Report: Welwyn Track League

Peter Waghorn writes … Last Friday saw a good evenings racing which included a bit of controversy in two of the Senior A races (July 15th), Gosling Stadium.

In the Devil Mike Broadwith had broken away in the final lap and crossed the line with a clear lead. The remaining three riders came in claiming not to have heard the bell – the Judges confirmed that the bell had been rung and the finishing order stood.

The four riders selected for the Hare and Hounds set off at a frantic pace determined to hold the chasers off for as long as possible and worked so well together that the Senior A group never got on terms. Kristian Woolf rode away from his three companions in the final 200m to score a fine victory.

Sam Gilzean added two wins in the Senior B group and will now be moved up to the A group

There were some interesting battles in two of the Youth groups – two new riders from Lee Valley Youth – Cameron Gutteridge and George Jensen- made their track debut at Welwyn and made their presence felt with some excellent victories over the local Welwyn riders.

Cameron Gutteridge had two wins in the Youth B series while George Jensen opened his account with a win in the CDE group scratch race and some positive riding in the remaining handicap races. In the CDE 3 lap handicaps Harry Towning won both events and can expect a handicap revision in the next weeks meeting. Youth numbers overall – especially in the younger age category – have been very good this year and augurs well for the future

Saturdays round of the BC Womens Omnium plus the Welwyn Dernyfest was cancelled mid morning due to heavy and persistant rain and unfortunately the event cannot  be rescheduled later in the season. However Dernys will be back at Welwyn track on Saturday August 20th for the National Derny Paced Championship which has been transferred to Welwyn from Herne Hill while the latter track is being resurfaced.

Senior A
10 lap scr –  Tony Gibb (Metaltek) Matt Gittings (AW Cycles) Tom Gallacher (Welwyn)
Devil   – Mike Broadwith (PM) Trevor Burke (Finchley RT) John McClelland (Agiskoviner)
10 lap Hare and Hounds – Kristian Woolf (Kingscliffe Flyers) Alex Anderson (Welwyn) Paul Caton (Anders Horizon)
10 mile –  Tony Gibb (Metaltek) Trevor Burke (Finchley RT) John McClelland (Agiskoviner)

Senior B
10 lap Scr – Sam Gilzean (Welwyn) Dave Legrys (Team Terminator) Richard Bloomfield (Welwyn)
10 lap Block Pursuit – Ben Smith, Pat Herron, Andy Brown (all Welwyn)
10 lap Points – Sam Gilzean (Welwyn) Colin Hodges (Welwyn) Kiera McVitty (Kingscliffe Flyers)

Youth A
5 lap scr –  Chris Hodges (Welwyn) Jack Plumley (Welwyn) Luke Morgan (CC Luton)
Devil  – Jack Plumley (Welwyn) Chris Hodges (Welwyn) Ollie Fensom (Spalding)
Points – Chris Hodges (Welwyn) Jack Plumley (Welwyn) Harry Bellars (Spalding)
Youth ABC 4 lap Handicap – Sam Dossett (Welwyn) James Parrish (Lee Valley)  Harry Bellars (Spalding)

Youth B
4 lap scr – Cameron Gutteridge (Lee Valley) James Parrish (Lee Valley) Jordan Mooney (Welwyn)
Points – Sam Dossett (Welwyn) James Parrish (Lee Valley) Cameron Gutteridge (Lee Valley)
Devil – Cameron Gutteridge (Lee Valley James Parrish (Lee Valley) Jordan Mooney (Welwyn)

Youth CDE
4 lap Scr – George Jensen (Lee valley) Will Raymond (Welwyn) Tom Durkin ( Welwyn)
3 lap H’cap  A–  Harry Towning (Welwyn) Sam Gage ( Welwyn) George Jensen (Lee Valley)
3 lap H’Cap B – Harry Towning (Welwyn) Sam Gage (Welwyn) Amy Marvelly (Hillingdon)
4 lap H’cap –  Tom Durkin, Will Raymond, Harry Towning (al Welwyn)

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