Youth Result: North East Youth League 6

George Murray and Annabelle Carter two of the winners at round 6 of the North East Youth League on June 30 at Hetton Lyons Country Park

Youth Result: North East Youth League 6

Youth E (U8) Boys
1. George Murray, Manilla Cycling
2. Alistair George, Barnesbury CC
3. James Moore, Stockton Wheelers CC
4. Oliver Bell, Manilla Cycling
5. Joshua Mitchell
6. Jenson Selkirk, Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
7. Luke Daly, Manilla Cycling
8. Ryley Grievson
9. Harvey Murrell, Cleveland Wheelers CC
10. Bjorn Chilton
11. Ivan McGregor
12. Wilfred Summers, Manilla Cycling
13. Cillian Graham, Tyneside Vagabonds CC
14. Max Paynton, Tyneside Vagabonds CC
15. William Nicolle, Manilla Cycling
16. Finley Murrell, Cleveland Wheelers CC
17. Caleb Jefferies, Manilla Cycling
18. Nathaniel Jefferies, Manilla Cycling

Youth E (U8) Girls
1. Abigail Vials
2. Emily Vials
3. Darcey Cavendish
4. Eloise Walsh
5. Philippa Jenkins, Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
6. Jessica Lucas Barker
7. Olivia Lucas Barker

Youth D (U10) Boys
1. Theo Carter, Manilla Cycling
2. Alfie Brown, Manilla Cycling
3. William Moore, Stockton Wheelers CC
4. Ethan George, Barnesbury CC
5. Bobby Whatmuff, Harrogate Nova CC
6. Henry Summers, Tyneside Vagabonds CC
7. Charlie Everett, Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
8. Harry Summers, Manilla Cycling
9. Arthur Lawson, Clifton CC
10. William Anderson, Tyneside Vagabonds CC
11. Leo Lucas-Barker, Cleveland Wheelers CC
12. Cassius Cavendish
13. Joseph Cavendish
14. Ethan McGregor

Youth D (U10) Girls
1. Heather Bailie, Tyneside Vagabonds CC
2. Scarlett Daly, Manilla Cycling
3. Isla Mitchell, Ythan CC
4. Erin Graham, Tyneside Vagabonds CC
5. Alana Leddy, Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
6. Daisy Paynton, Tyneside Vagabonds CC

Youth C (U12) Boys
1 Charlie Brooks, Manilla Cycling
2. Lewis Bailie, Tyneside Vagabonds CC
3. Jenson Bradley, Manilla Cycling
4. Finley Gibbon, Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
5. Luke Shipton, Manilla Cycling
6. Thomas Anderson, Manilla Cycling
7. Fynn Leddy, Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
8. Jacob Brown, Stockton Wheelers CC
9. Jake Gibson, Derwentside CC
10. Sebastian Vials, Tyneside Vagabonds CC
11. Daniel Mountford, Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
12. Isaac Wraith, Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
13. Joseph Davies, Manilla Cycling

Youth C (U12) Girls
1. Emily Robson, Cleveland Wheelers CC
2. Olivia Edson, Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
3. Lowery Atkin, Manilla Cycling

Youth B (U14) Girls
1. Annabelle Carter, Manilla Cycling
2. Molly Watson, Manilla Cycling
3. Iris Mcglynn, Manilla Cycling
4. Sophia Brooks, Manilla Cycling

Youth B (U14) Open
1. Daniel Shipton, Manilla Cycling
2. Matthew Mather, Derwentside CC
3. Lewis Anderson, Manilla Cycling
4. Matthew Best, Manilla Cycling
5. Harrison Huntley, Tyneside Vagabonds CC
6. Ethan Senyurek-Willis, Manilla Cycling
7. Zavier Cleathero, Derwentside CC
8. Finley Duffy, Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
9. Tom Sailes, Manilla Cycling
10. Iestyn Atkin, Manilla Cycling
11. George Davies, Manilla Cycling

Youth A (U16) Girls
1. Maeve Taggart. Manilla Cycling

Youth A (U16) Open
1. Alex Box, The Grit Cartel
1. Daniel Thompson, Cleveland Wheelers CC
3. Ewan Whiting, Manilla Cycling
4. Joel Gibbon, Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
5. Thomas Brennan, Beeston Cycling Club
6. Zack Stobbs, Tyneside Vagabonds CC
7. Benjamin Harrington, Clifton CC


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