Send us Photos

Photos: Everyone loves a photo and if you have some from a race or event, then send them to VeloUK by clicking here. Remember to send us the info you would like to go with the picture, your name and contact details including website if you want people to get in touch about the pictures.

Things to remember:

a) If you have a Flickr page and would like to share all your pictures with readers of VeloUK, send us the link to the Slideshow or send us the code from the Share box to display that album on a page in VeloUK.

b) Pictures for reports, if you can, crop them before sending them. Images on VeloUK are generally about 450 pixels wide.  Don’t worry if you can’t resize them, because we can do that for you.

c) We’re interested in photos to do with cycling such as road racing; track racing, cyclo-cross, time trials, Sportive and so on.

Have a query, call us on 0788 756 7879