls
3. Ian Vagg, Project 51
4. Simon Alexander, Richardsons Trek DAS
5. Keith Henderson, Southborough & District Whls
6. David Streule, London Dynamo
7. Keke Orth, Team Bottrill
8. Tom Moss, Southborough & District Whls
9. Samuel Benge, trainSharp Club
10. Mykhailo Shabelskyi
11. Qusai Nusair
12. August Ora, VC Londres
13. David Harris, Abellio – SFA Racing Team
14. Nicholas Knight, Hart Performance Coaching
15. Alasdair Fraser, Southborough & District Whls
16. Louis Holmes, VC Londres

Female 2,3,4
1. Hannah Graveney, Doltcini – Cycle Division
2. Laura O’Shea, Swindon Wheelers

4th Cat ONLY Open
1. Ed Cox, Abellio – SFA Racing Team
2. Paul Ruffy, Eat Plants Not Pigs CC
3. Alan Duncan, Sherwood Pines Cycles Forme
4. Alfio Itri, Islington Cycling Club
5. Patrick Duncan
6. Michael Lum, Brixton Cycles Club
7. Nick Clark, Brixton Cycles Club
8. Jonathan Rouse, Southend Wheelers
9. Joey Chasseaud ,Club Grappa

4th Cat ONLY Female
1. Maisie Gibbins
2. Laura O’Shea, Swindon Wheelers
3. Agnes Rogers, Southborough & District Whls


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