Keep up to date with VeloUK!

Whether it’s a result, report or feature you want to see, VeloUK makes it easy to find.

On the front page, the top 16 new stories  (Reports/Features/Results) are listed under the Features box. To find items that have slipped off the front page, you have a number of options and all are so simple to use! They are:

Menu Bar: Along the secondary menu bar are links to Reports (A Report), Results, News and more. Click one and from the drop down menu, choose the type of item (results for example) you are after and an index page for those items will be displayed.

Calendar: On the right of the screen is a calendar. Each date that is linked to a page, will be in orange. Click it and an index of the linked results, reports and features will be displayed.

Search Box: A favourite with many, this will find what you want quickly. Want to see the result of the Wally Gimber, type Gimber into the Search box and press return. A link to the page with that result is listed. Looking to see the results and more for your team, enter the team name and a listing will be made of all the articles that team name is present on.

Tags: At the bottom of the VeloUK page (right hand side) is the ‘Cloud Tag’ box. Each item that is added to the site is given a tag. So, you want to find items linked to the Women tag, click it and an index page will show with related stories.

Popular/Latest List
To the left of the Tags is a tabbed box where you can view the 10 most popular pages or the 10 latest pages to be added to the website.

And finally, the Twitter feed for VeloUK is shown on the website, one tweet at a time at the bottom of the website or view a whole page of tweets by clicking the VeloUK Tweets item on the uppermost menu bar. Many of those messages will have links to the latest stories as well as live updates from events.

To find out more about using the VeloUK website, click here to see diagrams of the various bits that go to make up this website.

If you are having trouble finding something, let us know using the Contact Us option which you will find on the VELOUK menu (top menu bar) or click the Contact Us/Feedbank link at the bottom of the page.