Report: Royal London 360 Isle of Man’s Youth League

Dot Tilbury reports … Round 8 of Team Royal London 360 Isle of Man’s youth league was staged at the NSC last Tuesday night in cold but mainly dry conditions.

With many of the regular competitors on holiday off-island to escape the disruption caused by the annual TT motorcycle races, there was a reduced entry of 176 competitors for the event, which was being filmed by the BBC for a feature on Breakfast TV.

Peter Lloyd took the honours for the fifth time in the novices class. Rebecca Walmsley beat Archie Dunn and Jemma Quayle to the line for second place, with Lisa Martin and Sophie Keen trailing in separately for fifth and sixth. Rebecca Cooil pipped Ethan Griffiths for seventh and Eddy Dillon stayed clear of the chasing pack to grab ninth. Maria Moore completed the top ten leader board.

In the born 2006 & later category Zachary Dowson rode away from the field to score a fine solo victory ahead of Ivan Sorby, who edged out Corey Peters, Cian Jackson and Drystan Sewell for second. Ryan Edwards held off Harry Callin and Alfie Swales in the dash for sixth, with Sophie Smith leading Hollie Palmer home to claim the girls’ prize in ninth spot.

An injection of pace on the final lap gave Harry Kneen a comfortable win over breakaway partners Niall Colquitt and Mairi Harrison in the born 2005 event. Oliver Corkish got the better of Bradley Kneen in the battle for fourth and Chloe Dillon grabbed sixth ahead of Harvey Coole.

Zac Walker rode Dillon Dowson off his wheel to bag maximum points in the born 2004 age group. Joshua Dudley escaped from the main bunch to take third, with twin brother Cameron outsprinting James Devereau, Toby Craig, Adam Price and Daniel Keen in the gallop for fourth. Kiera Prentice was the first girl in 17th place.

Percy Hampton was too strong for fellow frontrunners Jake Wilson, Jonty Bregazzi and Jack Christian in the final stages of the born 2003 race. Thomas Skillicorn was a lonely fifth and Matthew Black got away from travelling companion Jamie Gelling to snatch sixth. Leading girl Darcy Cain passed Ryan Quirk on the final circuit to claim eighth and Ramsey’s Tyler Hannay got the verdict over Jack Collister and Thomas Young in the dash for tenth.

Notching up his seventh success in the born 2000 class, Aaron Lund powered ahead of Will Corkill and James Harrison on the finishing straight to further cement his position at the top of the overall standings. Blae Cain, who lost contact with the leaders on the penultimate lap, was a safe fourth ahead of Nathanael Tyson and Joshua Mills.

In the born 2001 three lapper Tosh Teare came from behind to snatch victory from Max Walker. Juan Kneen was third and fourth placed Emma Draper took the girls’ award one position ahead of Chloe Crellin. In the following born 2000 & earlier grouping Matthew Draper went from the gun and never looked like being caught. Sam Mills outsprinted Sam Batey, Tara Ferguson, Lucas Mudie, Alex Cain and Kaitlin Slack for the runners-up spot.

Charlie Gibson was the eventual winner of the under 10 racing bikes, taking the chequered flag by the narrowest of margins from Max Walker and Conor Gelling, who were second and third respectively. Jake Wilson was the best under 8 rider in seventh position and Chloe Crellin the top girl in eleventh place. Five riders fought over the spoils in the under 12 racing bikes, with William Draper taking the final sprint from Conor Davies, Thomas Bostock, Eleanor Davies and Sam Batey.

In the final race of the night, the under 16 racing bikes, British Cycling Talent Team member Jake Kelly had the edge on Jamie Dudley and Josh Knights in the dart for the chequered flag. Matthew Davies took fourth from Leon Mazzone and Nathan Draper, with Andrew Reeday leading the chasers in for seventh. Anna Christian was the top girl in 13th place.


1. Peter Lloyd
2. Rebecca Walmsley – 1st Girl
3. Archie Dunn
4. Jemma Quayle
5. Lisa Martin
6. Sophie Keen
7. Rebecca Cooil
8. Ethan Griffiths
9. Eddy Dillon
10. Maria Moore
11. Mian Watterson
12. Lewin Scarffe
13. Joseph Devereau
14. Zack Bellhouse
15. Myles Le Geyt
16. Owen Pilley
17. Mollie Dennett
18. Sinead Moore
19. Alec Sorby
20. Kaidan Gibson
21. Lexi Gibson
22. Anthony Arthur
23. Izzy Craig
24. Fearne Bregazzi
25. Niamh Smith
26. Lewis Quirk
27. Herbie Hampton
28. Megan Callin

