Report: Tour DoonHame Day 1

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Stage 1: Moffat – Moffat, 92 miles, Saturday 23rd April 2011

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Marking an abrupt end to the recent spell of fine weather, the first stage of the 2011 Tour Doon Hame began under leaden skies in the town of Moffat, 24 miles from the race’s base in Dumfries.

Endura’s Jack Bauer gets a quick new front wheel after puncturing early on. To the right (out of picture), Jack Anderson has fallen while chasing back to the peloton.

As the 142 starters took the ceremonial start outside the town hall, the rain began to fall and it wasn’t to let up until well after the winner crossed the finish line some hours later. A short loop around the town brought the race back to the town centre to contest the first Endura Hot Spot sprint of the day after just 6 miles of racing, followed almost immediately by the category 1 climb of Type Knowes to mark the first action in the battle for the King of the Mountains jersey. The completion of another larger loop saw the race contest the same indermediate points before leaving Moffat behind and heading for the remote countryside of the Lowther Hills.

Magnus Backstedt suffering like so many were today on the climbs.

The early miles were marked by a several crashes as the rider’s battled the slippery conditions, and the team cars were kept busy with a constant stream of punctures as the rain loosened the grit on the roads. Although several attacks took place at the head of the peloton, it was not proving easy to get away as the pace remained high. A group of 12 attacked at 26 miles, with many of the major teams represented but the advantage was short-lived and never amounted to more than a handful of seconds. No sooner were the escapees caught, than Tom Murray (Sigmasport-Specialized) and James Sparling (Team Raleigh) made a move which gained a maximum gap of 24 seconds before being reeled back in at the 31 mile mark.

Sweeping through the narrow streets of Abington and Crawfordjohn the elastic was stretched but never really broken. Meanwhile at the back of the race the relentless pace saw an increasing number of riders losing ground. A group of seven, including 2004 Paris Roubaix winner Magnus Backstedt (Team UK Youth) were ahead by 20 seconds approaching the final hot spot sprint in Sanquhar but yet again the gap was closed by the start of the last climb of the stage, the long category 1 ascent of Wanlockhead.

With several teams forcing the pace, Peter Williams (Motorpoint) – only just back on the road to recovery after an early season crash – found himself felled again along with team mate Tobyn Horton and Twenty3C-Orbea’s Mike Cuming.

The pressure of the climb finally split the peloton asunder and a substantial group of 60 headed the race as Jack Bauer, former New Zealand road race champion and winner of the final stage of the inaugural Tour Doon Hame, secured the climbers points and with it the JB&B Print King of the Mountains lead.
Further splits saw the lead group reduced to little more than 20 as the 10 mile to go board was reached. With the climbing done for the day, the pace was again frantic as a dangerous looking group of eight forced themselves clear. Bauer was again in the thick of the action, along with the star of the early season, Rutland Melton winner Zak Dempster (Rapha Condor Sharp). Ian Bibby (Motorpoint), Simon Richardson (second overall in the 2010 Premier Calendar) and Steve Lampier (both Sigmasport-Specialized) along with Raleigh’s Matt Cronshaw, Yanto Barker (Pendragon-Le Col) and Matt Higgins (Team Corley Cycles) made up the rest of the break.

Back on roads familiar from earlier in the day, their lead grew to 49 seconds with less than 3 miles to run, and the stage victor now seemed certain to come from this select group. Inside the final kilometre, and with the road rising toward the line, it was Cronshaw who unleashed a powerful sprint which would see him take the victory ahead of Dempster and Bauer. Good placings in the sprints also saw Cronshaw earn the first green jersey of the race to add to the white of stage winner and the yellow for overall.

With a better weather forecast promised for Sunday’s second stage, the shorter race distance and less severe climbs could combine to allow those futher behind on GC to challenge the Team Raleigh riders lead.

Jack Bauer of Endura Racing admits he wasn’t feeling great today but was happy enough with third place and confident things can get better. His puncture after only four kilometres saw him chase for a long time to get back. “It was a fine” he says. “In a race of this level it is no problem to get back on if you stay relaxed and take your time. I took ages to get on which meant I missed out on the first time bonus sprint but there are two days to come.”

Jack did though win the second King of the Mountains climb after a lead out from Alex Weatherall. Asked was that a goal of the teams, he replied: “Definitely. We’re not here to have a party! It is Endura’s home tour, they sponsor the race and so why not try and win everything. We definitely want to win the yellow jersey but to wear the KOM jersey until say the final day, when we take yellow, it’s good publicity.”

Jack explained that he didn’t really see the wind a lot in the early stages after he got back to the peloton after his puncture “Based on what I know from last year, breaks go, they get brought back and the pace in the peloton is always real high which makes for quite a hard day because its not like a break goes and the group shuts down for the day. Today, it was like attacks were going off every ten minutes. That makes for a real hard day. Alex Wetterhall  was one of the riders attacking and had a pretty impressive day and softened up the peloton by hitting them so many times. Alex also lead me out for the second KOM and so did a lot of work today.”

