Photos & Results! Colne Grand Prix

Ed Clancy has won the 2011 Colne Grand Prix in a bunch kick in a 1-2-3 for Rapha Condor Sharp with Dean Downing second and Dean Windsor third.

The Evening’s Photo Album

The race really can be be summed by Rapha Condor Sharp shutting down the race in the final five laps lead by James McCallum with Olympic champion Ed Clancy finishing off the job in style. The race was lived up by attacks from the likes of Dean Windsor (Rapha Condor Sharp) and Ian Wilkinson (Endura Racing) but nothing was staying away, a fact which did not go unnoticed by Dean Downing (Rapha Condor Sharp).

He had a quick word with Ed Clancy who confirmed he had good legs and so it was decided it was the Olympic Champion who would be the one to finish the job off and he did a very good of that as well, with his team shutting out Ian Wilkinson who admitted afterwards he’d made a mistake on the a corner, unable to fight through the wall of Rapha riders in front of him.

The race also saw a lot of falls, some heavy with the ambulance at the scene of one of them for a long time and we hope the riders concerned are okay and back on their bikes soon. More from the race with interviews and features in the coming week.

In the other events, Rob Hayles kicked the night off for a win for Endura Racing in the ‘Chopper’ race in a sprint finish on a bike he’s had since 1996 and after that, like in Otley, Gary Adamson (SiS) used his sprint well to convincingly win the 2/3/4 race.

The Live Photo Album!Elite Circuit Series Provisional Result

1   Clancy Edward Rapha Condor Sharp   56:58:00
2   Downing Dean Rapha Condor Sharp   st
3   Windsor Dean Rapha Condor Sharp   st
4   Briggs Graham Rapha Condor Sharp   st
5   Wilkinson Ian Endura Racing   st
6   Burke Steven Team UK Youth   3
7   McGowan David Team UK Youth   4
8   Murray Tom Sigmasport-Specialized   st
9   Hawdon Andrew Herbalife/Wheelbase   st
10   Gaywood Simon Team Corley Cycles   st
11   Hales Jake Team Corley Cycles   st
12   Wilson Simon – Metaltek   st
13   Adams Stephen Sigma Sport Specialized   st
14   Fox Will Forme Impsport San Lamare   st
15   Adams Jack Forme Impsport San Lamare   st
16   Bjergfelt Will Motorpoint   st
17   Barras Tom – Metaltek   st
18   Collins David Hope Factory Racing   st
19   Hepworth Richard – Metaltek   st
20   Coupe Andy Herbalife/Wheelbase   9
21   PARNES RYAN Team Raleigh   st
22   Jones MATT Team Raleigh   st
23   Horton Tobyn Motorpoint   st
24   Gilham Kit Sigmasport Specialized   st
25   Lampier Steve Sigma sport specialized ct   st
26   GEE MATT Team Raleigh   st
27   Cutsforth Jack Herbalife/Wheelbase   st
28   Newall Jamie Team Corley Cycles   st
29   Oliphant Evan Endura Racing   st
30   Oldham Paul Hope factory racing   16
31   Clarke Dave Endura Racing   st
32   Smail Robert – Metaltek   st
33   Smith Michael Team Corley Cycles   19
34   Sherriffs Chris Team Bglobal   22
35   Crampton Robert Team Wallis CHH   st
36   Fostun Matthew Langdale Lightweights   23
37   Cox Ashley Team Corley Cycles   st
38   Gullen James Team Wallis CHH   st
39   Woffindin Martin Cycle Sport Pendle   29
40   Partridge Rob Endura Racing   st
41   Gardias Dexter Forme Impsport San Lamare   36
42   KIPLING MATT Team Raleigh   46
43   Hayles Rob Endura Racing   st
44   Orr Rob Forme Impsport San Lamare   st
45   Tennant Andrew Rapha Condor Sharp   49
46   Pullar Jack VANILLA BIKES   01:05


1 Ian Wilkinson Endura Racing
2 Dean Downing Rapha Condor Sharp
3 Stephen Adams Sigma Sport Specialized
4 Michael Smith Team Corley Cycles

1 Adam Duggleby Science in
2 Tom Murray Sigmasport-Specialized
3 Graham Briggs Rapha Condor Sharp
4 James Moss Endura Racing

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2 Robert Watson RVO racing
3 Chris Lawless Maxgear RT
4 Jack Sadler herbalife wheelbase
5 Luke Boulton Teamwallis CHH
6 Adrian Lawrence Team Bglobal
7 Milan Sihelsky kuota gsg
8 Ashley Marshal aire valley racing team
9 Graham Payne Whitfield RT
10 Jerrod Hartley Horwich CC
11 Bill Nickson Bill Nickson Cycled RT
12 Zack Whitehead Dirtwheels Cycles
14 Nick Armitstead Dirt Wheels Cycles
15 Alistair Hepworth Bat CCy
16 Nathan Harrison Yorkshire Velo
17 Giles Pidcock Epic Cycles RT
18 Dave Haygarth / Cannondale
19 Andrew Marsh Dinnington RC
20 Fabio Close Velocity Race Team
21 Shaun Faraday aire valley racing team
22 Francis Pilkington Bill Nickson Cycles RT
23 Alastair McNicol
24 James Lyon Private Member
25 Neil Hendry Dirtwheels Cycles
26 Tom Dalton bill nickson cycles
27 Samuel Jackson Herbalife/

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