1. Zachary Dowson
2. Ivan Sorby
3. Corey Peters
4. Cian Jackson
5. Drystan Sewell
6. Ryan Edwards
7. Harry Callin
8. Alfie Swales
9. Sophie Smith – 1st Girl
10. Hollie Palmer
11. Hayden Freestone
12. Orry Lund
13. Callum Larkin
14. Samuel Devereau
15. Grace Kelly
16. Tadgh Hall

BORN 2005
1. Harry Kneen
2. Niall Colquitt
3. Mairi Harrison – 1st Girl
4. Oliver Corkish
5. Bradley Kneen
6. Chloe Dillon
7. Harvey Coole
8. Jacob O’Boyle
9. Luca Moretta
10. Cormac Ewan
11. Albert Kessler
12. James Scott
13. Callum Freestone
14. Tyler Whyment
15. Nathan Kennaugh
16. Catherine Atkinson
17. Teddy Dunn
18. Ashleigh Tyson
19. Lily Griffiths

BORN 2004
1. Zac Walker
2. Dillon Dowson
3. Joshua Dudley
4. Cameron Dudley
5. James Devereau
6. Toby Craig
7. Adam Price
8. Daniel Keen
9. Joshua Kelly
10. Billy Kennedy
11. Callum Crellin
12. Nathan Slack
13. Cameron Hawes
14. Ross Quayle
15. William Parkes
16. Edward Teare
17. Kiera Prentice – 1st Girl
18. Charley Knight
19. Charlie Swales
20. Nancy Wheeler
21. Mia Warren
22. Sophie Hawley
23. Kirree Moore
24. Emma Cunningham
25. Rob Molesworth

BORN 2003
1. Percy Hampton
2. Jake Wilson
3. Jonty Bregazzi
4. Jack Christian
5. Thomas Skillicorn
6. Matthew Black
7. Jamie Gelling
8. Darcy Cain – 1st Girl
9. Ryan Quirk
10. Tyler Hannay
11. Jack Collister
12. Thomas Young
13. Matthew Cooil
14. Josh Gilardoni
15. Emily Kinley
16. Seth Coole
17. Neill Maxwell
18. Alex Denning
19. Sam Cunningham
20. Reece Freestone
21. Kieran Halsall
22. Hannah Brearley

BORN 2002
1. Aaron Lund
2. Will Corkill
3. James Harrison
4. Blae Cain – 1st Girl
5. Nathanael Tyson
6. Joshua Mills
7. Charlie Moss
8. Tom Kermode
9. Billy Moore
10. Ellie Warren

BORN 2001
1. Tosh Teare
2. Max Walker
3. Juan Kneen
4. Emma Draper – 1st Girl
5. Chloe Crellin
6. Sean Young
7. Charlie Moore
8. Emily Bridson

1. Matthew Draper
2. Sam Mills
3. Sam Batey
4. Tara Ferguson – 1st Girl
5. Lucas Mudie
6. Alex Cain
7. Kaitlin Slack
8. Ben Christian
9. Ben Cunningham
10. Joseph Corkish
11. Ruby Kennedy
12. Harry Cain
13. Breesha Moore
14. Oweena Thomas
15. Sean Maxwell

1. Charlie Gibson
2. Max Walker
3. Conor Gelling
4. Tosh Teare
5. Aaron Lund
6. Will Corkill
7. Jake Wilson
8. Juan Kneen
9. Percy Hampton
10. James Harrison
11. Chloe Crellin – 1st Girl
12. Emma Draper
13. Emily Bridson
14. Matthew Black
15. Zac Walker
16. Dillon Dowson
17. Corey Hill
18. Wilfy Kermode
19. Charlie Moss
20. Blae Cain
21. Jack Christian
22. Thomas Skillicorn
23. Darcy Cain
24. Joshua Dudley
25. Ryan Quirk
26. Cameron Dudley
27. Cameron Hawes

1. William Draper
2. Conor Davies
3. Thomas Bostock
4. Eleanor Davies – 1st Girl
5. Sam Batey
6. Ben Christian
7. Liam McCann
8. Lucas Mudie
9. Kaitlin Slack
10. Joseph Corkish
11. Harry Cain

1. Jake Kelly
2. Jamie Dudley
3. Joshua Knights
4. Matthew Davies
5. Leon Mazzone
6. Nathan Draper
7. Andrew Reeday
8. Matthew Draper
9. Owen Dudley
10. Jamie Everitt
11. Michael Moss
12. Matthew Bostock
13. Anna Christian – 1st Girl
14. Rory McCann
15. Sophie Black
16. Breeshey Cain
17. Dan Watterson
18. Phoebe Ferguson
19. Sam Mills
20. Ben Cunningham
21. Emma Nicholson
22. Nathan Knights

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