Report: Bec CC Hill Climb

16 year old Germain Burton obliterates the opposition at the BEC CC Hill Climb on Sunday

When the organiser of the BEC CC Hill Climb, Garry Beckett, predicted some close racing amongst the top seeded riders at this years event, his prediction would have been spot on if the winner, Germain Burton of De Ver Cycles had not been in the equation…

On a tough day at the White Lane course, where a damp road surface hindered traction for many and the wind sent most of the ‘Big Hitters’ backwards on their previous year’s times, second to tenth placings were closely fought over with just five seconds separating them.

Germain Burton of De Ver Cycles. Photo: Antony Edmonds (

Then came Germain, the 16 year old climbing sensation who blew away his peers with an amazing time of a minute fourty five seconds…  a huge  7.9 seconds faster than second place and 2009 BEC winner Michael Smith of Corley Cycles/Cervelo Alpha Road Club who finished with a very credible 1.53.0

This was Burton’s second successive win at his fourth time of competing at the BEC event and the second time a Junior has taken the honours in the 56 year history of the event. Not only was Germain proud as punch to win the 1930’s Mr & Mrs R.G.Beckett Solid Silver Trophy, but he was also reasonably pleased to be walking away with the £1,000 winners cheque in his back pocket again!

Robert Gough (Adeo Cadence RT) winner of the morning’s Catford CC event for the second year running and second in the BEC CC event in 2010, was hoping to topple Burtons crown. But unfortunately for Gough traction problems on the steepest part (1 in 4) of the 700 yard course robbed him of any chance of getting on the podium, although realistically he was only ever on for second or third given Burton’s stomping ride. A valiant ride, but his disappointment was obvious to all that witnessed him cross the line.

Daniel Duguid of Sigma Sport/Specialized Pro Cycling Team. Photo: Antony Edmonds (

Roadman Richard Cartland did a credible ride, coming home to take 3rd spot in 1.54.3 which sealed the Team award for Team Corley Cycles/Cervelo Alpha RC for the second year running and a nice little ‘earner’ of £900.00 to split with Jake Hales their third Team member who managed fourth on GC with 1.54.6.

In the ladies category, Karla Boddy (High Wycombe CC) took the win at her very first appearance in the BEC event, from Deborah Percival (34 Nomads/Gem Hygiene) & Emily Bagnall (Kingston Wheelers CC) Times of 2.40.5,  2.42.8, and 2.55.1 respectively.

Kingston Wheelers CC also had a good showing in the Veterans category where they took second with John Storms 2.02.9 & third (Edward Francis 2.11.6) from Veteran fastman Peter Tadros of Ingear quickvit/Trainsharp who recorded a time of 1.59.9.

Photos: Antony Edmonds (

In light of Germain being the fastest Junior as well as the overall winner, his prize money for the win the Junior category went to second, third and fourth fastest Juniors; Thomas Miller (London Dynamo) 2.29.2, Tom Fricker (Farnham RC) 2.31.0 and Oliver Martin (BEC CC) 2.46.1.

There were many other notable rides in the bulk of the field. Some were heard to be very pleased with their achievements and others not so, but such is the discipline of Hill Climbing! But the beauty of this event, is its not just about the fast boys, as the huge  crowd get behind every rider that fights their way up the climb and urges them on towards the finish line. With massive vocal support, and Tony Gibb on the mic making his debut appearance as a non competitor at the BEC event, both riders and spectators were kept entertained and informed with the results and stats to fill in the very, very  few quiet gaps in proceedings.

A great atmosphere prevailed over the hallowed climb of White Lane and kept the reputation of the Bec event up there amongst the best of British Hill Climbs. All in all, the Bec Cycling Club were once again very pleased with the way the event went and hope that everybody, both competitors & spectators enjoyed themselves enough to want to come back to the 2012 edition, 14th October, 14.00 hrs, same venue…  And on behalf of the Bec CC, organiser Beckett would like to thank all involved, sponsors, media, riders, spectators & Tandridge District council who granted a closed road permit for the day which all went to make it such a successful day on the Hill.

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Until 2012…

Team Awards (1st Team only)
1st. Team Corley Cervelo/Alpha R.C 5.41.9
Jake Hales 1.54.6
Richard Cartland 1.54.3
Michael Smith 1.53.0

2nd. Adeo Cadence RT 5.59.8
Tavis Walker 1.55.1
James Dobbin 2.08.1
Robert Gough 5.59.8

3rd. Sigma Sport/ Secialized Pro Cycling Team
Russell Hampton 2.02.3
Simon Richardson 1.55.8
Dan Duguid 6.01.5

Juniors…. Passed down to 2nd fastest Jnr as Germain (Jnr) won overall
Thomas Miller. London dynamo. 2.29.7
Tom Fricker Farnham CC 2.31.0
Oliver Martin Bec CC 2.46.1

Karla Body High Wycombe CC 2.40.5
Deborah Percival 34 Nomads / Gem Hygiene 2.42.8
Emily Bagnall Kingston Whlrs CC 2.55.1

Peter Tadros IngearQuickVit Trainsharp RT 1.59.9
John Storms Kingston Wheelers CC 2.02.9
Edward Francis Kingston Wheelers CC 2.11.6