Taking us through the final stages of the race, Jack explained he rode third wheel up Wanlockhead and didn’t see what happened behind but did hear that at the top, the race was now in three groups “Everybody must have been getting tired because I was getting tired. On a day like today with the wet and cold, the legs feel so heavy and on a climb like that, its the survival of the fittest.”

Jack was second at the Wanlockhead KOM and that was enough for him to take the jersey off McCann who had won the first KOM sprint early in the race when Jack was otherwise occupied with a puncture. Then, Endura Racing played a trump card when Maarten attacked prior to the race reaching the top of the Wanlockhead climb “Maarten was up the road by himself for a long time and I thought he might do it because he is as strong as an ox. But, Sigma put their boys on the front and pulled him back.”

“Just as Maarten was coming back, I went and Yanto Barker came with me and then another six more came across and it was then a steady roll into the finish before the gallop to the finish line. It would have been good to win the stage but then we didn’t want to have the jersey this early. Tomorrow night will be fine” he said with that cheeky Bauer grin.

Stage 1 Result Moffat to Moffat 23 Apr 2011
1  35  Matt Cronshaw  Team Raleigh  E   03:18:09
2  6  Zak Dempster  Rapha – Condor  E   st
3  14  Jack Bauer  Endura Racing  E   st
4  16  Ian Bibby  Motorpoint  E   st
5  29  Steve Lampier  Sigma Specialized  E   st
6  49  Matt Higgins  Corley Cycles  1   st
7  40  Yanto Barker  Pendragon – LeCol  E   st
8  25  Simon Richardson  Sigma Specialized  E  at  00:05
9  58  Marcel Six  Twenty3c – Orbea  E  at  00:55
10  48  Simon Gaywood  Corley Cycles  E   st
11  1  Dean Downing  Rapha – Condor  E   st
12  11  Alex Wetterhall  Endura Racing  E   st
13  30  Wouter Sybrandy  Sigma Specialized  E   st
14  9  Scott Thwaites*  Endura Racing  E   st
15  92  Robert Hassan*  Endura Pedal Power  1   st
16  21  Will Bjergfelt  Motorpoint  E   st
17  13  Maarten de Jonge  Endura Racing  E   st
18  20  Marcin Bialoblocki  Motorpoint  E   st
19  102  David McLean  Pasta Montegrappa  E   st
20  141  Alex Coutts  Giant Kenda Felt  E   st
21  39  Liam Holohan  Team Raleigh  1   st
22  33  Matt Jones*  Team Raleigh  E   st
23  118  Felix English*  Anglo Scottish  E   st
24  32  Gael LeBellec  Team Raleigh  E   st
25  51  Ashley Cox  Corley Cycles  E   st
26  26  James Williamson  Sigma Specialized  1   st
27  3  Dan Craven  Rapha – Condor  E   st
28  137  Jack Pullar*  1   st
29  5  Graham Briggs  Rapha – Condor  E  at  01:13
30  60  Rafa Rodriguez  Twenty3c – Orbea  1   st
31  4  James McCallum  Rapha – Condor  E   st
32  42  Jon Mozeley  Pendragon – LeCol  1   st
33  108  Jack Adams  Forme  Sanlamere  E   st
34  61  Andrew Griffiths*  Twenty3c – Orbea  1   st
35  95  Scott McCrossan*  Endura Pedal Power  2   st
36  18  Pete Williams  Motorpoint  E   st
37  66  Simon Wilson  E   st
38  67  Tom Barras  E   st
39  68  Richard Hepworth  E   st
40  65  Dale Appleby  E   st
41  110  Dexter Gardias*  Forme  Sanlamere  1   st
42  77  Magnus Backstedt  Team UK Youth  E   st
43  140  David McCann  Giant Kenda Felt  1   st
44  37  Matt Kipling  Team Raleigh  E   st
45  80  J. Lowsley-Williams*  Team UK Youth  2   st
46  83  Gruff Lewis  Team UK Youth  2   st
47  44  James McLaughlin*  Pendragon – LeCol  2   st
48  17  Johnny McEvoy*  Motorpoint  E   st
49  19  James Sampson  Motorpoint  E   st
50  56  Andy Lyons  Twenty3c – Orbea  E   st
51  63  Joe Perrett*  Twenty3c – Orbea  1   st
52  10  Evan Oliphant  Endura Racing  E   st
53  76  Collin Humphrey  Sportscover  1   st
54  27  Tom Last  Sigma Specialized  1   st
55  38  James Sparling  Team Raleigh  E   st
56  7  Ben Greenwood  Rapha – Condor  E   st
57  36  Richard Handley*  Team Raleigh  E   st
58  24  Tom Murray  Sigma Specialized  E  at  03:24
59  145  Peter Wager  Giant Kenda Felt  E  at  05:51
60  142  Dave Henderson  Giant Kenda Felt  1  at  05:54
61  105  Rowan Dever  Pasta Montegrappa  E   st
62  143  Richard Mardle  Giant Kenda Felt  1  at  05:57
63  144  John Wager  Giant Kenda Felt  E  at  07:22
64  113  Paul Londors  Anglo Scottish  1   st
65  106  Alexander Ray*  Pasta Montegrappa  E   st
66  87  Jamie Kennedy  Glasgow Couriers  2  at  07:24
67  12  Jack Anderson  Endura Racing  E   st
68  8  Calum Wilkinson  Endura Racing  E   st
69  75  Duncan Moralee  Sportscover  2   st
70  109  Will Fox  Forme  Sanlamere  E  at  07:27
71  86  Alan Thomson  Glasgow Couriers  2   st
72  43  Chris Opie  Pendragon – LeCol  E   st
73  91  Gary Hand  Endura Pedal Power  1   st
74  124  Craig Adams  Second Helpings  2   st
75  2  Tom Southam  Rapha – Condor  E   st
76  82  Filip Rudenstam  Team UK Youth  1   st
77  104  Wojciech Szlachta  Pasta Montegrappa  E   st
78  31  Kit Gilham  Sigma Specialized  E   st
79  74  Kevin Dawson  Sportscover  E   st
80  28  Steve Adams  Sigma Specialized  1   st
81  78  James Stewart  Team UK Youth  E   st
82  126  Peter Murdoch  Second Helpings  2   st
83  129  James Gullen*  Teamwallis CHH  E   st
84  55  Michael Smith  Corley Cycles  2   st
85  127  Gordon Murdoch  Second Helpings  2   st
86  52  Chris McNamara  Corley Cycles  E   st
87  59  Gunnar Gronlund  Twenty3c – Orbea  1   st
88  97  Robin Wilkins  Velo Ecosse  1  at  08:07
89  112  Alistair Rutherford  Anglo Scottish  E  at  10:49
90  81  David McGowan  Team UK Youth  1   st
91  34  Dan Fleeman  Team Raleigh  E  at  12:03
92  64  Ross Creber  E   st
93  54  Jake Hales*  Corley Cycles  1  at  14:27
94  57  Kristian Downs  Twenty3c – Orbea  1   st
95  84  Steven Burke  Team UK Youth  1   st
96  22  Tobyn Horton  Motorpoint  E  at  14:31
97  138  Harry Grey  2  at  15:08
98  71  Ashley Brown  Sportscover  1  at  18:16
99  45  Richard Meadows*  Pendragon – LeCol  1  at  19:47
100  120  Alistair McNicol*  Second Helpings  2   st
101  94  Jordan Stokes*  Endura Pedal Power  2  at  20:02
102  90  David Lines  Endura Pedal Power  E  at  20:05
103  96  Liam Cowie*  Endura Pedal Power  2  at  20:20
104  114  Junior Heffernan*  Anglo Scottish  1  at  20:29
105  53  James Millard  Corley Cycles  1  at  20:40
106  69  Robert Smail  1  at  23:57
107  100  Lewis Oliphant  Velo Ecosse  2   st
108  72  John Tanner  Sportscover  E  at  32:05:00
109  73  Jake Tanner*  Sportscover  1   st
110  135  Jack Cousins*  Teamwallis CHH  1   st
111  98  Eddie Addis  Velo Ecosse  2   st
112  99  Finlay Young*  Velo Ecosse  2   st
113  117  Tim Lawson  Anglo Scottish  1   st
114  101  Tom Fernie  Velo Ecosse  2   st
115  130  Jacob Tipper*  Teamwallis CHH  1  at  32:14:00
116  46  Peter Johnston  Pendragon – LeCol  1  at  36:43:00
117  107  Rob Orr  Forme  Sanlamere  2   st
118  62  Mike Cuming*  Twenty3c – Orbea  E  at  38:48:00

