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Video: Planning your winter rides

Former Garmin & Cervelo professional Daniel Lloyd explains how to make your winter training rides safer and more beneficial  (more…)

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Feature: Matt Bottrill’s Top Ten Winter Training Tips

As winter starts to get a grip, Matthew Bottrill (Giant/Drag2Zero) lists his top 10 tips for winter training (more…)

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Talkingshop: TrainSharp’s Heart of Excellence

Talking with Jon Sharples, head coach at TrainSharp where they help cyclists of all abilities achieve their goals (more…)

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Oliver Wright: Why do we use the turbo so much these days?

The racing season is upon us and the days of long base miles are gone for many, its time for some intensity in their’ riding. (more…)

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Feature: The Power of Training

Riders not only look like the pros they aspire to be but are also training like the pros with the help of professional training aids like the SRM Power Cranks (more…)

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Equipment: Turbo trainers – An essential training tool

When the bad weather prevails or you are short of time, the turbo trainer is a likely option for most racing cylists wanting to maintain their fitness or work on a specific area of their racing arsenal. (more…)

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