Existing Record was not broken

1        Germaine Burton    Team De Vers    J    1.45.1
2        Michael Smith    Team Corley Cycles/Cervelo/Alpha RC        1.53.0
3        Richard Cartland    Team Corley Cycles        1.54.3
4        Jake Hales    Team Corley Cycles/Cervelo/Alpha RC        1.54.6
5        Chris Opie    Pendragon Lecol Colnago        1.54.7
6        Tavis Walker    Adeo Cadence RT        1.55.1
7        Simon Richardson    Sigma Sport/Specialized Pro Cycling Team        1.55.8
8        Robert Gough    Adeo Cadence RT        1.56.6
9        Adam Brittain    High Wycombe CC        1.57.6
10        Dirle OudeOphius    La Fuga- Sigma Sport        1.58.1
11        Freddy Johansson    Team UK Youth        1.58.3
12        Glyndwr Griffiths    Bristol South CC        1.59.4
13        Jonathan Shubert    Ystwyth CC        1.59.7
14        Peter Tadros    In Gear Quickvit trainsharp RT    V    1.59.9
15        Matthew Pilkington    Progressive Cycle Coaching Dev Sqd        2.01.4
16        Russell Hampton    Sigma Sport/Specialized Pro Cycling Team        2.02.3
17        John Storms    Kingston Wheelers CC    V    2.02.9
18        Daniel Sullivan    Norwood Paragon CC        2.03.2
19        Robert McCarthy    VC Meudon        2.03.6
20        Daniel Duguid    Sigma Sport/Specialized Pro Cycling Team        2.04.4
21        Luke Wallis    La Fuga- Sigma Sport        2.05.0
22        James Wakelin    La Fuga- Sigma Sport        2.06.5
23        Joe Norledge    Velo 29        2.07.1
24        Scarlet Parker    CS Grupetto        2.07.4
25        James Lowden    Lewes Wanderers CC        2.07.8
26        James Dobbin    Adeo cadence RT        2.08.1
27        Simon Warren    Norwood Paragon CC        2.09.0
28        Edward Francis    Kingston Wheelers CC    V    2.11.6
29        Chris Baines    Buxton CC        2.12.6
30        Simon Lewington    Dulwich Paragon CC    V    2.13.5
30        Keith Henderson    Condor Cycles        2.13.5
32        Joe Harris    Reading CC        2.13.8
33        Andrew Sykes    South Eastern Road Club    V    2.13.9
34        Thomas Marshall    Adeo cadence RT        2.14.2
35        Marcus Brueton    Norwood Paragon CC        2.14.3
36        Maurice Brennan    Redhill CC        2.14.4
37        Ben Jacobs    London Dynamo        2.15.0
38        Daniel Thorogood    Clwb Beicio Ystwyth/Continental/Summit Cycles    V    2.15.4
39        Dr Will Mangar    In Gear Quickvit trainsharp RT        2.16.3
40        Rory Campbell    London Phoenix C.C.        2.16.6
41        Paul McGuigan    Norwood Paragon CC        2.17.2
42        Will Hayter    London Dynamo        2.19.7
42        Matt Harris    Vectis Roads CC        2.19.7
44        Antony Buchan    Team de Vers        2.20.6
45        Paul O’Sullivan    London Phoenix C.C.    V    2.20.8
46        Rob Robbins    Sydenham Whlrs    V    2.25.5
47        Jack Allison    Ystwyth CC        2.27.0
48        Thomas Miller    London Dynamo    J    2.29.7
49        Christopher Wolton    Southborough & District Wheelers        2.29.9
50        Ryan wakefield    Lindsey Roads CC        2.30.0
51        Tom Fricker    Farnham RC    J    2.31.0
52        Thomas Ballhatchett    Rollapaluza CC        2.32.4
53        Nathan Chamberlain    Redhill CC    V    2.35.6
54        Karl Halliday    SWRC        2.36.0
55        Dominic Joyner    C.S.Gruppetto        2.38.1
56        Miss Karla Boddy    High Wycombe CC    L    2.40.5
57        Deborah Percival    34 Nomads CC/Gem Hygiene    L    2.42.8
58        Ben Weeks    London Dynamo        2.44.8
59        Oliver Martin    Bec C C    J    2.46.1
60        Timothy Christians    Southborough & District Wheelers        2.47.3
61        Tom Bowering    Wyndy Milla    J    2.51.6
62        Paul Shipway    London Phoenix C.C.    V    2.54.1
63        Miss Emily Bagnall    Kingston Wheelers CC    L    2.55.1
64        Ms Astrid Wingler    London Phoenix C.C.    L    2.56.0
65        Ms Rasa Kavaliauskaite    East Ldn, Tri Club    L    2.56.3
66        Dominic Lowden    Lewes Wanderers CC    V    2.57.5
67        Andrew Green    Addiscombe CC        3.02.3
68        Dylan Bogoerski    Bec C C    J    3.06.8
69        Alan Miles    Redhill CC        3.10.9
70        Ben Bradshaw    South Eastern Road Club    J    3.15.1
71        Robbie Jones    London Dynamo    J    3.19.9
72        Roy Instrall    Morden CRC    V    3.20.1
73        Peter  Nicoll    CC Bexley    V    3.39.4
74        David Marshall    GS Avanti    V    3.43.0

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