Report: Brooks Cycles Track League

The Brooks Cycles Track League event on Thursday 7th July 2011 missed all the forecast showers with a full programme of events completed.
The night started with the usual Freewheelers Races with a record 29 riders taking part. The racing was well contested with some spirited performances from all the riders. The top point’s scorers were as follows in each group

Group 1 James Duncalf  Lyme RC  9 Points

Group 2 James Brayford     5 points
Sophie Bassett  Lyme RC  5 Points
Sam Hall      5 points

Group 3 Austin Scott   Lyme RC  7 points
Cameron O’Neil     7 Points

In the Sprinters League Barney Swinnerton, Science in Sport won the sprint final in a tactical sprint that did not fully commit until the final 200m. The opening 2 up time trial saw a surprise result with Tom Powell, Newcastle RC 2001 and Dave Smith, Stafford RC taking the victory with a great time of 24.87. The team sprint saw the four teams all record good times with the winners being Joffie Houlton, Louis Preston, Lyme RC and the newly crowned National Masters 500m time trail Champion Phil Houlton, Newcastle RC 2001.

The A Class endurance events saw Adrian Adgar, Balanced Performance score an impressive 11 ½ points to move up the overall league table. He won the double harness pursuit with Barry Charlton, Lyme RC, the course de primes and then produced an impressive sprint to win the final 10 mile scratch race from Paul and Ryan Whatmough, Shepherd cycles. The other A Class race was won by league leader Robert Lambton, Brooks Cycles in the opening race of the night the 10 lap scratch.

The B Class events saw Neil Cummins score 7 points with a win in the 10 lap scratch and a second and third place in the points and 10 mile scratch. George Edwards, Lyme RC won the devil and along with his third place in the points race he has now taken over the overall lead in this league. The final 10 mile scratch was won by Alex Braybrooke, Team Velocity who stayed with the A Class riders to take the maximum points. In second place was Adrian Humpage, Lyme RC who returned to riding the track after a few years away and clearly showed that he still has what it takes to ride with the best.

The Youth races saw Liam Zwetschnikow, Lyme RC use his long mark to good effect to win the block handicap from Matthew Braybrooke, Eastlands Velo and Megan Wynn, Lyme RC. Joel Partington won the devil in a fast finish from Tom Rotherham, Sportcity Velo and he also won the final scratch race. Joel  was also a member of the winning team sprint team with Matthew Braybrooke, Megan Wynn, Ashleigh Williams, Lyme RC and Alex Braybrooke.

Freewheelers Results
Group 1
Race 1
1st Megan Williams   Lyme RC
2nd James Duncalf   Lyme RC
3rd Olivia Braybrooke   Eastlands Velo

Race 2
1st Brandon McMillan  Lyme RC
2nd Bradley Hill    Lyme RC
3rd Olivia Braybrooke

Race 3
1st James Duncalf
2nd Megan Williams
3rd Bradley Hill

Race 4
1st James Duncalf
2nd Megan Williams
3rd Bradley Hill

Group 2
Race 1
1st James Brayford
2nd Sophie Bassett   Lyme RC
3rd Sam Hall    Lyme RC

Race 2
1st Sam Hall
2nd Sophie Bassett
3rd Andrew Williams

Race 3
1st Ambrose Morris   Lyme RC
2nd Holly Mulroy
3rd James Brayford

Group 3
Race 1
1st Lucy Anne Scott   Lyme RC
2nd Austin Scott    Lyme RC
3rd Lucca Annese

Race 2
1st Izaak Curtis
2nd Cameron O’Neil
3rd Jack Scott

Race 3
1st Austin Scott
2nd Lucca Annese
3rd Dae Stigwood

Race 4
1st Cameron O’Neil
2nd  Izaak Curtis
3rd Holly Chatterton

Race 5
1st Edward Mulroy
2nd Natasha Sandbach
3rd Austin Scott

Race 6
1st Ellie Bloomer
2nd Enrico Annese
3rd Cameron O’Neil

Youth Block Handicap
1st Liam Zwetschnikow  Lyme RC
2nd Matthew Braybrooke  Eastlands Velo
3rd Megan Wynn   Lyme RC

A Class Endurance 10 lap Scratch
1st Robert Lambton   Brooks Cycles
2nd Barry Charlton   Lyme RC
3rd Adrian Adgar   Balanced Performance

A Class Sprinters 2 up TT
1st Dave Smith    Stafford RC
Tom Powell    Newcastle RC 2001
2nd Phil Houlton   Newcastle RC 2001
Joffie Houlton   Newcastle RC 2001
3rd Barney Swinnerton  Science in
Sean Mayer    Lyme RC

B Class 10 lap Scratch
1st Neil Cummins   PM
2nd Nick Hall    Bury Clarion
3rd George Edwards   Lyme RC

Ladies sprint
1st Ellie Coster    Bush Healthcare
2nd Louise Higgs    VC St Raphael
3rd Sue Smith    Stafford RC

Youth Devil
1st Joel Partington   Lyme RC
2nd Tom Rotherham   Sportcity Velo
3rd Alex Braybrooke   Team Velocity

A Class Endurance Double harness Pursuit
1st Adrian Adgar
Barry Charlton
2nd Robert Lambton
Alex Simmons   Lyme RC
3rd Paul Whatmough   Shepherd Cycles
Neil Cummins

A Class Sprinters Team sprint
1st Joffie Houlton   PM
Phil Houlton
Louis Preston   Lyme RC

B Class devil
1st George Edwards
2nd Phil Braybrooke   Sportcity Velo
3rd Alex Webb    Lyme RC

Youth Team sprint
1st Matthew Braybrooke
Megan Wynn
Ashleigh Williams Lyme RC
Alex Braybrooke
Joel Partington

A Class endurance Course de Primes
1st Adrian Adgar
2nd Barry Charlton

A Class sprint Final
1st Barney Swinnerton
2nd SeanMayer
3rd Phil Houlton

A Class Sprint 1 Km Dash
1st Joffie Houlton
2nd Ryan Whatmough
3rd Dave Smith

B Class Points
1st Alex Webb
2nd Neil Cummins
3rd George Edwards

Youth 6 Lap Scratch
1st Joel Partington
2nd Sallie Birchall   Lyme RC
3rd Imogen Crooks   Lyme RC

10 Mile Scratch
1st Adrain Adgar
2nd Paul Whatmough
3rd Ryan Whatmough

B Class
1st Alex Braybrooke
2nd Adrian Humpage   Lyme RC
3rd Neil Cummins

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