Report: Welwyn Track League

July 8th – Peter Waghorn writes … Cold weather, the threat of rain and a strong breeze reduced the Senior numbers this week, however the younger age groups of youth riders turned up in strength and enjoyed an evenings racing despite the tough conditions

In the senior A group John McClelland won all four races to increase his lead in the series, while in the B group Ken Roesner notched up two wins and is now being promoted to the A League. There were some good battles in the Youth B series between Jordan Mooney , the current series leader, and James Parrish from Lee Valley. James won the day coming out ahead with 3 wins to Jordans one in some close finishes.

Honours were spread around in the CDE group – Harry Towning both of  the 3 lap Handicaps while Will Raymond won the opening 4 lap scratch and the final 4 lap Handicap

Next Saturday sees a round of the National Womens Omnium plus the Welwyn Dernyfest starting at 12 noon – spaces in both competitions are available

Senior A
10 lap scr –  John McClelland (Agiskoviner)  Lewis Atkins (Orbea)  Roger Woodford (Willesden)
10 lap Points  – John McClelland (Agiskoviner) Mike Broadwith (PM) Alex Wise (Agiskoviner)
10 lap AB Block Handicap (Odd) Alex Wise (Agiskoviner) Jon Munns (PM) Simon Hime (Finchley RT)
10 lap AB Block Handicao (Evens) John McClelland (Agiskoviner)Lewis Atkins (Orbea) Tom Gallacher (Welwyn)
10 mile –  John McClelland (Agiskoviner)  Lewis Atkins (Orbea) Alex Wise (Agiskoviner)

Senior B
10 lap Scr – Ken Roesner (Kings Lynn)Gareth Richardson (AaArbis) Richard Bloomfield (Welwyn)
Devil – Ken Roesner (Kings Lynn) Costa Pierides (Finchley RT) Glen O’Brien (CC Luton)

Youth A
5 lap scr –  Chris Hodges (Welwyn) Harry Bellars (Spalding) Dan Maynard (Welwyn)
500m Handicap – Harry Bellars (Spalding) Dan Maynard (Welwyn) Chris Hodges (Welwyn)
Youth ABC 4 lap Handicap – James Parrish (Lee Valley)  Jordan Mooney (Welwyn) Harry Bellars (Spalding)

Youth B
4 lap scr – James Parrish (Lee valley) Jordan Mooney (Welwyn) Sam Dossett (Welwyn)
4 lap ABC Handicap – James Parrish (Lee Valley) Jordan Mooney (Welwyn) Chris Hodges (Welwyn)
4 lap Points  – Jordan Mooney  (Welwyn) James Parrish (Lee Valley) Fran Morgans (Lee Valley)

Youth CDE
4 lap Scr – Will Raymond, Michael Parry Tom Durkin (all Welwyn)
3 lap H’cap  A–  Harry Towning, Will Raymond, Sam Gage (all Welwyn)
4 lap H’cap –  Will Raymond, Michael Parry, Tom Street (all Welwyn)

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