RR Result: Weaver Valley Road Races

Paul Donald and Olivia French winners at the Weaver Valley Road Races (Alan Kemp & Terry Veal Trophies) on June 30 in Cheshire

RR Result: Weaver Valley Road Races

The Alan Kemp Trophy
1. Paul Donald, Velo Bavarian RT
2. Christopher Quin, Bioracer UK RT
3. Matthew Morris, Wigan Wheelers CC
4. James Smith, Chorlton Velo
5. Steven Fidler, Velo6 Racing
6. Daniel Watts, Royal Air Force CA
7. Karl Smith
8. Christopher Spencer, Velo6 Racing
9. Ben Huddart, Lancashire Road Club
10. Paul Foster, Chorlton Velo
11. Jimmy Smith, Army Cycling Union
12. Adam Morris, Giant Kendal-Sidas Uk
13. Chris Shuker
14. Eddie Corbett, Bridgnorth Cycling Club
15. John Bolton, Chorley Cycling Club
16. Sonny Miles-Currey
17. Alexander Sutton, 360cycling
18. Anton Pysmennyi, Chorlton Velo
19. Michael Fowler, Team Ciara Cycling
20. Jordan Marsden-Mcardle, North Wirral Velo
21. Lloyd Smith, Weaver Valley CC
22. Ethan Haughton, 360cycling
23. Patrick Green, 360cycling
24. Steven Bowers, Congleton CC
25. David Burrows
26. Joseph Cadwallader, 360cycling
27. Thomas Coulter
28. Simon Diggins, 360cycling
29. Karl Freeman, Team Wheelguru
30. Charlie Geoghegan, Birkenhead North End CC
31. Mark Jones, 360cycling
32. John Keen, Weaver Valley CC
33. Tyla Loftus, Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
34. Anthony Spruce, Weaver Valley CC
35. Neil Swithenbank, 360cycling
36. Phil Wilkins, Withington Wheelers

The Terry Veal Trophy
1. Olivia French, Stolen Goat Race Team
2. Sasha Dyke, London Academy
3. Millie Skinner, Alba Development Road Team
4. Rosie Simmons, Brother UK – On Form
5. Caitlin Harvey, Doltcini – Cycle Division
6. Melissa Denman, Stolen Goat Race Team
7. Hannah McClorey, Doltcini – Cycle Division
8. Harriet Gilson, Wigan Wheelers CC
9. Gemma Mann, Harrogate Nova CC
10. Ruby Blanc, 360cycling
11. Laura Sheppard, Royal Air Force CA
12. Cecilia Hime, Paradigm Cycles
13. Cerys Greaves, Lichfield City CC
14. Adele Grierson, FTP Fusion
15. Roisin Lally, Loughborough Lightning
16. Jamie Leigh Lloyd, Liverpool Braveheart Bicycle C…
17. Louise Davidson, London Academy
18. Imogen Edwards, Liverpool University Cycling C…
19. Lucy Morley, Velotik Racing Team
20. Nicole Stockton, The Racing Chance Foundation


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