Result: Bridlington Road Race

Matthew Williams of the Boneshakers team was one of 20 riders who escaped early on the 2/3/4 race over 100 kilometres and in the gallop for the line up the finish climb, he came in ahead of Dave Shackleton and Jack Custworth.

1. Matthew Williams, Boneshakers
2. Dave Shackleton, Wilsons Wheels
3. Jack Cutsworth, Herballife
4. Julian Grommett, Cottingham Courers
5. Paul Bell, Peak RC
6. Daniel Storey, Shefrerc CC
7. Lee Tunnicliffe, Planet x
8. James Sharp, York Cycle Works
9. Euan Sewell, York Cycle Works
10. Phil Howell, Boneshakers
11. Christopher Daddy Star Bikes RT
12. Tony Workman Lancashire RC
13. Gavin Daley VC Lincoln
14. Mark Perry Vicious Velo
15. Matthew Mannakee

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