Results: Litherland Circuit League

Results from round 16 of the Litherland Circuit League at Litherland Sports Park on Merseyside on the 20th July

Steve Abbott of team wallis_CHH made it five wins for the season at the Litherland Criterium series on Wednesday evening. A committed ride from Abbott has edged him closer to 1st status. Joined by team mates Sean Hughes, Martin Wallis and Grant Ormerod, wallis_CHH put on a controlled attacking display. However it was Hughes that went on the attack first, going away from the very gun. He was then joined by Abbott and made a trio with Liam Brennan, but Hughes dropped back to the peloton.

They then worked together to gain a sizeable advantage, with wallis_CHH controlling the front of the peloton. Such was the gap that they almost lapped the field and it was then a case positioning for the final sprint. This was easily taken by Abbott with Hughes coming fifth.

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Categories: 2/3/4/J
1   Steve Abbott Teamwallis CHH RT  51m. 02s.
2   Milan Sihelsky Kuota – Spinergy – GSG  st
3   Liam Brennan Birkenhead North End CC  st
4   Keith Jones Birkenhead North End CC  @ 35 Secs.
5   Sean  Hughes Teamwallis CHH RT  st
6   Dan Whelan Maxgear RT  st
7   Mike Fugaccia Liverpool Century RC  st
8   Dean Bennett Liverpool Century RC  st
9   Steve Clark R Whitfield RT  st
10   Grant Ormerod Teamwallis CHH RT  st
11   John Findley Bill Nickson Cycles RT  st
12   Martin Wallis Teamwallis CHH RT  @ 2 Laps
13   Stephen Duffell Southport CC  Same
14   Keith Chamberlain BC Private Member  Same
15   Tom  Green Ludlow CC  @ 4 Laps

2011 Bert Owens 500m Handicap Competition
1   David Murphy Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC
2   Andy Leigh Manchester Wheelers Club
3   James Thompson Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC
4   Chris Fallon Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC
5   Adam Lyons Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC
6   Owen Kennedy Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC

Category A – Boys       15 Laps of the full circuit
1   Andy Leigh Manchester Wheelers Club  23m. 50s.
2   Josh Townson Southport CC  st
3   Mark McGavock Ribble Valley Juniors  @ 2 secs.
4   Sam Turton Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC  @ 3 secs.
5   Clayton Howard Southport CC  @ 1 Lap
6   Robert Hall Southport CC  Same

Category B – Boys       15 Laps of the full circuit
1   James Thompson Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC  24m. 44s.
2   Chris Fallon Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC  @ 23 secs,
3   Patrick  Merriman Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC  @ 1 Lap
4   David Murphy Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC  Same
5   Owen Kennedy Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC  @ 4 Laps

Category C – Boys       14 Laps of the full circuit
1   Dan Gibson Liverpool Century RC  25m. 41s.
2   Jack Scott Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC  @ 3 Laps

Category D – Boys       12 Laps of the small circuit
1   George Elliott Liverpool Century RC  11m. 14s.
2   Sam Jones Birkenhead North End CC  @ 1 Lap
3   Adam Lyons Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC  Same

Category E – Boys       9 Laps of the small circuit
1   Sam Kendall Liverpool Century RC  11m. 55s.

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