Hot Spots
1   35   Matt Cronshaw   Team Raleigh   7
2  77  Magnus Backstedt  Team UK Youth  6
3  106  Alexander Ray*  Pasta Montegrappa  4
4  67  Tom Barras  3
5  83  Gruff Lewis  Team UK Youth  3
6  9  Scott Thwaites*  Endura Racing  2
7  78  James Stewart  Team UK Youth  2

1   14   Jack Bauer   Endura Racing   22
2  21  Will Bjergfelt  Motorpoint  19
3  36  Richard Handley*  Team Raleigh  16
4  140  David McCann  Giant Kenda Felt  15
5  92  Robert Hassan*  Endura Pedal Power  9
6  29  Steve Lampier  Sigma Specialized  7
7  81  David McGowan  Team UK Youth  7
8  25  Simon Richardson  Sigma Specialized  5
9  19  James Sampson  Motorpoint  5
10  6  Zak Dempster  Rapha – Condor  4
11  7  Ben Greenwood  Rapha – Condor  4

1   35   Matt Cronshaw   Team Raleigh   E     03:17:54
2  6  Zak Dempster  Rapha – Condor  E  at  00:09
3  14  Jack Bauer  Endura Racing  E  at  00:11
4  16  Ian Bibby  Motorpoint  E  at  00:15
5  29  Steve Lampier  Sigma Specialized  E   st
6  49  Matt Higgins  Corley Cycles  1   st
7  40  Yanto Barker  Pendragon – LeCol  E   st
8  25  Simon Richardson  Sigma Specialized  E  at  00:20
9  9  Scott Thwaites*  Endura Racing  E  at  01:09
10  58  Marcel Six  Twenty3c – Orbea  E  at  01:10