Results: Litherland Circuit League

Results from Race 13 on the 29th June 2011 at the Litherland Sports Park, Boundary Road, Litherland  

1   Steve Abbott Teamwallis CHH RT  55m. 01s.
2   Liam Brennan Birkenhead North End CC  st
3   Michael Ashurst High on Bikes  @ 11 secs.
4   Jarrod Hartley Horwich CC  st
5   Grant Ormerod Teamwallis CHH RT  @ 19 secs.
6   John Rigby Maxgear RT  st
7   David Giles Mammoth Lifestyle RT  @ 2m. 12s.
8   John Findley Bill Nickson Cycles RT  @ 1 Lap
9   Sean  McGovern Sport City Velo  same
10   Martin Wallis Teamwallis CHH RT  @ 2 Laps
11   Jon Taylor Team Cystic Fibrosis  @ 3 Laps
2011 Bert Owens 500m Handicap Competition           

1   James Thompson Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC    D
2   David Murphy Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC    B
3   Chris Fallon Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC    B
4   Patrick  Merriman Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC    B
5   Adam Lyons Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC    D
6   George Elliott Liverpool Century RC    D
7   Andy Leigh Manchester Wheelers Club    A

Cat A
1   Andy Leigh Manchester Wheelers Club  24m. 50s.
2   Mark McGavock Ribble Valley Juniors  @ 2secs.
3   Lewis Garrity Sport City Velo  @ 1m.30s.
Cat B Boys
1   James Thompson Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC  st
2   Chris Fallon Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC  @ 1 Lap
3   Adam Hartley Eastlands Velo  Same
4   Patrick  Merriman Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC  Same
5   Charlie Critchley Southport CC  Same
6   David Murphy Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC  Same

Cat C
1   Dan Gibson Liverpool Century RC  25m. 58s.
2   Lewis Hartley Eastlands Velo  @ 10 secs.
3   David Round Mid Shropshire Wheelers  @ 1 Lap
4   Tom Stewart Southport CC  Same
5   Daniel Slater Southport CC  Same
Category D
1   George Elliott Liverpool Century RC  12m. 57s.
2   Matthew Slater Southport CC  @ 3 Laps
3   Adam Lyons Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC  Same

Cat E
1   Joe Stewart Southport CC  13m. 44s.
2   Sam Kendall Liverpool Century RC  @ 1 Lap