Report/Results: TLI Stone Wheelers Road Races

Held at Swynnerton, Staffs on April 1st, Paul Belfield and Alan Kemp were the winners

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Report-Results: Jim Golden

Under 50’s 50 miles

Five riders went clear on lap one, they were brought back after the climb through the finish and on the fast downhill section the promoting club’s Paul Belfield went clear took the prime at the end of the second lap and remained clear to ride in alone with a gap of well over a minute for a deserved win. Team mate Richard Barnett took the bunch sprint.

1. Paul Belfield, Stone Whs
2. Richard Barnett, Stone Whs
3. Paul Bethell, Team Elite
4. Michael Clark, Wheelguru RT
5. Keith Jones, Birkenhead North End
6. Steve Burke, Macclesfield Whs
7. Chris Wilde, Wheelguru RT
8. Chris Quin, Macclesfield Whs
9. Dan Whelan, Onimpex RT
10. Dave Lowe, Vekta Velosport
Prime Paul Belfield

Over 50’s
Four riders escaped on lap one but by the prime on lap two Phil Rose, Wheelguru RT was alone in the lead. He was caught several others tried their luck as more and more went out of the back. In the end it was down to a bunch sprint with the judges unable to separate Alan Kemp and Keith Jones.

1. Alan Kemp, Weaver Valley CC
Keith Jones, Graham Weigh Racing equal first
3. Steve Jolley, Onimpex RT
4. Graham Payne, Whitfield RT
5. Gordon Wallace, Graham Weigh Racing
6. Rob Whitfield, Whitfield RT
7. Neil Higgins, Preston Whs
8. Stephen Baillie, Whitfield RT
9. Graham Weigh, Graham Weigh Racing
10. Phil Rose, Wheelguru RT
Prime Phil Rose
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