Result: 7th Independence Road Race

Nick Faint of Finchley RT wins the LVRC 7th Independence Road Race in appalling conditions while Steve Dring  beats Glen Longland in the TLI race   …

The race on Sunday was held in appalling weather with a much reduced field where only 24 riders was reduced to only 14 starters and 11 finishers. Our thanks go to my marshalls who stood out in driving rain and strong
winds. The peloton stayed together until the final sprint which was won easily by Nick Faint (Finchley RT) from David Hobbs(Corinthian CC) with Mark Farrar(Coventry Road Club) third.

1. Nick Faint (B) Finchley RT
2. David Hobbs (A) Corinthian CC
3. Marrk Farrar (A) Coventry Road Club
4.Paul Caton (B) Anders TMG Horizon
5. Les Liddiard (C) MI Racing
6. Peter Jeans (E) Swindon RC
7. Pete Phillips (B) Bath CC
8 Chris Eccles (B) Sid valley CC
9. Keith Walton (D) Stratford CC
10 Ossie Assem (A) Finchley RT
11 Brian Parry (C) Swindon RC

1st lap sprint prize of 20 pounds kindly donated by founder BLRC member “Gino” Goddard (Kenton RC) was won by Nick Feint (Finchley RT)

TLI Road Race
1.Steve Dring                (M2)            Team Echelon-ROTOR
2 Glenn Longland        (D)              Antelope RT

Non Starter Andrew Boyd    CC Weymouth

Non Finishers
Jordan Wade             Poole Whlrs
Duncan Turner         CC Weymouth
Bryce Riglar              CC Weymouth

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