Results: Lincoln Wheelers Eagle Road Races

Andrew Robinson and Giles Pidcock the winners for the Lincoln Wheelers Eagle Road Races


Regional B (3/4)
1. Andrew Robinson     Dinnington RC
2. John Smith     Out Of The Saddle
3. Michael Wright     Middridge CRT
4. Daniel Shinn
5. Oliver Nuthall     Nottingham Clarion CC
6. Sean Newbould     Featherstone RC
7. Paul Drop     Velo Club Beverley
8. Darren Howitt
9. Alan Dawson     Sheffield 220 City Road Racing Team
10. Matthew Crouch     Derby Mercury RC

Regional Masters C+ (E/1/2/3/4)
1. Giles Pidcock     Epic Cycles RC
2. Andrew Eagers     Derby Mercury RC
3. Neil Beasley     Beeston RC
4. Stephen Johnson     Clay Cross RT
5. Paul Bell     Peak Road Club
6. Mark Ottaway     WyndyMilla Maxifuel
7. Aaron Caseley     Lichfield City CC
8. Tony Grassby     Peak Road Club
9. Simon Owens     Peak Road Club
10. Keith Middleton     VC Lincoln

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